Power Transmission Engineering Product News 2018

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Ameridrives and Bibby Turboflex Introduce Unique Triangular Design for Disc Couplings
Ameridrives and Bibby Turboflex have developed the Tri-Bushing, a unique flex element/blade triangular bushing design that increases the ... (posted 2018-08-14)

IMTS Preview: Elmo Motion Control
Elmo Motion Control (Booth E-134142) offers intelligent, ultra-small, rugged servo drives and motion controllers. Elmo provides motion so... (posted 2018-08-13)

IMTS 2018: Heidenhain
In order to truly showcase the new age of digital manufacturing, Heidenhain will use its control systems during IMTS to connect equipment... (posted 2018-08-09)

IMTS Preview: B&R Industrial Automation
B&R Industrial Automation Corp will introduce track technology enabling The Adaptive Machine at Booth E-134111. An adaptive machine h... (posted 2018-08-09)

IMTS Preview: IKO International
For applications requiring high rigidity, increased load capacity, superior accuracy and maintenance-free operation, IKO offers the C-Lub... (posted 2018-08-08)

IMTS Preview: PTG Holroyd Precision Rotors
Visitors to IMTS Booth #121458 will be able to see examples of the company’s ultra-precise compressor rotors. There will also be th... (posted 2018-08-07)

IMTS 2018: Lafert N.A.
Lafert N.A’s HPS Series permanent magnet (PM) synchronous AC motors deliver IE4 Super Premium energy efficiency while reducing moto... (posted 2018-08-06)

Schreiner ProTech's Mini PCS Ensures Maximum Measuring Accuracy
The mini pressure compensation seal (PCS) from Schreiner ProTech was selected by First Sensor, a global leader in sensor technology, as t... (posted 2018-08-03)

IMTS Preview: Kashima Bearings
Anticorrosive, chemical resistant, nonmagnetic and lubrication-free, Kashima plastic bearings (Booth #134730) are uniquely designed to me... (posted 2018-08-02)

IMTS Preview: THK
At this year’s IMTS in Chicago, visitors to Booth #134514 can see THK’s latest Ball Screw/Spline BNS-V. Featuring an exceptio... (posted 2018-08-01)

Kluber Lubrication Introduces Greases for Mining and Quarrying Equipment
Klϋber Lubrication offers Klüberplex EM 91-151 & 91-152, lubricating greases for applications in the mining, cement and quarry ... (posted 2018-07-31)

Igus Offers New Bearing Material for Solar Technology
Igus introduced a new material for a bearing used in solar industry applications that offers superior UV and moisture resistance along ... (posted 2018-07-30)

Siemens Expands Wireless Capabilities of Sinamics G120 Drive Series
Siemens has expanded its Sinamics G120 drive series to include an option for wireless commissioning and service.  The new Sinamics... (posted 2018-07-27)

KISSsoft Implements Bevel and Hypoid Gear Calculations
In the ISO Committee, the scuffing load capacity calculation for bevel and hypoid gears is currently in draft form, and has been implemen... (posted 2018-07-26)

Joral Offers Sensor Fusion Inclinometer for Pitch, Yaw and Roll Feedback
Joral LLC announces a G-force compensated inclinometer that provides feedback for pitch, yaw, and roll. The new technology utilizes sen... (posted 2018-07-25)

Dana Collaborates with Mecalac on E-Drivetrain
Dana Incorporated has announced that the company has been collaborating with Mecalac to develop a customized e-Drivetrain system for the ... (posted 2018-07-24)

Kluber Lubrication Designs Lubricating Grease for Modern Electric Brake Applications
Kluber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, has developed Klübersynth GR 46-52 F, a fully synthetic specia... (posted 2018-07-23)

Nord Expands Helical Worm Gear Line
Manufacturers across a several industries will benefit from Nord Drivesystem’s newest helical-worm gear unit. The redesigned two-st... (posted 2018-07-20)

Destaco Launches New Series of Precision Guides
Destaco, a supplier of high-performance automation, workholding, and remote handling solutions, is excited to announce the availability... (posted 2018-07-19)

Moticont Voice Coil Motor Offers High Force to Size Ratio
High speed, high acceleration/deceleration, zero backlash, high accuracy, high repeatability, an internal shaft and bearing are feature... (posted 2018-07-18)

Forest City Gear Expands Quality Capabilities with Digital Magnification Technology
Forest City Gear has added an EVO Cam advanced full-HD digital microscope to its Quality Assurance Lab to greatly speed and simplify the ... (posted 2018-07-17)

SMAC Actuator Offers Automated Screw Thread Quality Checking
The requirement for strict specification and acceptance of all automotive parts and components has greatly increased in recent years.&nbs... (posted 2018-07-16)

Exsys Tool Expands Planetary Gearbox Range
Exsys Tool, Inc. has expanded its line of Eppinger high-precision industrial gearboxes to include planetary-type gearboxes. The planeta... (posted 2018-07-11)

Winsmith Launches RD Speed Reducer
Winsmith, a diversified manufacturer of highly engineered gearing products, is pleased to announce the launch of its RD Speed Reducer. Th... (posted 2018-07-09)

JW Winco Introduces Washers with Axial Friction Bearing
JW Winco, Inc., A Ganter Company, a leading supplier of standard industrial machine components, offers GN 6342 Washers with Axial Frict... (posted 2018-07-06)

H2W Technologies Offers High Torque Voice Coil Actuators
H2W Technologies has developed several high torque rotary voice coil actuators, otherwise known as a limited angle torque motors or LAT... (posted 2018-07-05)

Aerotech Offers Integrated Granite Motion Systems
Machine components such as bearings, encoders, and drive mechanisms are engineered and assembled directly on the granite base and bridge ... (posted 2018-07-03)

Miki Pulley Magnetic Couplings Transmit Torque with Non-Contact Shaft-to-Shaft Connection
Miki Pulley’s Magnetic Couplings transmit torque from one shaft to another using a magnetic field rather than a mechanical connecti... (posted 2018-07-02)

Intellidrives Rotary Servo Table Features Outer Rotor Design
Intellidrives new direct drive rotary servo table includes an outer rotor design. This allows for increased performance, greater magnetic... (posted 2018-06-29)

Gearing Solutions Yaw Drives Offer Efficient Power-to-Weight Ratios
Using unique roller gear technology, Gearing Solutions wind turbine Yaw Drives have an unparalleled power to weight ratio, achieving grea... (posted 2018-06-28)

Igus Introduces Bearing Drylin W Exchange for Linear System
Igus has introduced a new bearing, drylin W Exchange, for its drylin W linear system in which the liner can be replaced directly on the... (posted 2018-06-27)

Portescap Ultra EC Motors Offer High Torque in Compact Package
Portescap will be offering 2 more new length sizes under its ECT range of Ultra EC Brushless Slotless motors: the 35 mm 22ECT35 and the... (posted 2018-06-26)

Rexnord Announces Dry-PT Material Option for Select Chains
Rexnord is proud to announce the latest addition to our premium line of conveying solutions products; the Dry-PT material option is now... (posted 2018-06-25)

Sakor Supplies Belt Noise Testing for Ford Motor Company
Sakor Technologies Inc. has supplied an accelerated belt aging stand to Ford Motor Company for use in belt noise testing. The new preli... (posted 2018-06-22)

Kluber Lubrication Offers Fully-Synthetic Oil for Rail Gearboxes
Klüber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, offers Klübersynth GE 4 80 W 140, a fully synthetic hig... (posted 2018-06-21)

Joral Announces Stainless Steel Housings for Sensors and Encoders
Joral LLC announces new stainless steel housings for all currently available sensors and encoders. Specifically designed to ensure tota... (posted 2018-06-20)

ATC Introduces LPC Series Pump Controller
Large-scale water systems that require controlled flow of high volumes of water rely on pump level controls to ensure smooth-running pr... (posted 2018-06-18)

Heidenhain Improves LIF 400 Encoder Family Design
After more than 10 years of success in the marketplace, Heidenhain's LIF 400 family of encoders has been redesigned with se... (posted 2018-06-15)

Rexnord Introduces MCF 3000 Series Couplings
Rexnord recently announced the introduction of the 3000 series MCF coupling. MCF Couplings are used as an alternative to hollow shaft mou... (posted 2018-06-14)

Intellidrives Large Aperture Stages Offer High Accuracy in Open Frame
The demand for a high accuracy, robust, open-frame stages is met with Intellidrives dual-axis, large aperture stages that address the uni... (posted 2018-06-13)

Semicon 2018 Preview: Heidenhain and Etel
Visitors to this July’s Semicon West 2018 trade show will have the rare opportunity to learn about “Where Accuracy Meets Th... (posted 2018-06-12)

Moxa Launches Remote Access Solution for Machine Connection
To better serve the needs of OEMs and machine builders, Moxa has launched a new Remote Connect Suite that provides an easier and more sec... (posted 2018-06-11)

Siemens Releases Latest Version of PLM Software
Siemens announces the latest version of the Teamcenter portfolio, the world’s most widely used product lifecycle management (PLM)... (posted 2018-06-08)

Liftomatic Offers Attachments for High-Volume Drum Handling
Liftomatic Material Handling, Inc., Buffalo Grove, IL, now offers attachments to handle up to four drums at once. Liftomatic offers two... (posted 2018-06-08)

Tectorius Expands Lubricant and Coatings Portfolio
Maelstrom Chemical/Tectorius has expanded its portfolio of synthetic lubricants and coatings. The Tec-Flon family of products now contain... (posted 2018-06-07)

Danfoss Power Solutions Extends PVG Valve Portfolio
Danfoss Power Solutions has added two high-flow proportional valves to its PVG portfolio, expanding its full range of low- to high-flow... (posted 2018-06-06)

GWJ Expands Automotive Engagement at Dritev Congress 2018
The International VDI Dritev Congress will be held June 27-28 in Bonn, Germany. The exhibition at the Dritev congress features a unique... (posted 2018-06-05)

Rheintacho Provides Sensor Options for Electric Drives
The FQ, FP, FM and FK mobile electric drives from Rheintacho are equipped with a proven differential-hall technology for safe and reliabl... (posted 2018-06-04)

ACHEMA 2018 Preview: Nord Drivesystems
Nord will be presenting a wide range of products at ACHEMA in Frankfurt am Main from June 11-15. The main focus is on ATEX compliant dr... (posted 2018-06-01)

Stafford Rigid Couplings Prevent Axial and Radial Slippage
A line of rigid couplings that are ideal for heavy, suspended loads on shafts used in mixers, pumps, fans and related drive systems has... (posted 2018-05-31)

Galil Motion Control Offers EtherCAT Drive
The EDD-3701x EtherCAT slave drive joins Galil’s EtherCAT Family.  This family has grown to include two EtherCAT masters and... (posted 2018-05-30)

Tolomatic Actuator Offers Consistency in Demanding Environments
The Tolomatic RSX080 actuator--the latest addition to the Tolomatic family of high-force electric actuators--is an economical actuator ... (posted 2018-05-29)

Miki Pulley Introduces Jaw Spider Couplings
Miki Pulley’s ALS couplings are general purpose power transmission couplings designed to transmit torque by connecting two shafts... (posted 2018-05-25)

Kollmorgen Features Motion Solutions at 2018 Robotics Summit & Showcase
Attendees of the 2018 Robotics Summit & Showcase (May 23-24, in Boston, MA) are invited to visit Booth #210, where Kollmorgen will ... (posted 2018-05-24)

GWJ Enhances E-Assistant Software with Roller Bearing Calculation Module
GWJ Technology GmbH, headquartered in Braunschweig, Germany, is pleased to announce that the web-based calculation software eAssistant - ... (posted 2018-05-23)

Brother IPMax Gearmotors Offer Compact, Lightweight Option
Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation that offers a wide range of ultra-reliable, sub-fractional AC gearm... (posted 2018-05-22)

LM76 Offers High-Precision, Self-Lubricating Bearings
Available off-the-shelf, cylindrical, self lubricating, sintered bronze bearings from LM76 feature high precision (e.g +2 μ to +12 &... (posted 2018-05-21)

Iwis Offers Transfer Chains for Gentle, Clean Conveying
Transfer chains are used in many different industrial applications where goods need to be conveyed to the next stage of the production pr... (posted 2018-05-18)

Joral Develops Total Encapsulation Process with Rotary Encoders
Joral LLC has developed a new protection method, for total encapsulation, of the J1 Line’s electronic components.Specially crafte... (posted 2018-05-17)

Moticont Introduces Voice Coil Motor
Moticont has added a new, higher continuous force, higher peak force linear voice coil motor to it's series of 2.750 in. (69.9 mm) ... (posted 2018-05-14)

MB Dynamics Introduces High-Frequency Air Bearing Vibration Exciter
MB Dynamics, Inc. a manufacturer and supplier of vibration test systems and equipment, including squeak and rattle test systems, steering... (posted 2018-05-11)

Expo Pack 2018 Preview: Nord Gear
Nord Gear brings integrated material handling solutions to Expo Pack 2018, June 5-8, 2018 at the Expo Santa Fe Mexico, Mexico City, Mex... (posted 2018-05-10)

Portescap Expands Ultra EC Motor Range
Portescap is proud to announce the expansion of the Ultra EC range of brushless DC slotless motors with the introduction of the new 30ECT... (posted 2018-05-09)

Data Device Corporation Introduces BLDC Motor Controller
Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduces a high performance DSP based family of programmable, turnkey motor controllers designed to preci... (posted 2018-05-08)

Intellidrives Introduces Hollow Rotary Actuators
The hollow output table is integrated with a high rigidity cross-roller bearing. This structure improves permissible thrust load and mome... (posted 2018-05-07)

ATC Offers MAR Series Motor Auto-Restart Relay
ATC Diversified Electronics, a division of Marsh Bellofram Corporation, introduces the new MAR Series Motor Auto-Restart Relay. It provid... (posted 2018-05-04)

Electromate Offers High Performance Servo Gearbox
The SPH inline planetary gearbox is GAM’s latest solution for today’s demanding motion control challenges. With helical gea... (posted 2018-05-03)

Sulzer Improves Gas Turbine Reliability
Gas turbines are employed around the world to provide power. As vital pieces of equipment, they require regular maintenance to provide ... (posted 2018-05-02)

Hansford Enhances Vibration Monitoring
Hansford Sensors has launched a range of new products that enable engineers to bring yet greater efficiency to vibration monitoring in ... (posted 2018-05-01)

CTI Preview: Minnesota Rubber and Plastics
Visit CTI Symposium USA at Booth #65 to see and hear Minnesota Rubber and Plastic’s presentation on its capabilities for molding ... (posted 2018-04-30)

Voith Launches IIoT Platform
With the launch of the new Voith OnCumulus offering, Voith customers now benefit from an IIoT platform with specific visualization and ... (posted 2018-04-27)

Siemens Offers Next Generation of Simotics XP Motors
With its new generation of Simotics XP motors, Siemens is providing a technologically integrated platform concept encompassing all explos... (posted 2018-04-26)

Hannover Messe: Nord Drivesystems
Nord Drivesystems will be exhibiting its innovative drive solutions for digital factories of the future at the Hannover Fair 2018. These ... (posted 2018-04-25)

KISSsoft Releases 03/2018
On April 23rd, 2018, the Industrial Fair in Hannover opens its doors. At the same time, the new version of KISSsoft 03/2018 will be relea... (posted 2018-04-23)

Miki Pulley Step-Flex Couplings Eliminate Resonance in Ball Screw Assemblies
Miki Pulley’s Step-Flex Couplings improve ball screw performance while solving resonance and vibration problems. The Step-Flex is a... (posted 2018-04-20)

Maxon Offers Exoskeleton Joint Actuator
Maxon Motor has developed an exoskeleton drive for use in robotic limbs. This complete joint actuation unit consists of a pancake brush... (posted 2018-04-19)

Intellidrives Offers High Frequency Linear Actuators
Intellidrives Circular Voice Coil Positioning Stage (ICVCA) is a compact stage ideal for closed loop short stroke positioning applic... (posted 2018-04-18)

SG Transmission Customizes Permanent Magnet Brake
SG Transmission has designed a custom made, size Ø50 permanent magnet brake, for a major global motor manufacturer, which will m... (posted 2018-04-17)

Aerotech Introduces ECO Series Linear Stages
Aerotech´s ECO-LM and ECO-SL series linear stages combine high performance and rugged mechanical design in a cost-effective, econom... (posted 2018-04-16)

Hansford Launches Compact and Lightweight Triaxial Vibration Sensor
Hansford Sensors, a developer and manufacturer of high performance industrial accelerometers, has launched a compact and lightweight 10... (posted 2018-04-13)

Kluber Lubrication to Showcase Lubricating Grease
Kluber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, will showcase its lubricating grease for rolling and plain bearin... (posted 2018-04-12)

Sankyo Automation Rotary Indexing Table Provides Zero Backlash
The Sankyo Automation RollerDrive Reducer is a precision gear reducer that uses a zero backlash roller gear mechanism. The unit is cons... (posted 2018-04-11)

Posidyne Clutch/Brakes Allow Precise Positioning
Posidyne clutch brakes feature oil shear technology for rapid and precise stopping, starting, speed change and positioning, all without a... (posted 2018-04-10)

B&R Automation Software Simplifies Management of Machine Variants
Modular applications can now be implemented even more easily. B&R's new software component, mapp IO, makes it possible to add I/O... (posted 2018-04-09)

Stafford Quick Release Collars Available in Three Designs
A line of quick-release clamp collars offered in three designs that provide clamping options by hand without tools for a wide range of ... (posted 2018-04-06)

JW Winco Offers Stainless Steel Leveling Feet
JW Winco, Inc., A Ganter Company, now offers Stainless Steel Leveling Feet, with inch size threaded stud and turned base. Bases are ava... (posted 2018-04-05)

Bonfiglioli Offers Robust and Compact Wheel Drive for Hybrid Aerial Platforms
The 605WE wheel drive, designed and developed by Bonfiglioli, has been created in cooperation with one of their customers for a new inn... (posted 2018-04-04)

Joral Rotary Encoder Offers Rectangular Design for Easy Mounting
PE18 ProxEncoder non-contact rotary encoder product line receives a square housing with side sense capacity.  Enhancing the original... (posted 2018-04-03)

Zero-Max ServoClass Couplings Prevent Low Positioning Errors
ServoClass Couplings in both Single and Double Flex models are now available with hubs for k6 and j6 shafts.  These couplings from... (posted 2018-04-02)

Mitsubishi Electric Presents Technologies for Water Industry at IFAT 2018
As the water industry drives for increased efficiency in every area, completely integrated solutions that offer improvements to operati... (posted 2018-03-30)

Siemens Introduces Autonomous Driving System Solution
Siemens recently introduced a breakthrough solution for the development of autonomous driving systems. The solution, part of the Simcen... (posted 2018-03-29)

Physik Instrumente Introduces Motion Technologies at AeroDef 2018
PI (Physik Instrumente) will showcase an application of its 6-axis hexapod for motion simulation such as used to optimize stabilization s... (posted 2018-03-28)

Drake Motorsports Development Introduces High Performance Polymer Parts
Drake Motorsports Development, LLC was recently formed to accelerate the availability of track proven race parts and to continually dev... (posted 2018-03-27)

Gudel Introduces TMF-6 TrackMotion Floor for FANUC M2000iA Robot Family
Güdel, a global manufacturer of linear motion modules, robot track motion units and gantry robots and components, is pleased to an... (posted 2018-03-26)

KISSsoft Offers Calculations for Asymmetrical Toothings
The current KISSsoft version, 03/2017, provides you with a range of different options for calculating and inputting asymmetrical toothing... (posted 2018-03-23)

JW Winco Offers Gear Lever Handles
JW Winco, Inc. now offers GN 310 Steel and Stainless Steel Gear Lever Handles, available in inch as well as metric sizes. Both versions o... (posted 2018-03-21)

Advance Motion Controls Expands Servo Drive Offerings
Advanced Motion Controls has announced  six new servo drives capable of 100 A peak and 60 A continuous output. This new power rang... (posted 2018-03-20)

Stafford Introduces Large Bore Shaft Components for Heavy Duty Vehicles
A line of large bore shaft collars, couplings, and mounts that are ideal for heavy-duty special purpose commercial and military vehicle... (posted 2018-03-19)

B&R Automation Expands Power Panel T50 Series
Two series included in the Power Panel family from B&R are the terminal version of the Power Panel (T-Series) and the controller vers... (posted 2018-03-16)

Tsubaki Delivers Attachment Chain Innovations
The attachment chain is one of the unsung heroes of the industrial world, being critical to the movement of a diverse range of products... (posted 2018-03-15)

Otto Motors Releases Otto Industrial API
Otto Motors is proud to officially release the Otto Industrial API, solving one of the major hurdles in manufacturing today: achieving ... (posted 2018-03-14)

Yaskawa Expands Sigma-7 Servo Systems with Servomotors and Amplifiers
The Drives & Motion Division of Yaskawa America, Inc. recently announced the addition of a complete line of 400 Volt servomotors and ... (posted 2018-03-13)

Nexen Offers Profile Guide Rail Brakes in Additional Sizes with Wider Compatibility
Nexen Group, Inc. Profile Guide Rail Brakes are now available in a wider range of sizes: 15 mm to 65 mm, and are fully compatible with ... (posted 2018-03-12)

Rexnord Tollok TLK 136 Newest Addition to Shaft Locking Device Product Line
Rexnord is proud to announce the latest addition to its line of locking devices, the Tollok TLK 136. Providing a compact locking assembly... (posted 2018-03-09)

Hannover Messe Preview: Voith
Voith will be presenting high efficiency, dynamic hydraulic systems, self-contained servo drives, and pump technology at the IAMD (Integr... (posted 2018-03-08)

Stafford Offers Coupling Covers for Hostile Environments
A new series of plastic covers for protecting rigid shaft couplings from hostile environments and permitting use in washdown applicatio... (posted 2018-03-07)

Portescap DC Motor Controller Provides Reliable, Customized Solution
Portescap introduces a new autoclavable Brushless DC motor controller, the CNT1530, for driving large bone orthopedic handpiece motors. T... (posted 2018-03-06)

JVL Utilizes Sercos for Servo and Stepper Motors
JVL Industri Elektronik A/S, a producer in the field of integrated servo and stepper motors, is announcing yet another industrial Etherne... (posted 2018-03-05)

Rexnord Launches 390 Series Chain for Beverage Industry
The Rexnord 390 Series MatTop Chain is designed to optimize tight transfers in the beverage, food, metal container manufacturing and phar... (posted 2018-03-02)

Igus Introduces Compact and Cost-Effective Drylin E-Linear Robot
Since products need to be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively, the pressure to automate production processes is greater than ever... (posted 2018-03-01)

Miki Pulley Provides Solid Connection Between Shaft and Mounted Devices
Posi-Lock bushings from Miki Pulley provide a solid connection between shaft and mounted devices. They provide system designers with a ... (posted 2018-02-28)

FixtureWorks Introduces In-Stock Bearing Wheel Covers
Fixtureworks has introduced an extensive lineup of bearing wheel covers from Fairlane Products. These bearing wheel assemblies are in sto... (posted 2018-02-27)

Aegis Software Announces Quality Management System
Aegis Software announces the unveiling of their new quality management capabilities that complement Aegis’ FactoryLogix existing In... (posted 2018-02-26)

KEB America Offers Safety Solutions for Automation Systems
KEB America, Inc. announces the release of their latest safety automation products for the North American market. Safety PLC, Safe I/O mo... (posted 2018-02-23)

Oerlikon Graziano Extends Portfolio in Heavy-Duty Trucks
Oerlikon Drive Systems Segment, under its transmission specialist brand Oerlikon Graziano, is organizing a Technology Day together with K... (posted 2018-02-22)

Schaeffler Offers Complete Pumping Solution at Hannover Messe
At the Hannover Messe 2018, Schaeffler will be presenting intelligent solution packages for machine monitoring and lubrication, illustrat... (posted 2018-02-21)

Sensor Connection Expands Linear Position Sensor Offering
The Sensor Connection has expanded its sensor product offering by adding a line of ILPS-27 Series Inductive Linear Position Sensors using... (posted 2018-02-20)

AutomationDirect Introduces General Purpose, Rolled-Steel AC Motors
New MTR2 series IronHorse general purpose, rolled-steel motors from AutomationDirect are available in 1-phase and 3-phase versions and of... (posted 2018-02-19)

Varvel Produces Custom Gearboxes in addition to Standard Offerings
The Varvel Group can produce custom gearboxes to satisfy specific needs including a gearbox developed for an American customer that pro... (posted 2018-02-16)

FVA REXS Designed to Establish Industry-Wide Standard for Exchanging Gearbox Data
The software landscape in the field of gearbox development, simulation, and production is extremely diverse today. Although these program... (posted 2018-02-15)

AutomationDirect Adds Linear and Rotary Shafts to Product Line
AutomationDirect has added linear and rotary shafts to its line of mechanical power transmission products. SureMotion linear shafts are p... (posted 2018-02-14)

B&R Automation 8LS Servomotors Offer Maximum Torque Density
B&R has taken the next step in development of its 8LS servomotors. Three newly designed size 5 motors in lengths A, B and C fill out ... (posted 2018-02-13)

HBM Data Recorder Provides Fast Results in Interactive Vehicle Testing
HBM, Inc. recently announced its new SomatXR CX22B-R data recorder, for acquiring and storing measured data in mobile applications such a... (posted 2018-02-12)

Siemens Offers Digital Enterprise Industry Solution for Electronics
Siemens has announced a new Digital Enterprise Industry Solution for the electronics industry, following several recent major investments... (posted 2018-02-09)

Intellidrives Open Center XY Stages Meet Unique Industry Needs
The demand for a high accuracy, robust, open-frame stages is met with IntelLIDrives dual-axis, large aperture stages that address the uni... (posted 2018-02-08)

Stafford Shaft Collars Setup Rapidly Without Tools
A line of quick release shaft collars with a mounting flat for securely attaching cameras, counters, optics, sensors and many other dev... (posted 2018-02-07)

Galil Motion Control Introduces The Galil Design Kit
Galil Motion Control Inc., the industry leader in motion control technology, has released the Galil Design Kit. This is Galil's new... (posted 2018-02-06)

Neugart Right-Angle Gearbox Features Compact and Flexible Mechanical Design
The WPSFN from Neugart is the latest in the company’s precision right-angle planetary gearboxes. Thanks to its standard flange in... (posted 2018-02-05)

H2W Introduces Force Voice Coil Actuator for Various Applications
H2W Technologies has developed the world’s highest force commercially available non-commutated DC linear actuator, otherwise know... (posted 2018-02-02)

Zero-Max ETP Power Shaft Locking Bushing Ensures Fast Mounting of Components
Zero-Max’s ETP Power keyless connections are the ideal locking device in laminated floor manufacturing systems. They are also an ex... (posted 2018-02-01)

EPC Mounting Brackets Turn Shaft Encoders into Linear Measurement Solution
Encoder Products Company (EPC) has introduced a new linear measurement solution: a bracket that fits all of EPC’s Size 25 Shaft Enc... (posted 2018-01-31)

Thomson Expands Electrak Linear Actuator Line
Thomson Industries, Inc. has extended the capability of its popular Electrak HD electromechanical linear actuator line to loads of up t... (posted 2018-01-30)

Parker Hannifin Releases ACRView Motion Development Software
Parker’s Electromechanical and Drives Division North America is pleased to announce the release of ACRView version 6.4.2, which all... (posted 2018-01-29)

Tolomatic Choke Valve Actuator Improves Managed Pressure Drilling Process
The new Tolomatic ServoChoke SVC electric choke valve actuator meets requirements for a more flexible and reliable high-speed actuator in... (posted 2018-01-26)

Dana Offers Axle/Gearbox Combination for Drum Rollers
Dana Incorporated has announced a new, optimized axle/gearbox combination for small- and medium-sized single drum rollers that enables or... (posted 2018-01-25)

Bison Gear Launches Web-Based 3D CAD Configurator
Bison Gear and Engineering has launched an all-new online configurator of digital CAD models for their most popular gearmotors. The confi... (posted 2018-01-24)

Igus Offers Spherical Balls for Retrofitted Bearing Housings
Pillow block and flange bearings are commonly used in construction machines and conveyor systems, therefore they are often exposed to dir... (posted 2018-01-23)

OES Introduces Cross-Roller Linear Stages
Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) offers a high precision series of low cost, low profile motorized single axis positioning stages.... (posted 2018-01-22)

Varvel Offers RS and RT Series Worm Gearboxes
The Varvel RS and RT series worm gearboxes demonstrate the company’s versatility and innovation for a variety of demanding applicat... (posted 2018-01-19)

KISSsoft 03/2018 Beta Version is Available for Testing
The KISSsoft 03/2018 Beta Version has now been released for a test run. The final release will be available from April 23rd, 2018 - just ... (posted 2018-01-18)

Ruland Mountable Shaft Collars Offer High Holding Power
Ruland has released a new line of mountable shaft collars with flats and tapped holes or tapped holes only in the outer diameter, allowin... (posted 2018-01-17)

Haydon Kerk 3DP Leadscrew-Nut Insert Boosts Accuracy of 3D-Printed Prototypes
Haydon Kerk, a business unit of Ametek Advanced Motion Solutions, now offers 3DP, a 3D-printed leadscrew-nut insert prototype service as ... (posted 2018-01-16)

Sulzer Doubles High Voltage Testing to Improve Repair Times
Performance testing of high voltage motors and generators is usually carried out to determine benchmark data following a major repair. Ho... (posted 2018-01-15)

Twiflex Provides Single-Source Hydraulic Brake Packages
Twiflex, a leader in advanced industrial braking technologies, now offers a variety of  standard and custom hydraulic brake packages... (posted 2018-01-12)

JW Winco Flat Knurled Thumb Screw Offer Number of Assembly Options
JW Winco, Inc., A Ganter Company, a leading supplier of standard industrial machine components, announced the offering of GN 653.2 Steel ... (posted 2018-01-11)

Gearing Solutions Offers 5 hp Flexframe Speed Reducer
Gearing Solutions introduces its FlexFrame™5 HP face mounted speed reducer with patented adaptors which allow them to be used with eithe... (posted 2018-01-10)

Nord Drivesystems Expands MaxxDrive Gearbox Line
If you need a dependable, high performance gearbox able to handle the most demanding bulk material handling applications, cement and stee... (posted 2018-01-09)

Maxon Introduces Frameless Brushless Servo Kits
The new EC 45 Flat Frameless Brushless Servo Motor Kit from Maxon consist of only a rotor and stator – with no bearings or motor sh... (posted 2018-01-08)

Baldor Announces Food Safe Motors Line
Baldor recently announced the complete line of food-safe stainless steel motors designed around sanitary equipment principles and compati... (posted 2018-01-05)

Intellidrives Introduces Ultra-Thin Direct Drive Rotary Table
The Intellidrives ACR-335UT precision rotation stage is a low profile rotary table with high-speed direct-drive rotary servo motor. The l... (posted 2018-01-04)

Allied Motion Introduces KinetiMax 42 EB DC Motor
Allied Motion Technologies introduces the KinetiMax 42 EB, a 42 mm diameter outer rotor, brushless DC motor with an integrated drive. Ext... (posted 2018-01-03)

PI Direct Drive Linear Motor Stages Deliver Nanometer Resolution
PI has released a new precision feedback option for its linear stages equipped with direct-drive ironless 3-phase motors. The V-551 famil... (posted 2018-01-02)