Power Transmission Engineering Product News 2021

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Heidenhain Offers Magnetic Ring Encoder
For those needing contamination-resistant encoders with functional safety (FS) for machine feedback, Heidenhain introduces an absolute mo... (posted 2021-04-13)

Bosch Rexroth Introduces New Digital On-Board Electronics
With the newly developed generation of digital on-board electronics for hydraulics, Rexroth allows economical scaling between analog comp... (posted 2021-04-12)

Carlo Gavazzi Offers Safety Magnetic Sensors
Carlo Gavazzi has introduced its new family of MC88C Sensors to broaden the available housing options for the growing family of MC Safety... (posted 2021-04-09)

Atlanta Drive Systems Introduces Stainless Steel Washdown Gearboxes
Atlanta Drive Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce a new range of stainless steel washdown gearboxes, perfect for use in demanding applic... (posted 2021-04-08)

Ringfeder Couplings Offer Concentricity for Precision Applications
Ringfeder Power Transmission recently released its GWE 5113 and 5117 series of elastomer jaw couplings which include a compact hub d... (posted 2021-04-07)

Regal Introduces Tag-It Asset Management Program
Regal Beloit Corporation has announced the introduction of its Tag-It program for asset management. Part of the Regal internet of things ... (posted 2021-04-06)

CLPA Takes a Closer Look at TSN Adoption
Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) technology offers the foundation to set up digital manufacturing practices by enhancing industrial commun... (posted 2021-04-05)

Matthews Automation Introduces Warehouse Execution System Software
Matthews Automation Solutions, a provider of warehouse automation systems and software, is introducing their new NEXUS Warehouse Executio... (posted 2021-03-31)

Siemens Digital Delivers Hardware-Assisted Verification System
Siemens Digital Industries Software recently unveiled its next-generation Veloce hardware-assisted verification system for the rapid veri... (posted 2021-03-30)

Voith Presents Drivetrain Diagnostics System
With OnCare.Health Vorecon, Voith presents a new data diagnostics system that goes one step further than conventional machine protection ... (posted 2021-03-29)

SKF Updates Bearings App
SKF has updated the app that gives users instant information on super-precision bearings. Super-precision manager app allows users to sca... (posted 2021-03-26)

KISSsoft Fits Individual Software Needs with Customization
One of the key aspects in modern software development is to give end users sufficient freedom to adapt their working environment to indiv... (posted 2021-03-25)

ETEL Offers Rotary System for Semiconductor and Electronic Machines
With the introduction of the new high precision DXRH rotary axis system, ETEL once again offers those involved in the development and use... (posted 2021-03-25)

Portescap Launches Compact Brushless DC Motor
Portescap has added the 16ECS high-speed brushless motor to its Ultra EC mini brushless DC motor platform. These compact 16-millimeter mo... (posted 2021-03-24)

Ruland Offers Vibration Isolation Mounts and Rubber Bumpers
Ruland Manufacturing now supplies a wide selection of vibration isolation mounts and rubber bumpers for use in packaging, conveyors, food... (posted 2021-03-23)

JW Winco Expands Antibacterial Products
Contact infections with viruses, fungi and bacteria were already a problem even before the pandemic – and now JW Winco is expanding... (posted 2021-03-22)

Winsmith Launches Stainless Gearmotor
Winsmith has announced the launch of a new Winsmith IP69K Certified Stainless Gearmotor, which provides the ultimate ingress protection f... (posted 2021-03-19)

ProMatDX 2021 Preview: NORD
NORD will exhibit at the ProMatDX Digital Experience April 12 – 16, showcasing its specialized drive solutions for Logistics applic... (posted 2021-03-18)

Electromate Offers SMAC LDL25 Linear Actuator
The LDL has been designed as a cost-competitive alternative to pneumatics. A common trend in industrial automation is that users are look... (posted 2021-03-17)

Marposs Adds Electric Motor Testing with Electrical Dynamic Acquisition
Marposs has announced the acquisition of e.d.c. srl (Electrical Dynamic Company), an Italian company  based in Milan and a world lea... (posted 2021-03-16)

SKF Offers Regenerating Lubrication Oil System
An oil-recovery system, which SKF has used to regenerate lubricant at two of its production plants, is now available to customers as a se... (posted 2021-03-16)

NTN Rear HalfShafts Adopted in New Cadillac Escalade
NTN Corporation will provide the rear halfshafts (CVJ) for 100% of MY2021 Cadillac Escalades. To meet the demands of GM’s high prod... (posted 2021-03-15)

Shell Announces Global Portfolio of Carbon Neutral Lubricants
Shell has announced it will offer customers carbon neutral lubricants across a range of products for passenger cars, heavy duty diesel en... (posted 2021-03-12)

Nexen Introduces NexSafe Functional Safety Certified Brakes
Nexen Group, Inc., announces the launch of NexSafe Certified Safety Products, providing machine builders with a verified and reliable sol... (posted 2021-03-11)

SKF Develops New Range of High Precision Bearings
SKF has created a range of high precision bearings based on proven bearings technology specifically suitable for use in driven tool appli... (posted 2021-03-10)

Siemens Digital Extends Simcenter STAR-CMM+ Capabilities
Siemens Digital Industries Software announces the availability of the latest release of Simcenter STAR-CCM+ software, which has achieved ... (posted 2021-03-10)

Sulzer Upgrades New Orleans Pumping Station
Finding just the right pump for an application can be quite a challenge, especially when the building presents several constraints and th... (posted 2021-03-09)

CC-Link Partner Association Aims to Transform the Smart Factory
Increasingly advanced automation systems from robotized manufacturing lines, AGVs, smart machines and integrated logistics are helping to... (posted 2021-03-08)

Bosch Rexroth Introduces Smart MechatroniX Platform
With the new Smart MechatroniX solution platform, Bosch Rexroth is responding to market trends in factory automation on the way to the Fa... (posted 2021-03-05)

OES Offers Three-Axis Gimbal Mount with Three-Phase Brushless Servomotors
The New AU300-AER-02 Three-axis Gimbal Mount from OES (Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc.) with Three-Phase Brushless Servomotors and Quad... (posted 2021-03-04)

Muncie Power Products Offers A20 Series PTO
Muncie Power Products, Inc. has released the new A20 Series power take-off, designed to fit on Allison 3000 and 4000 Series transmissions... (posted 2021-03-03)

DELO and Infotech Collaborate on 3D Printing System
DELO, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial adhesives for automotive, consumer and industrial electronics applicat... (posted 2021-03-02)

NORD Provides Drive Electronics for a Wide Range of Applications
Whether in a control cabinet or decentralized installation, the NORDAC product family from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers electronic drive tech... (posted 2021-03-01)

Moog Animatics Introduces the DS2020 Drive with Combitronic System
Moog Animatics announces the release of the DS2020 digital servo drive with Combitronic capability. This single-axis drive operates a Moo... (posted 2021-02-26)

Omni Introduces Parallel Shaft Drop-boxes for Electrified Vehicles
Omni Powertrain Technologies announces the development of a new series of parallel shaft gearboxes which address cost, performance and pa... (posted 2021-02-25)

Intellidrives Introduces Latest Miniature Rotary Servo Stage
Intellidrives offers a micro-rotation stage (40 mm diameter) with a direct drive motor. Common applications for miniature rotary servo st... (posted 2021-02-24)

Dunkermotoren Offers EtherCAT with Distributed Clocks
The complete BLDC motor series dPro from Dunkermotoren is now also available with EtherCAT interface.The dPro versions are available with... (posted 2021-02-23)

REO Expands E-Motor Components
The Solingen-based company REO AG continues to expand its range of e-motor components and peripheral components. The company is therefore... (posted 2021-02-22)

Siemens Digital Enhances Simcenter Testlab
Siemens Digital Industries Software has announced the availability of the latest release of Simcenter Testlab software. It is part of the... (posted 2021-02-19)

NORD to Showcase Grain Industry Products at GEAPS Exchange Online
NORD offers flexible drive solutions for the grain industry, including bucket elevators, screw, drag, and belt conveyors. These solutions... (posted 2021-02-18)

ABB's RobotStudio Offers Braking Distance Simulator
ABB's RobotStudio offline programming and simulation software has been upgraded with a new virtual robot braking distance function de... (posted 2021-02-17)

Maxon Responsible for Mission-Critical Tasks on Mars Mission
NASA’s Perseverance rover will be landing on Mars on February 18th. Was there once life on Mars? This is the question that one of t... (posted 2021-02-16)

Bosch Rexroth Offers Longer Lubrication Intervals on Ball Screw Rail Systems and Assemblies
The ball rail systems BSHP and ball screw assemblies BASA from Bosch Rexroth now achieve lubrication intervals that are up to four times ... (posted 2021-02-15)

SEW-EURODRIVE Offers Contactless Energy and Data Transfer System
Although robotic systems are sometimes limited by constraints in automation and drive technology, this issue can be easily minimized. App... (posted 2021-02-12)

KISSsoft Examines Plastic Gears and Tooth Form Aspects
With injection molded plastic gears, the designer has a great degree of freedom in defining the tooth form because it is not the result o... (posted 2021-02-11)

Dana Introduces Heavy-Duty Drivetrain for Rough-Terrain Cranes
Dana Incorporated has introduced a new drivetrain for rough-terrain cranes with lift capacities from 83 to 110 tons (75 to 100 tonnes) an... (posted 2021-02-10)

Forest City Gear Adds Zeiss CMM to Quality Assurance Department
Forest City Gear has expanded the capabilities of its Quality Assurance Department with the addition of a Zeiss ACCURA Coordinate Measuri... (posted 2021-02-09)

Heidenhain Offers Smarter and Faster RCN Angle Encoders
Heidenhain has introduced smarter and faster versions of the RCN absolute angle encoders series for use in machine tools requiring high s... (posted 2021-02-09)

Curtiss-Wright Launches Motor Support Program for Exlar Universal Actuators
Curtiss-Wright’s Actuation Division recently announced the release of its new ASSIGN motor program for Exlar FTX and FTP Series act... (posted 2021-02-08)

OES Introduces Miniature Size, Hollow Core Rotary Table
Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) has introduced a high precision, low profile, miniature size rotary table, the AR39-AH. This high... (posted 2021-02-05)

Miki Pulley Brakes Assist with Satellite Control Positioning
Signals are effectively transmitted with the latest satellites when equipped with the newest Miki Pulley BXR-LE brakes. They effectively ... (posted 2021-02-04)

Binder Expands M12-A Connector Portfolio for Sensor and Actuator Applications
Binder USA, LP, has expanded its M12-A connector portfolio with two new rectangular flange connectors. Designed for today’s advance... (posted 2021-02-03)

KTR Develops EVOLASTIC Coupling
KTR developed a new all-purpose coupling for use in a broad range of applications from main to auxiliary drives in construction equipment... (posted 2021-02-02)

Schaeffler Starts Mass Production of Electric Motors
Schaeffler is now reaping the rewards of its decision to create a specific business division for electric mobility three years ago, at th... (posted 2021-02-01)

DCS Introduces 3DCS Design Variation Modeler
Upgrade Excel Tolerance Stacks with 3DCS DVM, an easy to use 3D tolerance analysis tool fully integrated into your CAD platform. Get real... (posted 2021-01-29)

ABB HMI and Drive Faceplates Provide Comprehensive Views into Automation Systems
The CP600 Gen2 HMI with Drive Faceplates provides a NEMA 4X rating, brighter screens, additional communication ports and integral web ser... (posted 2021-01-29)

Siemens Digital Offers Quality Management Software
Siemens Digital Industries Software announces Teamcenter Quality software, a new suite of solutions that provide a closed-loop approach f... (posted 2021-01-28)

Heidenhain Expands Kit Encoder Series
Heidenhain is proud to introduce a new high accuracy motion feedback encoder that can now be used for absolute positioning in machines in... (posted 2021-01-27)

Intellidrives Low Profile, Large Aperture Servo Table Offers Dynamic Speed Range
The ACR-490UT precision rotation stage is the lowest profile rotary table with high-speed direct-drive rotary servomotor on the market. I... (posted 2021-01-26)

Virtual IPPE Expo Preview: NORD
NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will be attending the virtual 2021 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) from January 25th – Janu... (posted 2021-01-25)

ATI Offers CRX Kits for Cobots
ATI Industrial Automation has developed CRX-Ready End-Effector Kits, providing FANUC CRX cobot users a simple and effective way to increa... (posted 2021-01-22)

TCI Precision Expands Standard Machine-Ready Blanks Offering
TCI Precision Metals has expanded its offering of Standard Machine-Ready Blanks and added a new, easy to use, online store, https://... (posted 2021-01-21)

Faulhaber Offers Drive Solutions for Robotics Industry
Today, a world without robots is inconceivable. The areas of application that require process safety, reliability and economic efficiency... (posted 2021-01-20)

Ibeo and SICK Collaborate on LiDAR Sensor for Automotive Applications
A technology partnership between Hamburg-based automotive LiDAR specialist Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH and SICK AG has resulted in a 3D ... (posted 2021-01-19)

Introducing Goodyear Belts - Power Transmission Belts for the Automotive and Industrial Markets
Goodyear Belts, a licensee collaboration between Adventry and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, has produced a line of power transm... (posted 2021-01-18)

Drivetrain Hub Launches Gears App
Drivetrain Hub has launched its fully web-based gear software, Gears App.  Gears App is the only Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) g... (posted 2021-01-15)

NORD Meets Food Processing Demands with Drive Solutions
NORD provides highly configurable, flexible, and reliable solutions for food processing applications, including expansive product ranges ... (posted 2021-01-15)

Siemens Announces Simcenter 3D 2021
Siemens Digital Industries Software announces the availability of the latest release of Simcenter 3D software, part of the Simcenter port... (posted 2021-01-14)

Heidenhain Showcases Motion Control Technologies at SLAS2021
Heidenhain is proud to showcase motion control enabling technologies at the upcoming SLAS2021 digital exposition on January 25-27. This a... (posted 2021-01-13)

Intellidrives Introduces Water-Tight, Dust-Proof Rotary Tables
Motorized rotary tables RTLA-100-350HJ from Intellidrives feature IP65-rated ingress protection. IP65 rating assures against ingress of d... (posted 2021-01-12)

WEG Offers Motor Solutions in Agriculture Applications
For WEG, productivity and efficiency is important. Therefore, they have developed complete solutions, from water collection for farming t... (posted 2021-01-11)

LM76 Introduces Wear-Resistant Cam Follower Bearings
LM76 has introduced their RINO Series of FDA/USDA compliant Cam Follower Bearings. Available in 12 sizes these all new cam follower beari... (posted 2021-01-08)

JM Performance Products Offers High Torque Coupling Bolts
Coupling bolts used for live tooling on lathes are subject to relaxation, which occurs as a result of inadequate pre-loading of the bolts... (posted 2021-01-07)

Voith Turbo Installs First VoreconNX Variable Speed Drive
Voith Turbo has successfully installed and commissioned the first VoreconNX variable speed drive for a U.S. customer, which began using i... (posted 2021-01-06)

Maxon Offers IDX Integrated Servomotor
Maxon’s new IDX compact integrated servo gearmotor + drive combines a powerful, brushless EC-i motor and an EPOS4 positioning contr... (posted 2021-01-05)

NORD Offers Versatile Drive Solutions for Baking Industry
NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers efficient and hygienic drive solutions for the baking industry, meeting their special requirements for hygiene, ... (posted 2021-01-04)