Power Transmission Engineering Product News 2018

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Varvel Produces Custom Gearboxes in addition to Standard Offerings
The Varvel Group can produce custom gearboxes to satisfy specific needs including a gearbox developed for an American customer that pro... (posted 2018-02-16)

FVA REXS Designed to Establish Industry-Wide Standard for Exchanging Gearbox Data
The software landscape in the field of gearbox development, simulation, and production is extremely diverse today. Although these program... (posted 2018-02-15)

AutomationDirect Adds Linear and Rotary Shafts to Product Line
AutomationDirect has added linear and rotary shafts to its line of mechanical power transmission products. SureMotion linear shafts are p... (posted 2018-02-14)

B&R Automation 8LS Servomotors Offer Maximum Torque Density
B&R has taken the next step in development of its 8LS servomotors. Three newly designed size 5 motors in lengths A, B and C fill out ... (posted 2018-02-13)

HBM Data Recorder Provides Fast Results in Interactive Vehicle Testing
HBM, Inc. recently announced its new SomatXR CX22B-R data recorder, for acquiring and storing measured data in mobile applications such a... (posted 2018-02-12)

Siemens Offers Digital Enterprise Industry Solution for Electronics
Siemens has announced a new Digital Enterprise Industry Solution for the electronics industry, following several recent major investments... (posted 2018-02-09)

Intellidrives Open Center XY Stages Meet Unique Industry Needs
The demand for a high accuracy, robust, open-frame stages is met with IntelLIDrives dual-axis, large aperture stages that address the uni... (posted 2018-02-08)

Stafford Shaft Collars Setup Rapidly Without Tools
A line of quick release shaft collars with a mounting flat for securely attaching cameras, counters, optics, sensors and many other dev... (posted 2018-02-07)

Galil Motion Control Introduces The Galil Design Kit
Galil Motion Control Inc., the industry leader in motion control technology, has released the Galil Design Kit. This is Galil's new... (posted 2018-02-06)

Neugart Right-Angle Gearbox Features Compact and Flexible Mechanical Design
The WPSFN from Neugart is the latest in the company’s precision right-angle planetary gearboxes. Thanks to its standard flange in... (posted 2018-02-05)

H2W Introduces Force Voice Coil Actuator for Various Applications
H2W Technologies has developed the world’s highest force commercially available non-commutated DC linear actuator, otherwise know... (posted 2018-02-02)

Zero-Max ETP Power Shaft Locking Bushing Ensures Fast Mounting of Components
Zero-Max’s ETP Power keyless connections are the ideal locking device in laminated floor manufacturing systems. They are also an ex... (posted 2018-02-01)

EPC Mounting Brackets Turn Shaft Encoders into Linear Measurement Solution
Encoder Products Company (EPC) has introduced a new linear measurement solution: a bracket that fits all of EPC’s Size 25 Shaft Enc... (posted 2018-01-31)

Thomson Expands Electrak Linear Actuator Line
Thomson Industries, Inc. has extended the capability of its popular Electrak HD electromechanical linear actuator line to loads of up t... (posted 2018-01-30)

Parker Hannifin Releases ACRView Motion Development Software
Parker’s Electromechanical and Drives Division North America is pleased to announce the release of ACRView version 6.4.2, which all... (posted 2018-01-29)

Tolomatic Choke Valve Actuator Improves Managed Pressure Drilling Process
The new Tolomatic ServoChoke SVC electric choke valve actuator meets requirements for a more flexible and reliable high-speed actuator in... (posted 2018-01-26)

Dana Offers Axle/Gearbox Combination for Drum Rollers
Dana Incorporated has announced a new, optimized axle/gearbox combination for small- and medium-sized single drum rollers that enables or... (posted 2018-01-25)

Bison Gear Launches Web-Based 3D CAD Configurator
Bison Gear and Engineering has launched an all-new online configurator of digital CAD models for their most popular gearmotors. The confi... (posted 2018-01-24)

Igus Offers Spherical Balls for Retrofitted Bearing Housings
Pillow block and flange bearings are commonly used in construction machines and conveyor systems, therefore they are often exposed to dir... (posted 2018-01-23)

OES Introduces Cross-Roller Linear Stages
Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) offers a high precision series of low cost, low profile motorized single axis positioning stages.... (posted 2018-01-22)

Varvel Offers RS and RT Series Worm Gearboxes
The Varvel RS and RT series worm gearboxes demonstrate the company’s versatility and innovation for a variety of demanding applicat... (posted 2018-01-19)

KISSsoft 03/2018 Beta Version is Available for Testing
The KISSsoft 03/2018 Beta Version has now been released for a test run. The final release will be available from April 23rd, 2018 - just ... (posted 2018-01-18)

Ruland Mountable Shaft Collars Offer High Holding Power
Ruland has released a new line of mountable shaft collars with flats and tapped holes or tapped holes only in the outer diameter, allowin... (posted 2018-01-17)

Haydon Kerk 3DP Leadscrew-Nut Insert Boosts Accuracy of 3D-Printed Prototypes
Haydon Kerk, a business unit of Ametek Advanced Motion Solutions, now offers 3DP, a 3D-printed leadscrew-nut insert prototype service as ... (posted 2018-01-16)

Sulzer Doubles High Voltage Testing to Improve Repair Times
Performance testing of high voltage motors and generators is usually carried out to determine benchmark data following a major repair. Ho... (posted 2018-01-15)

Twiflex Provides Single-Source Hydraulic Brake Packages
Twiflex, a leader in advanced industrial braking technologies, now offers a variety of  standard and custom hydraulic brake packages... (posted 2018-01-12)

JW Winco Flat Knurled Thumb Screw Offer Number of Assembly Options
JW Winco, Inc., A Ganter Company, a leading supplier of standard industrial machine components, announced the offering of GN 653.2 Steel ... (posted 2018-01-11)

Gearing Solutions Offers 5 hp Flexframe Speed Reducer
Gearing Solutions introduces its FlexFrame™5 HP face mounted speed reducer with patented adaptors which allow them to be used with eithe... (posted 2018-01-10)

Nord Drivesystems Expands MaxxDrive Gearbox Line
If you need a dependable, high performance gearbox able to handle the most demanding bulk material handling applications, cement and stee... (posted 2018-01-09)

Maxon Introduces Frameless Brushless Servo Kits
The new EC 45 Flat Frameless Brushless Servo Motor Kit from Maxon consist of only a rotor and stator – with no bearings or motor sh... (posted 2018-01-08)

Baldor Announces Food Safe Motors Line
Baldor recently announced the complete line of food-safe stainless steel motors designed around sanitary equipment principles and compati... (posted 2018-01-05)

Intellidrives Introduces Ultra-Thin Direct Drive Rotary Table
The Intellidrives ACR-335UT precision rotation stage is a low profile rotary table with high-speed direct-drive rotary servo motor. The l... (posted 2018-01-04)

Allied Motion Introduces KinetiMax 42 EB DC Motor
Allied Motion Technologies introduces the KinetiMax 42 EB, a 42 mm diameter outer rotor, brushless DC motor with an integrated drive. Ext... (posted 2018-01-03)

PI Direct Drive Linear Motor Stages Deliver Nanometer Resolution
PI has released a new precision feedback option for its linear stages equipped with direct-drive ironless 3-phase motors. The V-551 famil... (posted 2018-01-02)