Cleveland Gear Co.

Cleveland Gear Co. - Cleveland Gear was founded in 1912 and became an IMC company in 1980. It is an industry leader in the design and production of high-quality worm gearing, worm gear speed reducers and custom enclosed ... 3249 E. 80th Street
Cleveland, OH 44104
Phone: (216) 641-9000
Fax: (216) 641-2731
Contact: Ed McTernan, VP Sales & Marketing


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The Cleveland Gear Company has been manufacturing gears for over 100 years. An early member of AGMA, Cleveland is a pioneer and world leader in worm gear technology. Today, Cleveland Gear manufactures Open Gearing including: Helical, Double helical, Spur & Worm gear. We also provide a wide variety of enclosed gear drives: Helical shaft-mount & Screw Conveyor, Standard worm-gear reducers (1.33" to 36" C.D.), Standard Parallel Shaft & Custom Enclosed drives. Cleveland also repairs reducers of all types and will reverse engineer replacements for obsolete gear boxes. Field service and On-site inspection of enclosed drives and gearing is available. NEW products include Stainless Steel Reducers and a Size 10 shaft-mount.