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Arrow Gear Co. - Since its inception in 1947, Arrow Gear Company has continued to build a solid reputation for quality, service and reliability. From the very beginning, Arrow has provided high precision spur, helical and bevel gears that meet the rapidly changing and the demanding requirements of many industries.2301 Curtiss Street
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Phone: (630) 969-7640
Fax: (630) 969-0253
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About Arrow Gear
Arrow Gear Company is among the most technologically advanced gear manufacturers in the world. Our modern facility of over 145,000 square feet is equipped for a full range of precision gear manufacturing - as well as Complete Gearboxes.

Notably, to the best of our knowledge, Arrow produces more loose gears for jet engines than any other gear company in the world. This distinction also applies to spiral bevel gears for main and tail helicopter rotors, and wing flap applications.

Supplying gearing products to a diverse customer base, Arrow is widely known for our expertise with spiral bevel gears. However, we are fully equipped for the manufacture of straight bevels, spurs, helicals and curvic couplings.

Arrow is also positioned on the leading edge of advanced technology for contact pattern design and development. Our ability to predict tooth contact performance under load through finite element and tooth contact analysis results in dramatic savings for our customers.

Arrow was the world's first gear company to fully integrate a Computer Controlled Manufacturing Closed Loop System for the design, machining and inspection of hypoid gears. This interchange between design data and machine tools has proven highly efficient and productive as compared to traditional methods.

In addition to our full range of state-of-the-art machine tools, Arrow is also equipped with the capabilities for isotropic superfinishing. And, with our in-house heat treatment facility - which is capable of processing VASCO Jet and other high hot hardening steels - we are able to insure the metallurgical integrity of our products.

As a cost effective alternative to our custom gear products, Arrow offers an extensive line of stock gears - including ground tooth spiral bevels. DXF files of these stock gears are available for download from our website. And with our On-Demand Program, customers can choose from 57 combinations of ground tooth gears - available in a matter of days.

Arrow Gear has established a reputation for meeting or exceeding customer requirements and has earned quality approvals including ISO9001-2000 and AS9100. Arrow also holds NADCAP certification for Magnetic Particle Inspection, Surface Temper Inspection and Heat Treatment.

Type of Gear Max. Pitch Dia. Diametral Pitch Face Width Unground Tooth Ground Tooth
Spiral Bevel 28" 1.5 - 48 5.0 AGMA Q9 AGMA Q13
Zerol Bevel 22" 2.0 - 48 4.0 AGMA Q9 AGMA Q13
Coniflex Bevel 16" 2.5 - 48 3.5 AGMA Q9  
Helical 20" 3.0 - 48 13.0 AGMA Q9 AGMA Q13
Internal Spur 17" 3.6 - 48 8.0 AGMA Q9 AGMA Q13
Spur 24" 3.0 - 48 13.0 AGMA Q9 AGMA Q13
Spline 24" 4/8 - 80/160 13.0 AGMA Q9 AGMA Q13