Sesame Motor Corp.

Sesame Motor Corp. - Sesame Motor Corporation was founded in 1990 as a manufacturer of motors and gear reducers in Taiwan with its efforts and innovation to obtain compliment and constant growth. Sesame Motor uses world class manufacturing and Enterprise Resource Planning system to build AC/DC motors and precision gear reducers in new factory built in 2009 to be one of the leading makers in motor and gear driving industry.599, Sec. 1, Hemu Rd.
Shengang, Taichung 42953
Phone: +(886) 4-2561-0011
Fax: +(886) 4-2562-7766
Contact: Biran Ho, Sales Manager


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A Top Brand of Superior Technology and Reputation Combined

“SESAME MOTOR CORP.” Founded in 1990, have more than 20 years of professional motor and gearbox manufacturing and sales experience. In response to business growth, and provide customers better service, SESAME MOTOR had acquisition and construction for about 7,000 square meters of new factory in 2009. Adding modern workshop facilities with the effective integration of ERP systems, purchase of new processing and testing equipment; as we continuously enhance key parts’ productivity we had not only expending overall productivity, shorten delivery, and ensure products’ quality do achieve customer satisfaction. SESAME MOTOR products have received unanimous praise.

“SESAME MOTOR” is build base on spirit of “customer satisfaction, service first” philosophy, providing three services “best quality, fastest delivery, and best sale service”. Our products have obtained high market share in Taiwan, that had lead us “SESAME MOTOR” be a well-known brand. We had agent, distributor set-up in South Korea, China and Southeast Asia. In addition we had a branch company set up in Shanghai, China, expanding our market in Americas, Europe and the Middle East, setting a goal for globalization of services.