Liebherr Components Offers Diverse Product Portfolio at Bauma 2019

The planetary gearboxes of the new LPI series can be equipped with different brake sizes according to customer and application requirements.

The planetary gearboxes of the new LPI series can be equipped with different brake sizes according to customer and application requirements.

February 14, 2019—

Liebherr Components is presenting a new line of slewing bearings at this year's Bauma. Particular focus lies thereby on maximum torque and ease of service.


Liebherr is further expanding its existing slewing bearing portfolio with new slewing drive units. The new product line includes worm gear drives, pinion drives and toothed belt drives.


Liebherr’s worm gear drives are ultra-compact slewing drive units with high power density. This design is particularly suitable for the transmission of extremely high forces and torques in small spaces. These worm gear drives find use in steering gearboxes of crane and heavy-duty vehicle chassis, loading cranes or agricultural equipment. Liebherr continues to develop the product specifically for these applications with the goal of maximizing torque and minimizing maintenance costs.


Slewing drive units are driven by a hydraulic or electric motor. Worm gear drives combine slewing bearings with a drive worm. The worm gearing transmits the torque to the slewing bearing without clearance. Liebherr offers a running tread diameter of up to 725 millimeters. The slewing drive units are available with single-start or doublestart, double-bearing worms, which allow for self-locking of the drive depending on the efficiency. A brake option can be adapted for all other versions. Grease or oil can be used for lubrication.


The pinion drives are generally driven via a double supported pinion. This type of slewing drive unit is characterized by a fast rotation speed with low heat development. This design is a perfect combination of Liebherr's own slewing bearings and drives.


The toothed belt drive is ideal for high circumferential speeds, high efficiency and particularly quiet operation.


The use of special material allows the component to be used in the machine environment at very low temperatures.


This new Liebherr product line further expands the range of products offered by Liebherr Components. This is possible due to the vast experience in the production of components in the area of slewing bearings and drive technology. Liebherr’s innovative team is constantly working to develop and produce slewing drive units in order to meet the needs of our customers with new products.


Liebherr is also optimizing its existing product portfolio of planetary gearboxes with the LPI gearbox generation. The new series includes seven basic gearboxes from LPI 600 to LPI 1200, covering a torque range from 20,000 Nm to 335,000 Nm. Large tailor-designed gearboxes with a dynamic torque of up to 2,300,000 Nm can also be produced.


The significantly reduced complexity and standardization of the components make the gearboxes easier to configure for any application. It is predestined for lifting applications, for example in rope winches, as well as for driving applications, for example as drives for chain and crawler vehicles.


Higher output torques with optimized weight and space LPI planetary gearboxes are designed for use in both stationary and mobile applications. They impress with their high power density and score points with their minimal weight and reduced installation space. The use of new manufacturing and material technologies has increased the permissible output torques by 20% compared to existing planetary gearboxes.


A wide range of configuration options ensures that the gearboxes are ideal for all common applications in which planetary gearboxes are used.


The planetary gearboxes of the new LPI series can be equipped with different brake sizes according to customer and application requirements. Depending on the intended use, various types, such as electromagnetic brakes or multi-disc brakes, can be used.


The interfaces to the engine are even designed to allow for the effortless assembly of any commercially available electric and hydraulic motor. This ensures the best possible gearbox/ motor drive combination.


Depending on the application, the gearbox seals are designed as radial shaft seals, V-rings, mechanical seals or labyrinth seals. In the area of oil control and ventilation, the customer can choose between a large number of oil measuring devices and expansion vessels.


Alternatively, the gearboxes can be equipped with sensors to monitor oil quality or condition. This gives the user a fast and safe overview of the operating condition of the gearbox.


The necessary test certificates according to the standards of common classification societies can be issued for the new LPI series gearboxes and necessary inspections can be carried out in-house.


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