Plastic Gears Take On Heavier Loads Under Harsher Conditions

Plastic Gears Take On Heavier Loads Under Harsher Conditions

Nylon gears, acetal (also known by the brand name Delrin) gears, and UHMW gear racks were originally introduced to the market to fill niche applications; however, this is no longer the case as plastic gears have quickly become a disruptor technology.

While most gears were traditionally made from various metals, plastic gear technology is pushing the previous limits of load-bearing, torque handling, and gear drive capabilities. These plastic gears and gear racks are identical in design to their metal counterparts, making them directly interchangeable with steel and other OEM and custom metal gears and racks.

Plastic Machining Company has emerged as a provider of OEM and custom parts that replace metals to increase productivity, decrease downtime and lead to greater revenue for customers; all while maintaining the specifications required by the equipment, project and application. Plastic Machining Company has worked with countless industries, from paper and packaging to water treatment, mining and food processing, proving that metal gears simply can’t provide the same benefits as plastics.

For nylon gears, self-lubrication is a key benefit. A constant issue with many metal drive gears is the need for external lubrication, a major problem when gears are hard to access or where lubricant will only exacerbate a problem (e.g. gears that operate in high dust or gritty environments). Nylon gears from Plastic Machining Company do not need lubrication, and for many applications can take the same load requirements with longer part life. Many specialty grades are available as well to enhance certain features (such as tensile strength or abrasion resistance) or to meet certain requirements (such as FDA and USDA regulations). Nylon also offers high compressive strength and excellent friction coefficients at a cost comparable or lower than the alternatives.

Acetal, also known by the brand name Delrin, is perfect for close tolerance gears that work in harsh environments and will not greatly expand or shrink under extreme temperature changes. These acetal gears generally operate quietly while providing excellent strength, toughness and low friction. Acetal gears have even recently made their way to the automotive industry where load and torque demands traditionally limited the usefulness of plastic gears.

UHMW and other high-performance plastic gears and gear racks offer wear and noise reduction advantages over comparable metal products and UHMW is generally looked to when impact resistance is key. Many customers have expressed that their UHMW gear racks have shown a part life of 10 or even 15 times longer than their metal counterparts.

Plastic Machining Company offers high-strength, custom designed and OEM replacement parts for gears and other power transmission components used in industrial and commercial applications. Plastic Machining Company works with customers to find the most cost-effective solutions for their specific project demands.

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