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Hash Mobile Creates Innovative Tech Improvements with Mobility Tools

Matthew Jaster, Senior Editor


Hash Mobile is a Swedish innovation company, focused on helping customers increase productivity and cut costs by providing easy-to-use mobile solutions to find and manage deviations.

They came from companies like SKF, Metso and Emerson with a mission to make the workday simpler and more effective.  Robin Ottenfelt, founder, Hash Mobile, said the emphasis was on a total user experience where hardware and software tools were integrated and old manufacturing practices were improved upon. “The idea was to combine mobile and cloud solutions with the knowledge and experience from real industrial conditions to deliver innovative manufacturing technology,” Ottenfelt said.

The result was the formation of Hash Mobile, an organization in Sweden offering modern manufacturing and mobility tools. The company’s mission is to continuously develop new technologies including mobile reporting apps and a secure datacenter in the Cloud.

“We can enable an organization to make a change to work more effectively with production and data quality and present this information visually to enable better decision making,” Ottenfelt said. “Our solution is being used both for maintenance and inspection routines, and with integration to maintenance systems we can make sure the customer makes the most out of the current technology available.”

Data Collection and Service Reporting

Ottenfelt said the company already has solutions being utilized on critical machinery for onboard drilling rigs. Two of the company’s products Hash Inspector and Hash Cloud enable rig operators to easily collect data on critical asset integrity components. The data is collected using Hash Inspector and seamlessly synchronized with Hash Cloud where it is visualized in an asset hierarchy to optimize rig operations. This data is immediately available for both the platform based crew and on-shore support teams for improved decision making and collaboration. Call it instant gratification and an easier way to share templates and reports with the employees that need the most accurate information in the timeliest manner.

Hash Mobile has also created a reporting platform for Colly Flowtech, a manufacturing company that supplies a comprehensive range of pumps, hoses, couplings, valves and other components in seven locations throughout Sweden. “Being able to easily get the service report done in the field is very valuable to us,” said Mikael Malm, CEO of Colly Flowtech. “Hash Mobile’s solutions help us free-up time and provide more consistent reporting to our customers.”

In the case of Colly Flowtech, here was an organization where service reports created a lot of time-consuming and manual labor. The process was inefficient, according to Ottenfelt from work execution to invoicing. “With the Hash Mobile solution, service, reports, required documentation, recommendations and any comments can be delivered directly from the service engineer’s industrial grade iPad.


Peter Helmersson (left) CEO and Robin Ottenfelt, founder and vice president sales and marketing.

Changing Face of Field Reporting

Software, smartphones and tablets are becoming more relevant in the manufacturing sector. Ottenfelt said that many companies utilize hard- and software products that are expensive, lack flexibility and have complicated technology. “Our goal is to provide easy-to-use solutions with mobile and cloud apps with great hardware and do it better and cheaper.”

Tablets, for example, are becoming the norm for maintenance and inspection solutions, Ottenfelt said. “Small tablets have proven to be a preferred screen size, based on the working environment of operators. Usually you have gloves, and need to be able to read and write texts. Here we also see a great benefit enabling voice-to-text functionality to free operators hands by combining the 7″ IP68 or ATEX tablet with headsets that only record the vibrations from the cords in our throats to eliminate external machine noise.”

Meeting the challenges that modern industry faces within digitalization, sustainability, competence and innovation is the main driver of the technologies Hash Mobile offers, Ottenfelt said. “Using modern and safe technology can also enable customers to improve cash flow, reduce tied capital and to improve the HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality) targets.”


Tablets and smart phones are becoming more relevant in manufacturing as tools for maintenance and inspection.

Hash Mobile’s customers have seen a significant time savings by utilizing these mobile solutions according to Ottenfelt. “For example, we see clear improvements in service and maintenance areas where the time spent finding instructions or compiling paper-based values or photos from digital cameras is saving up to three hours per inspection. The fact that the data gets shared and is available in real time creates an opportunity to reduce lead times from the moment a problem is identified to the when it’s fixed.”

This technology can be integrated into a company’s current IT infrastructure including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) or Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) software. Hash Mobile’s services are subscription-based and user management policies ensure only designated employees have access to report templates and information.

Expanding Opportunities

Hash Mobile is being proactive regarding today’s industrial market requirements. “Our products being used on onboard drill rigs, for example, are resulting in better control over the total asset. This helps to make sure that you’re compliant with your classification society or insurance policy,” Ottenfelt said. “The collected data is seamlessly synchronized using our secure cloud and can be accessed by onshore personnel to be able to plan maintenance and operations better together with the team onboard.”

Hash Mobile is currently expanding its local presence from Europe to the Americas. “Working close to our customers is something we value,” Ottenfelt said. “I think that being able to leverage machine operators to create a front line defense, and to use the knowledge of the operators to continuously collect data to improve the manufacturing processes is a win-win situation for an industrial company and its employees.”


For more information:

Hash Mobile Holding AB

Phone: +(46) 760-02-8300



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