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The Power Transmission Engineering Online Media Kit includes all the information you need to make a successful marketing campaign that targets mechanical motion buyers.

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Power Transmission Engineering is the ONLY magazine that specifically targets buyers of mechanical components

96% of Power Transmission Engineering readers are involved with the purchase of mechanical motion components, according to our 2016 reader survey. Here's where those purchasing influencers are most concentrated:


Power Transmission Engineering readers BUY mechanical components


At PTE, we focus our articles on the mechanical components readers buy…

Lubrication Gears Bearings Couplings Gear Drives


Oct 9 E-News Pack Expo Oct. 3
October 2018 PRINT issue Lubrication & Seals Gearmotors Energy Sept. 14
Oct 23 E-News Lubrication & Seals Oct. 17
Nov 6 E-News Gearmotors Oct. 31
Nov 20 E-News Energy Nov. 14
Dec 4 E-News Linear Motion Nov. 28
December 2018 PRINT issue Buyers Guide Linear Motion Transportation Nov. 9
Dec 18 E-News Top Stories of 2018 Dec. 12
Jan 8 E-News Back to Basics Jan. 3
Jan 22 E-News Automation Jan. 17
Feb 5 E-News Controls Jan. 31
February 2019 PRINT issue Mechatronics Fluid Power Heavy Industry Hannover Messe & Manufacturing Expo (Apr. 1-5) Jan. 25
Feb 19 E-News Mechatronics Feb. 14
Mar 5 E-News Fluid Power Feb. 28
March 2019 PRINT issue Engineering Showcase Motion Control Automate 2019 (April 8-11) Feb. 15
Mar 19 E-News Hannover Messe Preview (Apr. 1-5) Mar. 14
Apr 2 E-News Mar. 28
Apr 16 E-News Bearings Apr. 11
April 2019 PRINT issue Bearings Clutches & Brakes Automotive Windpower 2019 (May 20-23) Mar. 22
May 7 E-News May 2
May 21 E-News Clutches & Brakes May 16
June 4 E-News May 30
June 18 E-News Motors June 13
June 2019 PRINT issue Motors Belt & Chain Drives Aerospace May 17
July 9 E-News Belt & Chain Drives July 3
July 23 E-News July 18
August 2019 PRINT issue Couplings Software Packaging, Material Handling Pack Expo (Sept. 23-25) July 19
August 5 E-News August 1
August 20 E-News Couplings August 15
September 2019 PRINT issue Gears & Gear Drives Maintenance, Repair & Upgrade Food & Beverage Process Expo (Oct. 8-11), Gear Expo (Oct. 15-17) August 23
September 3 E-News Gears & Gear Drives August 29
September 17 E-News Maintenance, Repair & Upgrade September 12
October 2019 PRINT issue Lubrication & Seals Gearmotors Energy September 20
October 8 E-News Lubrication & Seals October 3
October 22 E-News Gearmotors October 17
November 5 E-News October 31
November 19 E-News Buyers Guide November 14
December 2019 PRINT issue Buyers Guide Linear Motion Transportation IFPE Preview (March 10-14, 2020) November 8
December 3 E-News Linear Motion November 27
December 17 E-News December 12

The Right Tools for Your Marketing Goals

As technology changes and readers’ information consumption and response habits evolve, so must your marketing strategy. That’s why we continue to deliver new tools to drive both brand recognition and response. While print still remains the dominant tool to reach and impact this highly technical field, new digital tools designed to enhance branding, response and lead generation are key to marketing success today. The chart below will help you match your marketing goals with the tools we offer.

Display Advertising (every issue -- 8X per year)
sMart Ads (every issue -- 8X per year)
Engineering Showcase (March 2018)
Buyers Guide (December 2018)
Showstoppers Special Advertising Section (August 2018)
E-mail newsletters (twice monthly)
E-mail Product Alerts (twice monthly)
Sponsored Content
Custom E-mail Campaigns
Web Banners (powertransmission.com)
Keyword Advertising (powertransmission.com)
Company Page and Premium Listings (powertransmission.com)
Sponsored Category (powertransmission.com)
Best Products with three stars are designed for this objective and will consistently perform well.
Better Products with two stars are designed with this objective in mind but may also be designed to accomplish other objectives.
Good Products with one star can be helpful in accomplishing this goal, but they are not designed specifically for it.

Sample Marketing Plans

Power Integrated Package (Branding & Lead Gen) - Save 50%

  • Print Ads - Full Page, 4 Color - All 8 issues
  • Product Alert Impact Block Ads – Monthly (12×)
  • Engineering Showcase Advertorial – March 2017
  • Home Page Web Banner – 12 months
  • Buyers Guide Sponsored Category & Premium Listing – 12 months
  • Webinar or White Paper Promotion – 1×

Power Branding Package - Save 45%

  • Print ads – Full Page, 4-color – All 8 issues
  • Engineering Showcase Advertorial – March 2018
  • Home Page Web Banner – 12 months
  • Buyers Guide Sponsored Category & Premium Listing – 12 months
  • Webinar or White Paper Promotion – 1×

Power Lead Gen Package - Save 40%

  • E-Newsletter Impact Block Ads – Monthly (12×)
  • Product Alert Impact Block Ads – Monthly (12×)
  • Buyers Guide Premium Listing – 12 months
  • Custom E-mail Campaigns – 2×
  • Webinar or White Paper Promotion – 1×
  • Print Ads – 1⁄3 Page, 4-Color – All 8 issues

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