Webinar: Flipping the Precision Gear Manufacturing Paradigm

A New Paradigm for Precision Gear Manufacturing - AGMA Webinar Oct 2 2020 from Amorphology, Inc on Vimeo.

View this recorded webinar from Amorphology where they break down the science behind their unique Bulk Metallic Glass (BMG) processing. Amorphology CTO, Dr. Glenn Garrett, details the journey that BMGs have made to present day applications such as gears and robotics. With over 15 years of experience working with BMGs, he explains how they enable us to shift the current paradigm of precision gear manufacturing. Amorphology integrates proprietary amorphous metals developed by NASA and Caltech into precision gearboxes and motion control components. Our efficient manufacturing methods allow us to offer longer lasting parts at lower prices than possible with traditional manufacturing methods. Why do you want to learn about BMGs? • BMGs are the only injection moldable metals that offer micron-level tolerances and exceptional surface finish with no post-processing. • BMGs are exceptionally strong and lightweight compared to steel and other traditional alloys used in gear components. • BMG gears can run dry with no lubrication.

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