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1 Sleeve Bearings or Tilting Pad Bearings - Ask the Expert (August 2012)

A reader asks whether sleeve bearings can take the place of more expensive tilting pad bearings in a high-speed compressor application.

2 Bearing Lubrication Under Extreme Conditions, Part II (February 2008)

Rolling element or sleeve bearings often are required to operate under extreme conditions. In these instances, it is more important than ever to follow proper lubrication selection and maintenance procedures to maximize effective life and efficient performance.

3 History of a Forgotten Engine (December 2017)

In 2017, there's more variety to be found under the hood of a car than ever. Electric, hybrid and internal combustion engines all sit next to a range of transmission types, creating an ever-increasingly complex evolutionary web of technology choices for what we put into our automobiles. But every evolutionary tree has a few dead end branches that ended up never going anywhere.

4 Bearings for High Temperatures (Fall 2007)

When rolling element or sleeve bearings operate under extreme conditions, it’s more important than ever to follow proper lubrication selection and maintenance procedures to maximize eff ective life and effi cient performance.

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1 NSK Offers Sleeve Bearings or Bushings (June 26, 2014)
NSK has introduced a range of sleeves, aimed mainly at OEMs and other volume users of sleeves or lubricated bushings used in equipment such as excavator buckets, backhoe linkages and conveyors...

2 TB Wood's Introduces New Sure-Flex Plus EPDM and Neoprene Sleeves (May 12, 2015)
TB Wood’s new Sure-Flex Plus EPDM and Neoprene sleeves have a 30% higher torque rating, allowing many common applications to use a ...

3 QBC Offers Flanged Sleeve Bearings (March 30, 2012)
A new series of 44 Frelon lined flanged sleeve bearings in inch and metric sizes from Quality Bearings and Components (QBC) are desi...

4 Shaft Locking Bushings Incorporate Double Walled Sleeve (July 29, 2010)
ETP shaft locking bushings from Zero-Max produce accurate and concentric mounting compared to mechanical shaft locking bushings. The E...

5 R + W's Line Shafts' Sleeves Tapered up to 4,000Nm (June 26, 2007)
R+W developed the ZA high torque series with tapered bushings for improved shaft holding ability.The shafting systems not only compensate...

6 EuroTech Offers Clamping Sleeves (May 28, 2013)
The quality of each individual component is decisive for the reliability of a system and that's why product development, high manufac...

7 SKF Introduces Speedi-Sleeves (September 23, 2014)
New generation SKF Speedi-Sleeves used with radial shaft seals in rotating machinery resolve the micro-cracking issues typically associat...

8 Sturdi to Distribute Shaft Repair Sleeves in U.S. (January 21, 2015)
Sturdi-USA has recently been selected by Taiwan-based Sturdi Sealing Tech as the exclusive U.S. distributor of its Sturdi shaft repa...