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1 How to Select Motors for Hazardous Locations - Baldor Motor Basics Part 10 (February 2018)

Failure to specify the proper motor for use in a hazardous location can have serious consequences - lost production, extensive property damage, and even loss of human life. Selection of the proper motor requires an understanding of Underwriters Laboratories' (UL) and National Electrical Code (NEC) class, group and division designations and the T code letters.

2 Baldor Motor Basics Part 11 (March 2018)

Explosion-Proof Motors in Division 2 Areas and DC Drive Fundamentals

3 Flexible Options with Flexible Shafts (August 2013)

You need to transmit a rotary motion where no straight line is possible. Or, you need to allow for some uncontrollable misalignment. How about transmission taking place between moving components? What if you need to control something in hazardous locations where you cannot directly handle the application, such as high-temperature environments, under hazardous conditions or in clean room applications? Functionally designed flexible shafts can meet all these challenges.

4 Seabees (August 2013)

For the Seabees, hazardous construction zones have always been part of the job.

5 Considering the Mechanical Aspects of ATEX (December 2012)

For the past 30 years or more, designers have paid due diligence to the electrical aspect of hazardous atmosphere equipment design, but have often ignored the mechanical side. In recent years, the mechanical aspects of ATEX design have increasingly come to light. Not only do electrical power transmission products, but also mechanical power transmission products need to comply with the ATEX directive.

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1 XP100 Designed for Hazardous Operating Environments (May 31, 2011)
Siemens Industry, Inc. recently introduced the XP100 (1-300 hp), designed specifically for hazardous operating environments such as the p...

2 Universal Voltage Alert Certified for Hazardous Areas (July 13, 2010)
The UPA-130 series Universal Voltage Alert from Marsh Bellofram Corporation has achieved hazardous area certifications (Class 1, Division...

3 PCB’s Pressure Sensors Certified for Hazardous Environments (January 12, 2007)
PCB Piezotronics introduced a series of dynamic, ICP pressure sensors that have been certified under ATEX and CSA for use in hazardous en...

4 Force Control Offers PosiStop Brakes for Hazardous Duty Applications (August 18, 2020)
Air operated Posistop oil shear motor and coupler brakes are ideal for severe duty applications, and when equipped with a hazardous duty ...

5 Force Control Hazardous Brakes Provide Longer Service Life (March 3, 2016)
New MagnaShearT hazardous duty brakes from Force Control Industries, which employ oil shear technology to provide longer service life wit...

6 Huco Air Motors Bring Efficiency to Hazardous Application Areas (December 21, 2016)
Huco Dynatork 3 air motors bring efficiency, performance and versatility to hazardous application areas. When you require a low cost, eff...

7 SKF QuickCollect Sensor Gains Hazardous Area Approval (January 27, 2020)
SKF has gained hazardous area approval for its QuickCollect sensor, which collects vibration and temperature data. The new approval, to b...

8 PICO Chemical's New Solvent Replaces Hazardous Materials for Gear Cleaning (August 8, 2007)
hemical Corp released its Pico Solv NPB as a new technology chlorine-free solvent cleaner that is manufactured specifically o replace haz...

9 Parker Offers Explosion Proof Motor Classification by Hazardous Locations (July 20, 2017)
Explosion proof requirements for servo motors are dictated in the United States by UL674 and in Europe under the acronym of ATEX. Downloa...

10 RSC Bio Solutions Offers Non-Hazardous Cleaning Options (May 27, 2011)
RSC Bio Solutions recently announced its new Gunk Powered by SafeCare and Liquid Wrench Powered by EnviroLogic industrial cleaners, degre...