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1 Progress in Rolling Bearing Technology for Refrigerant Compressors (December 2017)

Various surface treatment and bearing technology solutions are explored to solve challenging lubrication regimes.

2 Sleeve Bearings or Tilting Pad Bearings - Ask the Expert (August 2012)

A reader asks whether sleeve bearings can take the place of more expensive tilting pad bearings in a high-speed compressor application.

3 Thrust Cone Bearings Provide Increased Efficiency for Helical Gear Units at Moderate Speed Levels (June 2018)

Thrust cone bearings are an elegant option to handle the axial forces generated by the torque transmission in helical-toothed gear stages. They have proven as an efficient and reliable bearing concept for integrally geared compressors but are nearly unknown in other fields of gearbox engineering. The presented investigations consider three aspects which appear relevant to extend the field of possible applications for thrust cones towards gearboxes constructed with roller bearings.

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1 Redesigned Air Motors Minimize Need for Compressors (November 21, 2008)
A redesigned series of air motors from Huco Dynatork has reduced the need for air compressors in paint stirring applications. Plants in t...

2 Vacon Enters Supply Agreement with Bristol Compressors (July 12, 2011)
Vacon, Inc. a global manufacturer of AC drives, announced that they have entered a three year supply agreement with Bristol Compressors I...