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1 To Buy American or Not - That is the Question (April 2009)

Much has been argued about the “buy American” clause included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

2 2014 Buyers Guide (December 2014)

Leading industry Buyers Guide

3 VIPS - Very Important Products and Services (December 2013)

This special advertising section features Very Important Products and Services as part of our 2013 Buyers Guide.

4 Buyers Guide A to Z listing (December 2014)

All companies listed A to Z

5 2015 PTE Buyers Guide (December 2015)

This years Buyers guide

6 MDA - IANA 2014 Showstoppers (August 2014)

Special Advertising Section

7 2017 PTE Buyers Guide (December 2017)

The 2017 Power Transmission Engineering Buyers Guide was compiled to provide you with a handy resource containing the contact information for significant suppliers of power transmission and related components.

8 2016 PTE Buyers Guide (December 2016)

A comprehensive directory of suppliers of gears, bearings, motors, couplings and other mechanical power transmission and motion control components.

9 Buyers Guide 2013 A to Z (December 2013)

Complete contact information for 800 leading suppliers of mechanical power transmission components and related companies and organizations.

10 Categories - Buyers Guide 2013 (December 2013)

Our comprehensive 2013 directory of mechanical power transmission components suppliers by category.

11 Ron Popeil Would Be Proud (December 2012)

Managing Editor Randy Stott describes the "But Wait! There's More" approach to this year's Buyers Guide.

12 The Best New Ideas (June 2012)

In the publishing business we thrive on new ideas. We employ creative people who are constantly coming up with new and better ways to serve our readers and website visitors.

13 Power Transmission Buyers Guide (December 2012)

Our comprehensive guide to mechanical power transmission products.

14 PT Extras (October 2013)

Online features this issue include the PTE Buyers Guide, a new video from Groschopp, plus the latest discussions on our LinkedIn page.

15 Buying In to Commodity Buyers (October 2013)

The challenge facing OEM procurement organizations is that the organizations themselves need improving before they can be proficient in a cost reduction program.

16 Seeking Suppliers (October 2013)

Last month's Gear Expo in Indianapolis provided a great opportunity to meet potential suppliers of mechanical power transmission components -- mostly gears and gear drives, of course, but also a smattering of suppliers of bearings and motors as well.

17 PTE on a Growth Path (December 2013)

A core part of what we do here is making sure that our readers – the people who design, buy and use mechanical power transmission products – know where to find the suppliers of technology they need.