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1 The Reluctance Motor Springs Forth (August 2014)

There are three major types of reluctance motors: all three reluctance motors are non-permanent magnet, brushless motors. They are synchronous motors with a non-linear relationship between torque and current. The variable-reluctance step and switched-reluctance motors utilize the principle of magnetic attraction by inducing magnet poles within the soft-iron rotor, and by energizing a set of coils wound around stator teeth resident in the laminated stator. These two reluctance motors must be sequentially excited to achieve continuous, steady-state rotation. The design of all reluctance motors requires finite element analysis (FEA) software.

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1 Compression Springs and Constant Force Springs from SDP/SI (June 15, 2007)
SDP/SI is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of over 262 compression spring, constant force spring, Belleville washer, Belleville spring washers, e...

2 Ogura's Mini Clutch Uses Curved Springs (June 4, 2009)
The MC5 mini clutch from Ogura Industrial Corporation incorporates zero backlash curved armature springs. The curved armature spring des...

3 KISSsoft Calculations Include Splines, Springs and Plain Hydrodynamic Bearings (September 22, 2017)
KISSsoft's spline calculation now also includes a new function for calculating the strength of involute splined joints according to A...