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1 Product News (February 2018)

The latest mechanical power transmission products from Nord Drivesystems, Gearing Solutions, Ogura Industrial, Stafford Manufacturing, Rexnord, Portescap, Steinmeyer, Intellidrives, J.W. Winco and Zero-Max.

2 New Motor Technology (April 2013)

Novatorque energy efficient motors, Portescap smaller-size brushless DC motors, Pittman customized motors, Kollmorgen stainless steel motors, Crouzet expanded motor series, and a report from IHS on rare earth mineral supply.

3 Product News (August 2018)

The latest products from Kluber Lubrication, Joral, Igus, Portescap, Rexnord, Gearing Solutions, Nord, Rheintacho, GWJ Technology and Miki Pulley.

4 Miniature Motion Solutions (June 2017)

Motor technology thrives in aerospace/defense applications.

5 Product News (September 2016)

News about recent products in the Industry

6 Industry News (Spring 2007)

News from around the Industry

7 Product News (August 2008)

The complete product news section from the August 2008 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

8 Product News (Spring 2007)

News about upcomming products

9 Product News (February 2009)

The complete Product News section from the February 2009 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

10 Product News (March 2016)

News about the latest Products

News Items About Portescap

1 Portescap Miniature Motors Feature Energy Efficient Coreless Design (April 6, 2016)
Portescap introduces the new DCT range of Athlonix Brush DC motors. The 24DCT miniature motor features Portescap’s proven energy ef...

2 Portescap Offers Low Voltage Servo Drive (November 17, 2011)
Portescap's LVD is a high-performance low-voltage servo drive, designed to support small and large brushed DC or brushless motors. Pa...

3 Portescap Introduces 16mm ECH Brushless Slotless Motor (October 3, 2014)
Portescap introduces the newest addition to our Ultra EC mini motor platform - the 16ECH brushless motor, designed specifically to provid...

4 Portescap's Brushless Ironless DC Motors Feature Carbon Brush Communication Method (August 9, 2007)
Portescap's 25 mm brushless ironless DC motors feature a carbon brush communication method for increased efficiency in high volume ma...

5 Portescap Develops New Brushless Motor (May 30, 2007)
Portescap, a Danaher Motion company, introduces 22mm brushless motors. The motors weigh 94 grams and provide 50 watts of power at up...

6 Portescap’s Linear Actuators Capable of Precise Positioning (February 28, 2007)
Portescap, a Danaher Motion company, introduces 26DAM Series digital linear actuators. These units provide linear force up to 120 oz. (33...

7 Portescap Releases Excess Inventory List (March 19, 2007)
Portescap, a Danaher Motion company,publishes a complete listing of excess inventory available at on its website (www.portescap.com). ...

8 Portescap Athlonix 22DCP Brush DC Motor Features an Energy Efficient Coreless Design (October 16, 2015)
Portescap recently introduced the next generation of Athlonix high power density brush DC motors. Athlonix DCP motors offer an optimized ...

9 Portescap Surgical Motors Withstand Sterilization (January 28, 2016)
Portescap has launched application specific motors for surgical powered hand tools - arthroscopic shavers, ENT microdebriders and large b...

10 Portescap Linear Actuator Offers High Degree of Accuracy and Repeatability (December 11, 2017)
Portescap introduces the new 35DBM high power Stepper Can Stack Linear Actuator. This 35 mm linear stepper motor offers an enhanced desi...

11 Portescap DC Motor Controller Provides Reliable, Customized Solution (March 6, 2018)
Portescap introduces a new autoclavable Brushless DC motor controller, the CNT1530, for driving large bone orthopedic handpiece motors. T...

12 Portescap Improves Thermal Characteristics for Medical Applications (October 9, 2017)
Portescap introduces its newest surgical motor solution for large bone orthopedic powered hand tools. This new size 12 (31.5 mm diameter)...

13 Portescap Expands Athlonix DCT Motor Series (August 25, 2016)
Portescap expands the newly launched DCT range of Athlonix Brush DC motors with the introduction of the 17DCT brush dc mini motor. The 17...

14 Portescap Ultra EC Motors Offer High Torque in Compact Package (June 26, 2018)
Portescap will be offering 2 more new length sizes under its ECT range of Ultra EC Brushless Slotless motors: the 35 mm 22ECT35 and the...

15 Portescap Expands Athlonix DC Motor Series (June 15, 2016)
Portescap introduces the next frame size in the DCP range of Athlonix high power density brush DC mini motors. Athlonix DCP motors offer ...

16 Portescap Expands Ultra EC Motor Range (May 9, 2018)
Portescap is proud to announce the expansion of the Ultra EC range of brushless DC slotless motors with the introduction of the new 30ECT...