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1 Innovative Design Solves AutomotiveParts Assembly Challenge (February 2015)

Weiss North America, Inc. of Willoughby, OH has designed and produced rotary tables and other components for the automation industry for more than 45 years. When approached by Alpha Integration, Inc. of Murfreesboro, TN, a manufacturer of turnkey automated assembly, vision and testing systems, to provide a reliable turnkey solution for their 6-foot-tall automotive parts assembly machine, Weiss ‘tiered-up’ an innovative chassis and indexing table system solution.

2 Showstoppers - Gear Expo 2013 (August 2013)

Don't miss these highlighted exhibitors.

3 Product News (June 2015)

News about latest Products in the Industry

4 Industry News (September 2017)

The complete Industry News section from the September 2017 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

5 The American Industrial Renaissance (December 2014)

At SKF, we believe in the longterm development of the U.S. industrial economy. The reindustrialization is supported by a strong university-based research network, a competitive workforce and energy supply from domestic energy resources. However, there are still challenges, particularly regarding the availability of skilled labor. Business, education and governments have a responsibility to work together to ensure this is not the bottleneck in U.S. industrial development. I am particularly pleased with and support the work the National Association of Manufacturers is doing in this area.

6 Industrial Automation North America and MDA NA at IMTS 2014 (August 2014)

It's not a show title that rolls off the tongue, but the Industrial Automation North America and MDA NA @IMTS 2014 show nevertheless may well be one to remember.

7 Wall to Wall Technology (August 2014)

With the addition of Industrial Automation North America (IANA) as well as Motion, Drive & Automation North America(MDA NA), IMTS 2014 has greatly expanded its range of manufacturing technology services. These co-located shows complement the metalworking solutions found at IMTS by bringing in key suppliers from around the world.

8 IANA and the Increasing Relevance of IMTS (August 2012)

Many of you probably think of IMTS as just a machine tool show. Of course, it’s hard not to. With the majority of the show focused on metalworking equipment, tooling and supplies, there’s no doubt that IMTS is a machine tool show. But this year, the show has partnered with Hannover Messe to include IANA—Industrial Automation North America.

9 A Case for Large-Scale Manufacturing (October 2011)

Big components aim to revive the North American industrial market.

10 Energy Efficiency, Configurable Solutions Highlight Pack Expo (December 2014)

A wide variety of companies displayed mechanical power transmission and motion control technologies at Pack Expo, held in November in Chicago. The event, which is the largest packaging and processing trade show in North America, attracted more than 48,000 attendees, according to show owner and producer PMMI. The four-day event included 2,352 exhibiting companies, an increase of more than 19 percent from the previous show in 2012.

11 Global Industrial Outlook (March 2014)

Fourth quarter results were above expectations for most U.S. machinery companies, including significant revenue beats at Cummins, Caterpillar, Oshkosh Corp and PACCAR with strong North American truck demand, improving construction equipment markets and general stability elsewhere.

12 The Path to Smarter Bearings (June 2015)

At Hannover Messe, Power Transmission Engineering had the opportunity to sit down with Stefan Hantke, president of the Industrial North America division of Schaeffler USA, to discuss the current stateof- the-art in bearings manufacturing, the trends in industrial bearings and the current state of U.S. manufacturing. (In the meantime Stefan Hantke has taken over responsibility for the global sales activities of Schaeffler Industrial)

13 Thermal Growth Issues and Solutions for Shaft Couplings (August 2018)

Many refineries and chemical plants are built with large pieces of rotating equipment in an outdoor setting exposed to the elements. The author has been researching thermal growth issues for decades across North America.

14 Industry News (August 2017)

Schaeffler invests in North America, plus other news from around the industry.

15 The One-Stop Shop for Automatic, HEV and EV Drives (April 2018)

CTI Symposium USA Examines North American Transmission Market Strategies

16 Global Industrial Outlook: Slow Growth Ahead; Farm Belt No Help (June 2015)

First quarter results confirmed our view. Capital expenditures are being slashed in the oil sector, the stronger U.S. dollar is enabling Japanese machinery competitors to gain share in the Middle East and Latin America, and lower soft commodity prices translate into a continuing North American decline in demand for farm equipment.

17 Saving Time with Auto-Tuning Drives (March 2017)

If there are two things that are in tight supply in the industry, it's time and talent. Manufacturers are always pressured to do more faster, and the industry is producing fewer experts to help them do it, so the industry's had to get crafty and find what time-cutting procedures they can.

18 Industry News (June 2016)

News from around the industry

19 Industry News (June 2017)

The complete Industry News section from the June 2017 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

20 Industry News (February 2017)

The complete Industry News section from the February 2017 issue of PTE.

21 Product News (September 2017)

The complete Product News section from the September 2017 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

22 Belts Vs. Couplings (August 2015)

rotary-type blowers? Examples: for motor KW; RPM; temperature; pressure production; lifetime; etc. In other words, how do I choose between belts or couplings?

23 Product News (April 2018)

New servo drives, gear pumps, stepper motors and more.

24 Pack Expo: The Push to Automation (August 2017)

With Pack Expo Las Vegas around the corner, we took a look at the state of the packaging industry today to see what you can expect at the show. The answer is more automation.

25 Product News (August 2017)

The latest tools and techologies in power transmission, motion control and related components.

26 Engineering Showcase 2015 (March 2015)

One of our goals at Power Transmission Engineering is to help you understand, identify and select the best technology for your mechanical power transmission or motion control applications. With every project, you have to decide which components to use, and which suppliers, based on functionality, quality and price. We aim to help you make those decisions informed by providing the latest information on current technology, especially when it comes to mechanical components.

27 Product News (December 2009)

The complete Product News section from the December 2009 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

28 Product News (June 2010)

The complete Product News section from the June 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

29 Product News (October 2010)

The complete Product News section from the October 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

30 High-Frequency, GaN Diode-Free Motor Drive Inverter with Pure Sine Wave Output (October 2012)

This article presents the first kW-Class, 3-phase GaN-based inverter. Hard-switched at 100-kHz PWM, its heart is a 6-in-1 power module with 600-V GaN power HEMTs, achieving a new efficiency of 98.5%, a more than 2% improvement.

31 Product News (October 2009)

The complete Product News section from the October 2009 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

32 To Buy American or Not - That is the Question (April 2009)

Much has been argued about the “buy American” clause included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

33 Product News (June 2008)

The complete product news section from the June 2008 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

34 Product News (August 2008)

The complete product news section from the August 2008 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

35 BSA is the Forum that Keeps Bearing Companies Rolling (December 2008)

In today’s increasingly competitive global economy, industries and the companies that serve them are always looking for an edge. Price and quality being routinely accepted as a given, businesses—large and small—are always looking for a little help. For the worldwide bearing industry, that help exists in the form of the Bearing Specialists of America (BSA).

36 Industry News (February 2013)

The complete Industry News section from the February 2013 issue of Power Transmission Engineering

37 The Efficient Drive System (December 2013)

It's a fact that drive systems wouldn't function properly or efficiently without couplings. They quietly go about their business of transferring motion from one drive element to the next. In the PT market today, couplings have the unique challenge of satisfying a variety of customer needs including tighter tolerances, higher speeds and a more versatile selection process.

38 The Future Rests on the River Leine (March 2015)

“[Motion, Drive & Automation] at Hannover Messe is the place where the future is determined.”

39 Precision Bellows Couplings (March 2015)

Bellows couplings first began to be widely used by machine tool builders in the mid-to-late 20th century. With the advent of CNC technology, machine engineers started looking to improve upon some of the negative influences traditional power transmission couplings can have on a precision rotary / linear motion system.

40 INDUSTRY NEWS (March 2015)

News From the Industry

41 Product News (March 2015)

New products within the Industry

42 Industry News (September 2014)

The complete Industry News section from the September 2014 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

43 Product News (August 2014)

The complete Product News section from the August 2014 issue of Power Transmission Engineering

44 MDA - IANA 2014 Showstoppers (August 2014)

Special Advertising Section

45 Value Added at MDA, IANA and IMTS (September 2014)

What was once targeted specifically toward the machine tool and metalworking industries, IMTS 2014 in Chicago spent a great deal of time and resources on automation, controls, mechanical components, self-diagnostics and an increase in productivity on the shop floor.

46 Industry news (April 2015)

News From Around the Industry

News Items About North America

1 North American Robotics Market has Strongest Year Ever in 2014 (February 6, 2015)
Robot orders and shipments in North America set new records in 2014, according to Robotic Industries Association (RIA), the industry&rsqu...

2 SMT Launches MASTA Workshops in North America (November 30, 2018)
Due to popular demand, SMT is delighted to announce the launch of the 2019 MASTA training workshops in North America at the start of the ...

3 Siemens Sinamics S120 Cabinet Module Drive Packages Now Compliant With North American Standards (September 24, 2015)
Siemens recently announced a new version of its Sinamics S120 Cabinet Module (CM) drive packages compliant with North American standards,...

4 CW Bearing USA Begins Construction on North American Facilities (December 9, 2015)
CW Bearing USA, Inc. announced today that it was breaking ground on a new North American Center for Design, Sales and Advanced Manufactur...

5 Aurelio Banda Named President of Beckhoff North America (December 18, 2014)
Beckhoff Automation recently announce that Aurelio Banda will become the company’s president of North American operations (Beckhoff...

6 Heidenhain Hires North American Product Specialist (August 27, 2014)
Heidenhain Corporation announces the new hire of Jonathan Dougherty as the North American product specialist, automation division. Based ...

7 New North American Subsidiary for Atlanta GmbH (January 9, 2005)
Atlanta GmbH of Bietinghein-Bissingen, Germany, has formed a new subsidiary for the North American market. Atlanta Drive Systems, loc...

8 North American Robotics Industry Shines in 2nd Quarter (July 31, 2012)
North American robotics companies sold more industrial robots in the second quarter of 2012 than any previous quarter in history, accordi...

9 Aldinger Joins Wittenstein North America (December 6, 2013)
Wittenstein North America welcomes Lars Aldinger to the United States, as he begins a new role as vice president of production, after ser...

10 Heidenhain Hires North American Product Manager for Controls (February 10, 2014)
Heidenhain Corporation recently announced the new hire of John Parker as the North American Product Manager for Controls. Bringing nearly...

11 Timken Launches 6000 Series Ball Bearings in North America (December 18, 2015)
Timken recently launched its 6000 series deep groove ball bearing line in North America, which completes the compan...

12 Ken Clune Named Lafert North American National Director of Sales (August 12, 2015)
Lafert North America (Mississauga, Ontario) recently announced the appointment of Ken Clune in the as national director of sales.Clune br...

13 Lafert North America Appoints Sales Representative and Account Manager (August 4, 2017)
Lafert North America, a manufacturer of metric AC Motors, metric gearboxes and coolant pumps, is pleased to announce the appointment of E...

14 Condat Corp. Celebrates 20 Years in North America (July 5, 2016)
2016 is an important anniversary for Condat Corporation who is celebrating 20 years of manufacturing in North America. The company is wel...

15 Yaskawa Motoman Appoints VP of North American Sales and Marketing (August 3, 2017)
Yaskawa Motoman recently announced that Doug Burnside has been appointed Vice President of North American Sales and Marketing. In this po...

16 Ogura Introduces HO Series to North American Market (April 7, 2017)
Ogura Industrial is pleased to announce the addition of the HO series to North America. The HO series is finding new opportunities for ma...

17 Lafert North America Appoints Inside Sales Team Members (April 18, 2018)
Lafert North America, a manufacturer of metric AC Motors, metric gearboxes and coolant pumps, is pleased to announce the appointment of J...

18 ABB Appoints Campbell to Head Robot Products in North America (September 23, 2010)
ABB Robotics recently announced the appointment of Joe Campbell as vice president of its U.S. Robot Products Group, according to Michael ...

19 Kistler Opens North America Tech Center (May 30, 2012)
Kistler, a worldwide supplier of precision sensors, systems and instrumentation for engine, chassis and vehicle development, as well as m...

20 ABB Appoints Head of Robotics North America (June 24, 2010)
Former General Electric executive Michael Mahfet has been appointed as vice president and general manager of ABB's robotics busines...

21 Ikona Ships New Mud Pump Drives to North American Customers (February 23, 2007)
Ikona Gear made its first commercial shipments of its new Mud Pump Drives to major oil and gas companies in Canada and the U.S. Accord...

22 ABB Appoints Head of Robotics in North America (June 8, 2010)
Former General Electric Executive Michael Mahfet has been appointed as vice president and general manager of ABB's robotics busines...

23 Zollern Teams with Pioneer Motor Bearing Co. in North America (November 10, 2017)
The Zollern Group's Plain Bearing Technology division has entered into an exclusive technology license agreement with Pioneer Motor B...

24 FKI Logistics Opens North American Technology Center (July 10, 2007)
FKI Logistex announced the grand opening of the new FKI Logistex Technology & Education Center (TEC) in Cincinnati, OH.The 31,000-squ...

25 North American EBCIs Remain High in April (April 30, 2010)
According to respondents to NEMA's Electroindustry Business Confidence Index (EBCI), electrical equipment manufacturers continue to s...

26 Haq Joins Lafert North America (October 8, 2013)
Fahad Haq, has joined Lafert NA, as the new project manager. Haq brings with him years of experience in industrial supply, motor distribu...

27 Fluid Power Track Offers Energy Efficiency, Productivity and Machine Safety at MDA North America (July 25, 2016)
Senior level discussions about the latest innovations in hydraulics and pneumatics equipment utilized to lower manufacturers’ energ...

28 Christian Dalton Hired as Expanite's North American Sales Manager (October 12, 2015)
Since the opening of the 6500 ft2 production-, laboratory- and test center in Hillerød, Denmark, in 2013, Expanite has been experi...

29 Steinmeyer Appoints New Executive VP for North America (July 18, 2016)
August Steinmeyer GmbH, a manufacturer of precision ground ball screws, announces the appointment of Bruce Gretz to lead its North Americ...

30 ETEL Presents TMB+ Series in North America at IMTS (September 21, 2016)
ETEL unveiled the newest advancement of their torque motor family, the TMB+ during IMTS 2016. In order to keep up with the high...

31 Ogura Introduces ACSB Series to North America (March 2, 2017)
Ogura Industrial is pleased to announce a new addition to our product line.  Although this product is not new to Ogura, it is new to...

32 Wittenstein North America Names CEO (June 27, 2013)
The Wittenstein Group, a global provider of mechanical and electro-mechanical motion control systems has named Peter Riehle as president ...

33 A3 Automation Reports Growth for North American Robotics Market (August 18, 2017)
The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) has announced the results of its research on robotics and automation trends, sales, and gro...

34 Schunk Celebrates 20 Years in North America (August 28, 2012)
Schunk founded its United States facility in 1992 and has been manufacturing toolholding products and providing sales and support to loca...