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1 Efficiency of Design (February 2018)

Energy efficiency is for more than just motors. Here are some mechatronics companies making sure you get more bang for your buck when it comes to your power bill.

2 Smart Actuators for Off-Highway (February 2013)

Smart actuators bring big benefits to utility and other off-highway vehicles

3 Reduce Your Linear Motion Assemblies to a Single Component with Motorized Lead Screw Actuators (December 2019)

When it comes to specifying linear motion within a machine, system designers have many options from which to choose. Making the right choice can impact the ease of installation, footprint and cost of operation.

4 Realizing the High Precision Load Handling Benefits of Rodless Electromechanical Actuators (February 2019)

Electromechanical rodless linear actuators can offer better load handling in smaller spaces than rod-style actuators, but realizing those benefits requires careful attention at the specification level. Whether you are replacing a failed actuator, looking for better performance or building a new application from the ground up, success depends on how precisely you specify application requirements.

5 Linear Bearing CAD Models and More On the Fly (April 2018)

Here's what one supplier is doing to take advantage of the mobile phone in your pocket.

6 CNC System Upgrades (December 2017)

Automated production of large objects such as auto body prototypes, boat hulls and surfboards traditionally requires computerized numerical control (CNC) systems costing nearly a million dollars. Thomson Cuts Costs and Production Time for Autoscale Inc.

7 Why Direct Drive (March 2017)

In today's highly competitive world, the better someone understands the advantages and benefits of direct drive technology, then the more they will have an advantage in machine building, giving them an edge over their competition.

8 Space Shuttle Rudder-Speed Brake Actuator (October 2015)

The U.S. Space Shuttle fleet was originally intended to have a life of 100 flights for each vehicle, lasting over a 10-year period, with minimal scheduled maintenance or inspection. The first space shuttle flight was that of the Space Shuttle Columbia (OV-102), launched April 12, 1981. The disaster that destroyed Columbia occurred on its 28th flight, February 1, 2003, nearly 22 years after its first launch.

9 The ABCs of Linear Motion Rolling Guides (December 2018)

Improving System Performance One Application at a Time. PTE recently caught up with IKO, Rollon and THK to breakdown the basics in linear motion rolling guides.

10 Introducing the Ball Screw (December 2018)

The Swiss Army Knife of PT Components.

11 In the News: Linear Motion (December 2019)

The following article is a round-up of the latest linear motion product and industry news items featured at and on social media.

12 Development of an Actuator for Ambient to Cryo Application (December 2010)

During the qualification campaign of the NIRSpec (near-infrared spectrometer) instrument mechanism, the actuator could not achieve the expected lifetime that had been extended during the development phase. The initial design could not be adapted to the requested number of revolutions during that phase. Consequently the actuator needed to be modified so that the function of the mechanism would not be endangered or, by extension, the overall function of the NIRSpec instrument. The modification included a change of the overall actuator design—internal dimensions, tolerances, materials, lubrication and assembly process—while keeping the interface to the mechanism, mass and function.

13 Product News (March 2017)

The complete Product News section from the March 2017 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

14 Stepper Motor Actuators (June 2015)

How would you compare the efficiency and capabilities of hybrid stepper motor actuators vs. can stack stepper motor actuators?

15 Precision Manufacturing and the Digitalization of Linear Motion Technology (June 2020)

Digitalization is increasingly transforming mechanical engineering and manufacturing technologies, bringing with it not only unparalleled control and flexibility over production systems but so much more.

16 Product News (April 2015)

Latest Products

17 Product News (October 2010)

The complete Product News section from the October 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

18 Best Practices for Selecting and Sizing Guide Wheels (October 2011)

How to select a guide wheel with the properties best-suited for a given application to create a system that reduces design costs and engineering changes, and lowers warranty, assembly, installation and mounting costs.

19 Linear Motion Q&A: Customized Machinery Built with Off-the-Shelf Components (April 2010)

This Q&A session with various experts at Thomson Linear Systems covers linear slides & stages, clutches & brakes, bearings and actuators.

20 Oscillation Welding Protects Pipelines (April 2010)

Ball screw assemblies are key to this patent-pending oilfield corrosion prevention solution.

21 Motion System Management (August 2008)

Companies focus on customization and quality in linear motion

22 Product News (June 2012)

The complete Product News section from the June 2012 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

23 Selecting and Sizing Ball Screw Drives (October 2012)

The ball screw drive is an assembly that converts rotary motion to linear motion and vice versa. The ball screw drive consists of a ball screw and a ball nut with recirculating ball bearings...

24 Industry News (December 2014)

News from around the industry.

25 INDUSTRY NEWS (March 2015)

News From the Industry

26 Linear Motors (October 2016)

When the need arises for linear motion or positioning, there are many choices. One can use an Acme screw, ball screw, rack & pinion, or belts. The cost of a linear motor solution is generally greater than a mechanical linear product, but when one needs highly accurate, repeatable, high-speed motion, then the answer may be a linear motor.

27 Product News (December 2014)

News from the industry about new products.

28 Inexpensive Methods to Measure the Performance Characteristics of a Linear Motion Device (December 2013)

This article describes a series of tests that can be performed by the average user, with little experience, and without sophisticated measuring instruments, to quickly determine the most important performance characteristics of linear motion systems.

29 Ball Screws Revisited - Ask the Expert (February 2013)

A reader asks for clarification on last issue's Ask the Expert column about ball screw sizing.

30 Controlling Backlash in Mammography Systems (April 2017)

Medical imaging equipment, water handling systems, conveyors, robotic systems and rotary and linear actuators are among the many devices that may be fitted with electric friction brakes to hold their loads in place when the power is off or disrupted.

News Items About Linear Actuators

1 Firgelli Automations Offers Smart Controller for Linear Actuators (June 24, 2020)
Firgelli Automations recently introduced its new Smart Synchronous Controller for linear actuators. Feedback Linear Actuators are used ex...

2 Guide to Linear Actuators for Off-Highway Vehicles (October 15, 2010)
Thomson has available a new Guide to Linear Actuators for Off-Highway Vehicles. The guide provides an educational overview on the benefit...

3 New A-Track Series Linear Actuators (April 15, 2006)
March 15, 2006 ? South Beloit, IL ? Warner Electric announces the availability of new A-Track Series Linear Actuators. The new series of...

4 Warner Electric Features A-Track Linear Actuators in New Brochure (April 8, 2006)
Warner Electric published a new eight-page, full-color brochure to introduce new A-Track Series Linear Actuators, a four-model series of ...

5 Portescap’s Linear Actuators Capable of Precise Positioning (February 28, 2007)
Portescap, a Danaher Motion company, introduces 26DAM Series digital linear actuators. These units provide linear force up to 120 oz. (33...

6 J.W. Winco's Linear Actuators Available With Two Separate Threaded Shafts (June 20, 2007)
J.W. Winco offers metric linear actuators with two separate threaded shafts.The actuators feature guide tubes of chrome plated precision ...

7 Zero-Max Linear Actuators Convert Rotary Motion Into Linear Motion (March 17, 2006)
The Roh’lix linear actuators from Zero-Max convert rotary motion to linear travel and carry loads at speeds up to 70" per second dep...

8 HSI’s New Linear Actuators Available with Encoder Feedback (February 27, 2007)
The new size 8 linear actuators are now available with encoder feedback, making them suitable for high and low volume motion control appl...

9 HSI’s Linear Actuators Include Encoder Feedback (April 13, 2006)
Haydon Switch & Instrument’s size 11 hybrid linear actuators are now available with encoder feedback. According to the company&...

10 J.W. Winco’s Linear Actuators Feature Two Separate Threaded Shafts (August 6, 2007)
J.W. Winco's metric linear actuators have two separate threaded shafts and feature guide tubes of chrome-plated precision steel with ...

11 PI Product Releases Ultra-High-Load Precision Linear Actuators (April 22, 2006)
PI Products released the M-238 ultra-high-load precision linear actuators that combine force, resolution and speed The actuators are s...

12 Zero Max’s New Linear Actuators Convert Rotary Motion into Precise Linear Motion (April 12, 2006)
The Roh’lix linear actuators from Zero-Max convert rotary motion to linear travel and carry loads at speeds up to 70" per second, de...

13 SS Linear Actuators Resist Corrosion (June 4, 2010)
Macron Dynamics Inc. MacBUILT stainless steel SSR Series Actuator was engineered to meet demands of corrosive environments and sanitation...

14 Haydon Kerk Supports Security Door Actuation Market with Customized Hybrid Linear Actuators (June 11, 2015)
Quiet, energy-efficient linear stepper actuators from Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions can serve as replacements for loud and power-hungry so...

15 Intellidrives Offers High Frequency Linear Actuators (April 18, 2018)
Intellidrives Circular Voice Coil Positioning Stage (ICVCA) is a compact stage ideal for closed loop short stroke positioning applic...

16 Moticont Linear Actuators Provide Zero Cogging and High Throughput (May 20, 2020)
Moticont is introducing the low cost DDLM-019-044-01 non-commutated linear actuator. Easily integrated into new and existing applications...

17 Bell-Everman Offering New Sealed Linear Actuators For Lighter Loads (April 22, 2015)
Bell-Everman is now offering a new compact model of their SLS sealed linear stage that keeps contamination such as manufacturing debris, ...

18 Warner Linear Actuators Receive IP69K Rating (March 20, 2015)
Warner Linear recently announced that select linear actuators and controls received the IP69K rating, the highest rating available for pr...

19 High Output Can Stack Stepper Motor Linear Actuators (June 25, 2010)
With frame sizes of 20, 25 and 35 mm, the Haydon line of high out put can stack linear actuators are built to be compact, durable and pow...

20 Zero-Max Introduces Rohlix Linear Actuators (August 1, 2013)
Zero-Max is now offering Roh’lix linear actuators made from stainless steel for use in operations where cleanliness is a priority. ...

21 Festo Introduces a Versatile Programmable Position Transmitter for Linear Actuators (January 8, 2015)
The new SDAT-MHS T-slot programmable position transmitter from Festo provides the same functionality as position transducers and mechanic...

22 Linear Actuators Improve Performance and Life (May 29, 2008)
Haydon Switch & Instrument, Inc. recently announced that its size 14 hybrid linear actuators are now available with an integrated c...