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CB-14 Series Conveyor Bearings: Unique. Cost-effective. Quiet Operation

Noise Reduction - nylon ball retainer and shaft adapter eliminate metal-to-metal contact; Easy Replacement - standard 7/16-inch hex-shaped bore interchanges with most conveyor roller bearing sizes; High-Speed Operation - ball retainer permits higher speed, matching max conveyor requirements; One-Piece Outer Ring - precision machined from hardened steel, will not spread or split; Total Value Package - a dependable, low-cost choice. White Papers Courtesy of Altra Industrial Motion

A Complete Guide to Rack & Pinion Dedicated Reducers

Andantex USA offers a family of high precision planetary reducers specifically designed for use with racks on linear axes and ring gears on rotary axes for machine tools and automation equipment. These reducers are dedicated to rack & pinion, ring gear drives with radial and torsionally rigid integral output pinions. White Papers Courtesy of Andantex USA

Webinar: Advanced Mainshaft Bearing Solutions for Wind Turbines

Mainshaft bearings inside wind turbines are subjected to extremely harsh operating conditions that result in failure patterns which include surface-initiated fatigue, abrasive wear and uneven internal load distribution. This webinar will introduce you to the latest engineering advancements in spherical roller bearing design, including solutions that allow potentially damaging thrust to be safely transferred through the bearing to the housing support. The resulting reduction in torque, friction and heat significantly improves the overall efficiency of the system, thereby enabling the wind turbine to generate more power – more reliably! Webinar Courtesy of Schaeffler

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1 Recalibrated Equations for Determining Effect of Oil Filtration on Rolling Bearing Life (September 2015)

In 1991, Needelman and Zaretsky presented a set of empirically derived equations for bearing fatigue life (adjustment) factors (LFs) as a function of oil filter ratings.

2 Preventing Fretting Fatigue in Blade Dovetail Roots by Modifying Geometry of Contact Surfaces (August 2013)

Dovetails, gears and splines have been widely used in aero engines where fretting is an important failure mode due to loading variation and vibration during extended service. Failure caused by fretting fatigue becomes a prominent issue when service time continues beyond 4,000 hours. In some cases, microslip at the edge of a contact zone can reduce the life by as much as 40–60 percent.

3 Minimum Design Speed Considerations for Sleevoil Bearings for Industrial Fan Applications (September 2016)

Slow speed operation of fan systems within the air handling industry is generally performed due to two reasons: a coast down operation is required for hot (induced draft) fans to cool down before shutdown (often by using a turning gear), and operational efficiency improvements can be achieved during non-peak periods by slow speed operation using a VFD. In either case, when these fans are supported by hydrodynamic bearings, it is the oil film thickness developed from the bearing-shaft interaction that limits the minimum speed that can be maintained without causing premature wear and bearing failure. This paper will present a brief overview of lubrication theory and critical design parameters to achieve slow speed operation.

4 Ron Popeil Would Be Proud (December 2012)

Managing Editor Randy Stott describes the "But Wait! There's More" approach to this year's Buyers Guide.

5 How to Spec a Mill Gear (February 2014)

This paper outlines the design considerations that go into construction of a drive system in order to explain the importance of specific data, why it is required, and where design freedom is necessary. Apart from loads and speeds, interface dimensions and site specific conditions are also needed. Deciding up front which gear rating practice to select can affect the torque capacity of the drive train by ~15%.

6 No Time to Kill for Barge Operation (August 2014)

The scene is serene and picturesque. Sunshine reflects off the light chop of the Ohio River, as a barge winds its way into view. While those driving along Louisville’s River Road may be inclined to reach for a camera to capture this idyllic scene, the mood at Nugent Sand Company is anything but tranquil.

7 Metallurgical Failure Analysis of Power Transmission Components (April 2016)

When a power transmission component fails, it can adversely affect the performance of the assembly, often making the machine inoperable. Such failures can not only harm the reputation of the manufacturer, but can lead to litigation, recalls and delays in delivery due to quality concerns. Some failures can even result in bodily injury or death. Understanding why a part failed is critical to preventing similar failures from reoccurring. In the study of a failed part, the analyst must consider a broad range of possibilities for the failure. Although some failures can be attributed to a single primary cause, it is common for multiple secondary factors to contribute. The failure analyst must evaluate all of the evidence available to prepare a hypothesis about the causes of failure.

8 Study of Multiple-Point Oil-Jet Lubrication of High-Speed Ball Bearings (June 2014)

The air-oil, two-phase flow inside the multiple-point, oil-jet lubrication ball bearing was studied based on CFD (computational fluid dynamics) theory and technique, and compared with single-point, oil-jet lubrication. The results indicate that the air-oil distribution inside the bearing with multiple-point, oil-jet lubrication is more uniform than single-point injection.

9 Investigations of Bearing Failures Associated with White Etching Areas (WEAs) in Wind Turbine Gearboxes (March 2014)

A critical problem for wind turbine gearboxes is failure of rolling element bearings where axial cracks form on the inner rings. This article presents field experience from operating wind turbines that compares the performance of through-hardened and carburized materials. It reveals that through-hardened bearings develop WEA/WECs and fail with axial cracks, whereas carburized bearings do not. The field experience further shows that a carburized bearing with a core having low carbon content, high nickel content, greater compressive residual stresses, and a higher amount of retained austenite provides higher fracture resistance and makes carburized bearings more durable than through-hardened bearings in the wind turbine environment.

10 Oscillation Welding Protects Pipelines (April 2010)

Ball screw assemblies are key to this patent-pending oilfield corrosion prevention solution.

11 Identifying Bearing Failure (February 2016)

Guy Gendron, certified bearing specialist and technical sales representative at Timken Canada L.P. explains how he used his bearing expertise to increase a customer’s productivity.

12 The Future of E-Mobility (October 2018)

Schaeffler Touts System Solutions and Electrification Advancements at Detroit Symposium

13 Preventing Roller Bearing Failure (December 2015)

I’m building a custom gearbox with 7075 T-6 spur gears, and I’m concerned that aluminum flakes will enter the races on the roller bearings (SKF 2307) and cause premature failure. So my question is — should I place an oil seal on the shaft first to protect the bearing — or is this an unfounded concern and I should mount the seal in the typical manner outside the bearing? Or both? Or go with a sealed bearing? I’m confused and could use your expertise, please.

14 Trends in Industrial Gear Oils (April 2013)

With today's smaller, hotter - and overloaded - machinery, specifying the correct lubricant is vital.

15 FZG Gearboxes Lubricated with Different Formulations of Polyalphaolefin Wind Turbine Gear Oils (August 2016)

In order to analyze the different gear oils suitable for the lubrication of wind turbine gearboxes, five fully formulated ISO VG 320 gear oils were selected. In between the selected gear oils, four PAO base oils can be found: PAOR, PAOM, PAOC and PAOX. A mineral-based oil (MINR) was also included as reference.

16 Global Industrial Outlook: Oil Slick Cascading Through Sector (December 2015)

Third-quarter earnings are confirming the worst-case scenario, i.e. — not only are energy related end markets in a downturn, but conditions continue to worsen.

17 Motor System Reliability Considerations for Cost-Effective Purchasing Decisions (June 2008)

OEMs can minimize the cost of ownership by using highly efficient motors and recognizing when unreliable motors are driving up the operating costs of their applications.

18 Understanding the Dynamic Influences of Gear Oils and Radial Shaft Seals (February 2018)

Sustainability is becoming one of the most important aspects within the power transmission business. Users demand low-maintenance drive systems with as little disruption as possible, and expect lifetimes of more than 10,000 hours. Approximately 40 percent of long-term gearbox leakages can be traced back to poor interaction between the radial shaft seal (RSS) and the lubricant. Thus, it becomes essential to analyze the tribological system as a whole, which includes the gear oil, seal grease (if required), elastomer material and design, and the shaft.

19 Global Industrial Outlook: Oil Slick, Currency Headwinds Worsen (April 2015)

End market conditions for the power transmission industry continue to worsen. With the Euro down 13% year to date and U.S. oil production surging we are seeing increasing headwinds, if not storm clouds, for the sector.

20 Effective Management Can Reduce Energy Costs Millwide (December 2012)

It’s as true in pulp and paper as it is in many other industries: the continued rise in energy prices has put a squeeze on margin and profits. Papermakers know that to maintain margin, they must effectively manage their energy costs.

21 Sleeve Bearings or Tilting Pad Bearings - Ask the Expert (August 2012)

A reader asks whether sleeve bearings can take the place of more expensive tilting pad bearings in a high-speed compressor application.

22 Industry News (April 2016)

News from around the Industry.

23 Troubleshooting Through Reverse Engineering (March 2016)

Michael Odom, certified bearing specialist and customer sales and service at Applied Industrial Technologies, explains how he used his bearing expertise to save a customer both money and downtime.

24 Industry News (December 2015)

News from around the industry

25 Global Industrial Outlook: Game Changer (September 2015)

The number one question today is: are the current low oil prices a near-term or structural development?

26 Global Industrial Outlook: Batten Down the Hatches (February 2016)

Third-quarter earnings confirmed the worst-case scenario — plunging oil prices are whacking almost the entire industrial sector. The theme is hardly new, as the pattern of our headlines has revealed over the past fifteen or so months:

27 Product News (Fall 2007)

Latest Product News

28 Global Industrial Outlook: Reality Sinks In (March 2016)

Our “Batten Down The Hatches” call proved timely as the market sold off by about (10 percent) before staging a partial recovery

29 Slicing Downtime (March 2016)

An independent cheese packager in central Wisconsin packages millions of pounds of cheese every year. Whether shredded, sliced, crumbled or waxed, each package is designed specifically for a customer’s unique needs. As a “toll processor,” production line speed is critical to productivity as well as profitability.

30 Industry News (March 2016)

News from around the industry

31 In Transit (December 2016)

The average travel time to work in the United States is 25.4 minutes, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This number is probably low if you factor in a traffic accident in New York City, light rain in Chicago or it's simply Tuesday in Los Angeles. It's safe to say 25.4 turns into 45 minutes in many areas of the country at seven o'clock in the morning.

32 Force Control Assists in Helicopter Transmission Overhaul (December 2017)

Oil shear brake technology is the key to quick and reliable test stand development.

33 CNC System Upgrades (December 2017)

Automated production of large objects such as auto body prototypes, boat hulls and surfboards traditionally requires computerized numerical control (CNC) systems costing nearly a million dollars. Thomson Cuts Costs and Production Time for Autoscale Inc.

34 Product News (December 2017)

The complete Product News section from the December 2017 issue of Power Transmission Engineering, featuring the latest from SKF, R+W, Brecoflex, Nexen, Güdel, Renold Gears, Hansford Sensors, Ogura Industrial, Igus, Destaco, Röhm and Iwis.

35 Industry News (February 2018)

The latest new hires and corporate announcements from around the industry.

36 Product News (October 2018)

The complete Product News section from the October 2018 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

37 Medical Motion Control (August 2013)

Controls from Quicksilver help in the design and development of medical rehabilitation equipment originally designed for returning astronauts.

38 Industry News (October 2018)

The complete Industry News section from the October 2018 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

39 Gearmotors Pulling, Pushing and Controlling Their Weight (October 2018)

Industrial mainstay adapts to remain relevant in a 4.0 world

40 U.S. Wind Power Blowing Hot as New Installations Flourish (October 2017)

A look at recent installations, plus interviews with some wind industry insiders.

41 Product News (October 2017)

New HMI from Siemens, ITAMCO ramps up additive manufacturing, LM76 introduces new linear bearings, plus other new products from around the industry.

42 ISO-AGMA Standards: Specific Sliding Defined (March 2017)

Does the definition of specific sliding mean the same between ISO 21771:2007 and AGMA 917-B97? In ISO, specific sliding is the ratio of the sliding speed to the speed of a transverse profile in the direction of the tangent to the profile. In AGMA, specific sliding is ratio of gear tooth sliding velocity to its rolling velocity.

43 Defining and Predicting Housing Strength for Mounted Bearings (February 2017)

Design engineers across industries rely on pillow block bearings for a variety of tough and unconventional applications. Having access to data that backs housing strength performance claims is an integral part of choosing the right bearing to keep operations running optimally. What design considerations must be made when the application demands a pillow block installation on a non-horizontal orientation? What happens when bearing load is not applied through the base of the unit? Timken answers these questions with physical testing, advanced modeling and real-world experience to facilitate the selection of pillow block bearings for specific applications.

44 Changing Technologies, Changing Perspectives (February 2017)

A Conversation with Jeff Hemphill, CTO at Schaeffler Group USA Inc about mechatronic solutions and the electric vehicles of tomorrow.

45 The Science of Radial Shaft Seals (April 2017)

SKF Product Investigation Center Troubleshoots Critical Rotating Equipment Applications with Analysis, Research and Testing Procedures.

46 The Hidden Cost of Incomplete Hydrodynamic Bearing Maintenance (April 2017)

Reliability and maintenance engineers can improve uptime and save money on both long-term maintenance and downtime costs by properly diagnosing and correcting bearing vibration issues when they exceed their acceptable limits. This requires inspecting the housing as well as the liner for wear, and replacing them as a pair when the housing is worn, so that wear-in between the mating surfaces can occur.

47 Rolling Bearing Service Life Based on Probable Cause for Removal - A Tutorial (August 2017)

A bearing service life prediction methodology and tutorial indexed to eight probable causes for bearing failure and removal are presented - including fatigue. Bearing life is probabilistic and not deterministic. Bearing manufacturers' catalogue (L10) bearing life is based on rolling-element fatigue failure, at which time 90% of a population of bearings can be reasonably expected to survive, and 10% to fail by fatigue. However, approximately 95% of all bearings are removed for cause before reaching their L10 life. A bearing failure can be defined as when the bearing is no longer fit for its intended purpose. For a single bearing, you can only predict the probability of a failure occurring at a designated time - but not the actual time to failure.

48 Product News (August 2017)

The latest tools and techologies in power transmission, motion control and related components.

49 Product News (December 2016)

News about the most recent products to hit the market.

50 The Cult of the Maintenance Evangelist (September 2015)

A man stands at a proverbial pulpit, dressed like a company executive but speaking like a fire and brimstone southern preacher.

51 Product News (February 2012)

The complete Product News section from the February 2012 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

52 Gears for Industry, Gears for Defense, Gears for Almost Anything at Gear Expo 2011 (October 2011)

What would Gear Expo be without gear manufacturers? While it is useful and indeed necessary to keep abreast of the new machinery out there that will be front-and-center at the show, it is of equal import to check out the finished product - GEARS.

53 Industry News (June 2011)

The complete Industry News section from the June 2011 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

54 The Quick Fix - Rexnord Solves Bearing Installation and Removal Challenges (June 2012)

At a Midwestern producer of tubular steel products, measures taken to counteract the effects of impact on a quench tank roll made it difficult to remove and replace the conventional pillow block bearings that support the roll’s shaft.

55 Predictive Motor Maintenance (PdM): Use it or Lose it (Money) (June 2012)

Regardless of where you do business, when discussing, analyzing or worrying about “The Economy” these days, you’re not thinking Main Street - you’re thinking global. With that stipulation, it is also accepted wisdom that quality products and sharp pencils are not enough to be and remain competitive. Accordingly, everyone is looking for an edge, an advantage, in order to beat back - or at least keep up with - the competition.

56 Rolling Bearings in High-Speed Passenger Traffic (June 2012)

Passenger transport today moves significantly faster than ever before, often operating on separate tracks especially designed for high-speed trains. Accordingly, high-speed rolling bearings are very important components in the bogies of trains today. Maximum train speeds currently reach 380 km/h (236 mph) in the latest high-speed applications - 80% higher than in the earlier days of high-speed traffic. This paper presents two application examples of modern, high-speed traffic, together with some typical bearing arrangements and housings. It provides insight regarding measures taken in the bearing industry to meet the requirements of contemporary, high-speed traffic, and it cites important standards and regulations applicable for - but not restricted to - European applications. To be precise, the focus here is on journal bearings; information on traction motor bearings, transmission bearings and housings is included, but described in less detail.

57 Nervy Enterprise and Edgy Engineering: A Cant-Miss Mix (June 2012)

Fairchild International, a U.S.-based manufacturer of underground mining equipment, has produced battery-powered DC scoops since the early 1980s. With 17 different models available, Fairchild offers a size to fit any coal mining operation, making it the leader in the industry.

58 Product News (October 2010)

The complete Product News section from the October 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

59 Improving Equipment Uptime - Composite Seals Meet the Challenge (October 2009)

In an industrial application, equipment uptime is vital for on-time performance and profitability. The rotating members of industrial machines are subject to the highest degree of wear and are more susceptible to failure than non-moving parts. Bearing surfaces are the most critical and often the most expensive portion of the rotary assembly; it is imperative to protect these components. The primary protector of these components is the industrial seal.

60 Product News (February 2008)

The complete Product News section from the February 2008 Power Transmission Engineering.

61 Predictive Maintenance - There Is an App for That (June 2013)

Implementing a predictive maintenance (PM) program can be tough. Despite its proven success, many companies have been operating the same way for over 50 years and don’t know where to start. Understanding where to start and where to focus is critical. The intention of this article is to give insight to start and sustain an effective program using today’s technology and devices.

62 Healthcare at Hannover (June 2013)

SKF Insight ups the ante on condition monitoring technology.

63 How to Determine the MTBF of Gearboxes (April 2008)

Mean Time Between Failures is a very frequent and broadly used reliability measure of components, systems and devices used mainly in conjunction with electrical and electronic equipment.

64 Product News (August 2008)

The complete product news section from the August 2008 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

65 Neighborhood Watch - Advancements in Condition Monitoring Equipment (June 2009)

Now more than ever, manufacturing companies are examining what steps need to be taken to ensure improvements to machine reliability by predicting system failures and minimizing downtime.

66 Product News (April 2009)

The complete Product News section from the April 2009 issue of Power Transmission Engineering magazine.

67 IMTS 2012 Product Preview (August 2012)

A look at the IMTS 2012 show from a power transmission component perspective.

68 The Energy Efficient Agenda (February 2012)

Next time you are strolling across a manufacturing plant, check out the hardware on the ground. Shop floors are nothing but cables plugged into machines, cables plugged into computers, cables plugged into other cables...

69 Global Industrial Outlook: Houston, We Have a Problem (December 2014)

With two armed conflicts underway impacting economic performance in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, we continue our investment stance of “Buy on the Sound of Cannons — Selectively” — but readers of Power Transmission Engineering should not be sanguine. Geopolitics is beginning to exert significant pressure on several end markets: I specifically refer to oil price. West Texas Intermediate or WTI has dropped from its $95-105 trading range in late spring to about $75 — about a (25%) drop despite wo ongoing conflicts because of excess supply.

70 The Applications of Bevel Gears (December 2014)

EDITORS’ NOTE: “The Applications of Bevel Gears” is the excerpted third chapter of Dr. Hermann Stadtfeld’s latest book — Gleason Bevel Gear Technology (The Gleason Works, Rochester, New York, USA; All rights reserved. 2014; ISBN 978-0-615-96492-8.), which appears here unabridged through the kind graces of Dr. Stadtfeld and Gleason Corp. Future installments will appear exclusively in Power Transmission Engineering and Gear Technology magazine over the next 12 to 18 months.

71 Pre-Tension Thrust Bearings (December 2014)

What is the recommended method of gripping a spinning shaft (with up to 130 hp of rotational energy) to install pre-tension thrust bearings and conventional thrust bearings (load = hundreds of pounds) when the shaft cannot have any high points because it must pass through an area of tight clearances to assemble? Will snap rings still withstand the harsh vibration of this environment?

72 Gear Fault Diagnosis by Motor Current Analysis: Application to Industrial Cases (February 2015)

The use of motor current signature analysis (MCSA) for motor fault detection — such as a broken rotor bar — is now well established. However, detection of mechanical faults related to the driven system remains a more challenging task. Recently there has been a growing interest for detection of gear faults by MCSA. Advantages and drawbacks of these MCSA-type techniques are presented and discussed on a few industrial cases.

73 Bearing Protection Needed if Inverter-Duty Motors Are to Live up to their Name (August 2012)

All major manufacturers of 3-phase AC induction motors offer "inverter-duty" or "inverter-ready” models, but while these motors have inverter-rated insulation to protect the windings, the bearings--their most vulnerable parts--are too often ignored.

74 Belts Vs. Couplings (August 2015)

rotary-type blowers? Examples: for motor KW; RPM; temperature; pressure production; lifetime; etc. In other words, how do I choose between belts or couplings?

75 Braking the Cycle (August 2015)

Tucked away in the southwest quadrant of the state of Georgia, amid stately pine stands, pecan farms and cotton fields, sits Oak Crest Lumber.

76 When it Comes to Mining, Bigger is Best (June 2015)

One of the key challenges in the mining industry today is maintaining throughput in the face of ore grade quality that has declined by 40 percent in the last decade.

77 The American Industrial Renaissance (December 2014)

At SKF, we believe in the longterm development of the U.S. industrial economy. The reindustrialization is supported by a strong university-based research network, a competitive workforce and energy supply from domestic energy resources. However, there are still challenges, particularly regarding the availability of skilled labor. Business, education and governments have a responsibility to work together to ensure this is not the bottleneck in U.S. industrial development. I am particularly pleased with and support the work the National Association of Manufacturers is doing in this area.

78 Servo Motor Performance at Stepper Motor Prices (April 2015)

Enhancing production with — and for — less is the standing order in today’s manufacturing world. Speeding up production while at the same time looking for ways, to cut, for example, energy costs, is a tricky equation with no single answer; where and how management goes about achieving that can take several paths.

79 Industry News (October 2012)

The complete Industry News section from the October 2012 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

80 Product News (October 2012)

The complete Product News section from the October 2012 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

81 Encouragement and Enthusiasm (December 2014)

In the Stott household, we love math. Well, maybe not everyone in my household loves it equally, but since they were in kindergarten, whenever one of my children asked me for help with math homework, my reply has been an instant and cheerful “We love math!”

82 Before There Were Bar Cars (February 2013)

The history of railroading is a saga of epic proportions: North meets South; Ocean meets Ocean. Track and trains and the locomotives that power them have long held Americans' fascination and fancy.

83 Have a Pump, Motor, Generator, Turbine, Compressor or Gearbox - There is a Bearing for That! (October 2012)

Waukesha Bearings is known internationally for its capabilities, technology, size and application experience in the rotating (turbo) equipment industry. Following is a brief selection guide intended to assist engineers, specifiers, integrators and others in choosing the right bearing—and bearing technology—for the application.

84 The CHIEF Issues - Global Industrial Outlook (February 2014)

Global economic activity remains good -- noise about China slowing, notwithstanding -- and despite the ObamaCare debacle, non-Christmas-related consumer spending looks pretty good. Europe is still Europe and China continues to grow 7-8 percent -- even as the government seeks to clamp down on its own shadow banking system. And India remains a mess.

85 Seabees (August 2013)

For the Seabees, hazardous construction zones have always been part of the job.

86 Tailor-Made (August 2017)

The Role of Coupling Technology in Current Developments in Industry

87 Copper in Motor Repair Facilities (March 2017)

Three electric motor repair facilities share best practices for utilizing copper in motor repair, and recommending new motors to replace older, less-efficient motors

88 Ceramic Bearings for Water Processing, Water Filtration and Liquid Handling Applications (October 2016)

Bearings are an essential component in the majority of mechanical designs and equipment. It is important to consider the most effective materials when designing industrial machinery, especially in applications where water or other liquids are present. Many materials will be unable to overcome the challenges associated with operating in a wet or corrosive environment.

89 Global Industrial Outlook: Oil Slick, Currency Headwinds Challenge Growth (March 2015)

End market conditions for the power transmission industry have arguably worsened since our last column. In December we stated that with two armed conflicts underway impacting economic performance in Eastern Europe and the Middle East our stance was “Buy on the Sound of Cannons…. Selectively” while cautioning PTE readers not to be sanguine.

90 Baldor Motor Basics: Factors that Determine Industrial Electric Bills (August 2017)

A good deal of confusion exists regarding the factors that determine an industrial electric bill. The following information is presented to help sort out the various items on which billing is based, and to offer suggestions on measures to help control and reduce electric utility bills.

91 Four-Point Bearings Do Triple Duty While Saving Space (March 2015)

A four-point contact ball bearing makes it easy to simplify machine designs that combine radial, thrust and moment loads, because it can handle all three simultaneously. They are primarily used for slow-to-moderate-speed applications, or where oscillatory movement is predominant.

92 Built for Speed (March 2018)

Japan's Electric Aspark Owl Does 0-to-60 MPH in 1.9 Seconds!

93 Bogus Bearings Still on a Roll (April 2018)

Counterfeits continue to vex big-name suppliers

94 The Modified Life Rating of Rolling Bearings: A Criterion for Gearbox Design and Reliability Optimization (March 2015)

Engineers typically learn that the bearing L10 life can be estimated using the so called “C/P method” — or the “basic rating life” of the bearing, a method rooted in the 1940s. Major developments have since led to the “modified rating life,” released in ISO 281:2007, which includes the aiso life modification factor. In this paper a succession of equations used for bearing life ratings are reviewed, and current bearing life rating practices are discussed in detail. It is shown that — despite the introduction more than 30 years ago of the adjustment factor of the basic rating life, and the standardization in 2007 of the aiso modification factor — use of these improved calculation methods are not practiced by all engineers. Indeed — many continue referring to the old model as a way of seeking compliance with existing, established practices.

95 Flexibility in Fluid Power (February 2018)

Latest Sealing Technologies Offer Optimum Wear and Frictional Characteristics.

96 Familiar Goals, New Solutions (October 2017)

Gearmotor manufacturers find new ways to push the envelope. (With Sidebar on new alternative to planetary gearboxes)

97 The Reliability of Sewer Robots (September 2017)

Faulhaber Provides Motor Technology for Pipe Renovation Projects

98 MediaMation Utilizes Digitization and Pneumatics to Alter Theater Experience (August 2017)

"For your safety, please keep your hands, arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times."

99 Power Transmission vs. Wild (October 2009)

Typically, zoo safari rides consist of cramped trams that take guests five miles-per-hour past various exhibits. You might catch a bear sleeping, hear scripted, narrated fun facts or be somewhat entertained by eccentric tour guides, but there’s never much to look at except concession stands or souvenir shops.

100 Linear Motion Q&A: Customized Machinery Built with Off-the-Shelf Components (April 2010)

This Q&A session with various experts at Thomson Linear Systems covers linear slides & stages, clutches & brakes, bearings and actuators.

101 Service Without a Smile (April 2010)

Manufacturing employees have always kept their eyes on the robotic systems that continue to pop up in assembly lines and industrial workspaces. These metallic, low-maintenance robotic employees don’t waste time with smoke breaks or catching up on episodes of Lost. They tend to stick to the task at hand with little argument or attitude, giving human counterparts a bad name when they gripe about factory temperatures or lack of a decent dental plan.

102 Analyzing Synchronous Belt Failure (October 2009)

If you’re replacing your belts more than once per year, it’s time to analyze your drive. From belt crimping damage to high belt installation tension to sprocket misalignment and adverse environmental conditions, this guide walks you through how to identify the reasons behind premature failure and makes recommendations on corrective and preventive measures.

103 The Small Motor Rule, How Will This Affect You (December 2014)

According to the Department of Energy (DOE), more than half of all electrical energy consumed in the U.S. is used by electric motors. To address this, several years ago, the DOE conducted a technical study as to what could be done to raise the efficiency levels of “small” motors. After years of study and litigation, the Small Motor Rule (SMR) was passed that covers two-digit NEMA frame single- and three-phase ¼ through 3 horsepower motors in open enclosures.

104 Intermetallic Nickel-Titanium Alloys for Oil-Lubricated Bearing Applications (August 2009)

Nitinol 60 (60NiTi), an intermetallic nickel-titanium alloy containing 60 wt % nickel and 40 wt % titanium, is shown to be a promising material for oil-lubricated, rolling and sliding contact applications such as bearings and gears.

105 Boilermakers Announce Bearing Technology Breakthrough (June 2013)

Student research project at Purdue could revolutionize predictive bearing failure.

106 High-Performance Industrial Gear Lubricants for Optimum Reliability (October 2010)

In recent years, gearbox technology has advanced and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have specified required gear oils to meet the lubrication requirements of these new designs. Modern gearboxes operate under severe conditions while maintaining their reliability to ensure end-user productivity. The latest generation of industrial gear lubricants can provide enhanced performance—even under extreme operating conditions—for optimal reliability and reduced cost of operation.

107 Premature Bearing Failures in Wind Gearboxes and White Etching Cracks (October 2014)

Wind turbine gearboxes are subjected to a wide variety of operating conditions, some of which may push the bearings beyond their limits. Damage may be done to the bearings, resulting in a specific premature failure mode known as white etching cracks (WEC), sometimes called brittle, short-life, early, abnormal or white structured flaking (WSF). Measures to make the bearings more robust in these operating conditions are discussed in this article.

108 Urban Mobility--Reinventing the Wheel (December 2010)

Suggesting a bicycle is environmentally friendly is stating the obvious. But the Copenhagen Wheel, unveiled at the 2009 COP15 United Nations Climate Conference, is taking green technology and cycling in a new direction.

109 Low-Efficiency Motors and Gears Still Prevalent (October 2014)

Electric motor-driven systems are the single largest enduser of electricity, accounting for over 40% of global consumption according to the International Energy Agency.

110 TLC Still Needed for New Axles (September 2014)

A reader asks: I have heard that new axles no longer need a break-in period. True or false?

111 University Improves Sustainability of HVAC Motors in Platinum LEED Building (April 2012)

A new preventive maintenance program at a leading New England Ivy League university demonstrates how the push for more sustainable "green" building management has led to a growing awareness of a chronic, widespread problem with HVAC motors—electrical bearing damage and failure.

112 How to Become an Expert in Your Field (April 2012)

Managing Editor Randy Stott recounts a recent visit to Siemens manufacturing and assembly facilities in Elgin, IL.

113 Industry News (October 2014)


114 Considerations for Gearmaking in Wind Turbine Applications (June 2010)

A Q&A with N.K. Chinnusamy, president of Excel Gear of Roscoe, IL.

115 Diagnosing the Health of Medical Motors (March 2015)

John Morehead, national sales manager of Crouzet Motors (Vista, CA), was bunkered down in his office in Palatine, IL surrounded at all points by ankle-deep snow from an unfortunately terrible Chicago’s winter night.

116 Nine Manufacturing Trade Shows Under One Roof (August 2008)

Industry leaders will gather to showcase their latest technologies September 23–25, in Rosemont, IL. Presented by trade show organizer Canon Communications, National Manufacturing Week comprises nine manufacturing shows.

117 Nasa Glenn Research Center - A Look Back (April 2016)

In 1941, the federal Aircraft Engine Research Laboratory set up shop in Cleveland, Ohio. This year, and several name changes later, what is now the NASA Glenn Research Center celebrates its 75th anniversary. As part of the year-long festivities, Glenn’s adjunct Lewis Field main campus will be open to the public May 21 and 22, and Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio will hold its open house June 11 and 12.

118 Seeking Higher Ground (March 2016)

Even for a toddlin town famous for making “no small plans” — such as, for example, reversing in 1900 the Chicago River to secure clean drinking water, or rebuilding itself seemingly overnight after the devastating “Great Chicago Fire” (1871) — to physically — and successfully — elevate itself as much as 14 feet above its original ground level defies not only description but credulity.

119 What Lubrication Method Should I Use (April 2016)

in the performance and life of a rolling element bearing. Less than 10 percent of bearings reach their theoretical L10 life, and poor lubrication can be attributed to 80 percent of those that fall short. Ideally, a lubricant forms a film layer between moving components in a bearing, separating moving parts, minimizing friction and preventing wear between balls or rollers, raceways and retainers. Lubricants also protect metal surfaces from corrosion and moisture, dissipate heat and can even prevent the ingress of contaminants.

120 The To-Do List (April 2016)

Lubrication management should be standard operating procedure at any manufacturing facility. Vital to both operational and maintenance personnel, a strong, coherent and specific lubrication program will have lasting results in machine efficiency and maintenance. Of course, even those with the best intentions can’t always keep up with the challenges presented day-to-day on the manufacturing floor. Thankfully, PTE is here to help with eight steps to selecting, storing, analyzing and managing your lubrication requirements.

121 Analyzing the Cement Process (April 2016)

The manufacturing process begins in a limestone quarry. Mining methods such as ripping, dozing, drilling and blasting are commonly employed. Limestone provides the first essential component, calcium, for the anufacture of cement. Materials are transported to the crushing plant for further size reduction. Common methods of transport are trucks, loaders and belt conveyors.

122 The Test Run (March 2016)

Modeling and simulation is a key driver of innovation. Whether it’s general manufacturing, consumer goods or life sciences, the ability to realistically model and simulate the response of parts, sub-systems and complete assemblies to increase accuracy and repeatability is vital in today’s analytical world.

123 AGMA (Fall 2007)

Readers of our sister publication, Gear Technology, are perhaps more familiar with the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) than our PTE audience. Now more than 90 years old, AGMA continues to thrive as a global, relevant go-to resource and service provider—from metrology to tribology—for its more than 400 worldwide members. PTE put some questions regarding AGMA—now, and going forward—to AGMA president Joe T. Franklin, Jr.

124 Plastic Replacing Metal in Coupling Applications (Spring 2007)

When it comes to selecting a connecting element between a drive motor and a pump unit, engineers most often choose an elastomeric coupling because of its failure protection and its vibration damping capabilities. Elastomeric couplings, traditionally manufactured with metallic hubs, feature a rugged and robust design noted for its simplicity.

125 Case Study: JBJ Techniques and the BLOODHOUND SSC Project (April 2016)

Specialist power transmission supplier JBJ Techniques Limited, of Redhill, Surrey, England were recently contacted by the staff of Bloodhound SSC R&D engineering team to solve a problem on the fuel pump test rig. JBJ Techniques had worked with various team members in the past and this previous experience made JBJ an easy choice to assist with this project. The scope of supply was to produce a suitable drive coupling with a maximum diameter of 160 mm, capable of transmitting 550 Nm @ 10,000 rpm, with as short an assembly as possible, and at the same time be able to accept misalignment within the drivetrain.

126 Load Ratings & Bearing Life (March 2016)

Power Transmission Engineering is collaborating with the Bearing Specialists Association (BSA) on a special section within the magazine. Bearing Briefs will present updated reports on bearing topics for each issue in 2016. Complimentary access to all BSA Bearing and Industry Briefs is available on the BSA website at

127 Gear Design Effects on Performance of High-Speed Helical Geartrains as Used in Aerospace Drive Systems (March 2016)

The performance of high-speed helical geartrains is of particular importance for tiltrotor aircraft drive systems. These drive systems are used to provide speed reduction/torque multiplication from the gas turbine output shaft and provide the necessary offset between these parallel shafts in the aircraft. Four different design configurations have been tested in the NASA Glenn Research Center, High-Speed Helical Geartrain Test Facility. The design configurations included the current aircraft design, current design with isotropic superfinished gear surfaces, double-helical design (inward and outward pumping), increased pitch (finer teeth), and an increased helix angle. All designs were tested at multiple input shaft speeds (up to 15,000 rpm) and applied power (up to 5,000 hp). Also two lubrication, system-related, variables were tested: oil inlet temperature (160–250° F) and lubricating jet pressure (60–80 psig). Experimental data recorded from these tests included power loss of the helical system under study, the temperature increase of the lubricant from inlet to outlet of the drive system and fling-off temperatures (radially and axially). Also, all gear systems were tested with and without shrouds around the gears.

128 Powder Metal Gear Technology: A Review of the State of the Art (March 2016)

During the past 10 years, the PM industry has put a lot of focus on how to make powder metal gears for automotive transmissions a reality. To reach this goal, several hurdles had to be overcome, such as fatigue data generation on gears, verification of calculation methods, production technology, materials development, heat treatment recipes, design development, and cost studies. All of these advancements will be discussed, and a number of vehicles with powder metal gears in their transmissions will be presented. How the transmissions have been redesigned in order to achieve the required stress levels while minimizing weight and inertia, thus increasing efficiency, will also be discussed.

129 All Eyes on U.S. (March 2016)

Hannover Messe always promises to be one of the landmark trade shows of the year. Their massive attendance numbers are no secret. In 2015, they saw 6,500 exhibitors and 220,000 trade visitors, and they boast that 68 percent of their visitors are decision makers. In recent years, the show has built a tradition showcasing the latest Industry 4.0 advances and technology, and this year continues that tradition. The theme, Integrated Industry -

130 Guide to Selecting and Replacing Synchronous Belts (June 2016)

Just as we now consider rotary dial phones archaic, so are many installed synchronous belt drives. That they continue to operate is testimony to their durability. But that should not prevent you from taking advantage of newer synchronous belt drive technology that can improve both equipment design and field installations.

131 Alternative to Ni-Bearing Carburizing Steels (June 2016)

Standard carburizing steel 18CrNiMo7-6 is often used when high hardenability is required, but due to its highly fluctuating price, there has always been an incentive to develop Ni-free steel grades. The 23MnCrMo5-5-2 — or Jomasco 23mod — has been developed for this purpose. But to ensure smooth substitution within existing production lines, a number of points must be addressed: first, checking the response to carburizing treatments; and second, having similar mechanical properties with identical tooth root bending performance on gears. The latter is the purpose of this paper.

132 High Gear Ratio Epicyclic Drives (June 2016)

Referencing a June 2014 Article, “High Gear Ratio Epicyclic Drives Analysis,” by Dr. Alex Kapelevich: I have designed a small compound epicyclic gearbox with common planets. Sun = 10 teeth Planet = 14 teeth Ring Gear stationary = 38 teeth Ring gear output = 41 teeth profile shifted onto a 38 tooth pitch diameter. Carriers are simply cages for the planet alignment and location. According to your article, and according to my calculations and the prototype I have built, my inputto- output ratio is a reduction of 65.6:1. I am using a ~ VG1 viscosity grease and Nylatron materials for the gears and carriers.

133 Acoustic Analysis of Electric Motors in Noisy Industrial Environment (June 2016)

This paper presents a method for the acoustic analysis of electric motors in noisy industrial environments. Acoustic signals were measured via acoustic camera 48-microphone array, which has the capability to localize a sound (or sounds) source and, in turn, separate those sounds from intrusive background noise. These acoustic analysis results are then compared with vibration measurements; vibration monitoring is a well-known and established technique used in condition monitoring, and in this work vibration measurements were used as a reference signal for assessment of the value of the acoustic measurements. Vibration signals were measured by piezoelectric accelerometers. Two induction motor cases were examined — a healthy motor case, and a combination of static eccentricity with soft foot case. As shown, acoustic analysis appears to be a valuable technique for condition monitoring of electric motors — particularly in noisy industrial environments.

134 Leaky Shaft Seals (June 2016)

conveying system on the varnishing line for a manufacturer of high-end kitchen cabinets were leaking. Oil was dripping on the cabinet parts — ruining the finish. Why were half of the gearboxes leaking?

135 The Meaning of Life (August 2016)

End users and OEMs frequently specify "lubed-for-life" mounted bearings, thinking the lubed-for-life bearings will deliver the same life — without lubrication — as bearings that currently require periodic lubrication. The truth is it depends on many factors, and only a detailed review of the application and testing will provide a more accurate answer.

136 The Stage Where It Happens (June 2016)

Although David Korins had an impressive resume of Broadway, film, television and music credits, the New York-based production designer had something to prove when interviewing for the pop culture phenomenon Hamilton. “I prepped for the interview like crazy, sketching out my ideas, presenting a scene breakdown, basically doing everything I could short of begging for the job,” Korins said. “Lin Manuel Miranda (the show’s creator and star) had developed an incredibly effective blueprint. I just wanted the opportunity to help tell his story.”

137 Bringing Nadcap to the Medical Industry (June 2016)

The medical device industry today has numerous standards and regulations to follow, most notable amongst them being ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. However, these requirements have a shared blind spot: critical processes (heat treating, sterilization, etc.). In the medical industry, all of the standards and audits suppliers need to adhere to focus on general system quality. If the critical processes aren’t being looked at equipment can still fail because of poor craftsmanship.

138 Replacing Motors, Counting Savings (Spring 2007)

Th e total U.S. electric motor base exceeds 100 million motors and consumes more than 50% of all electricity generated in the country. Small motors—fractional horsepower to 20-hp—comprise 99% of the motor population but consume only 25% of all generated electricity (Refs. 1,3,10,14).

139 Motors and More (June 2016)

Electric motors are often considered a mature industry— one whose basic technology wasinvented more than a century ago and whose fundamental concepts haven’t changed much since. But new applications continue to demand change. Engineers want greater efficiency, more precise control and improved reliability.

140 Plan Accordingly (April 2016)

Three upcoming shows cater to different areas of power transmission components and motion control technologies, including Windpower 2016, Powdermet 2016 and the Sensors Expo & Conference. All three exhibitions will offer the latest products, solutions and latest real world applications dedicated to wind energy, powder metal technologies and sensors. Here’s a quick rundown:

141 Can You Develop Your Own Custom Motor-and-Motion System (June 2016)

In this century’s complex, ever- changing world of manufacturing, such capabilities as hardware and software expertise, effective location and distribution, business savvy and yes, even luck, are some of the cardinal requirements for running a successful business.

142 Closer to the Sun (June 2016)

Without the sun, there would be no Earth and no life. However, our knowledge about our home star is still very limited. This is about to change. In 2018, the European Space Agency (ESA) will send its Solar Orbiter into space, equipped with a thick heat shield.

143 Analyzing the Poultry Process (June 2016)

Power Transmission Engineering is collaborating with the Bearing Specialists Association (BSA) on a special section within the magazine. Bearing Briefs will present updated reports on bearing topics for each issue in 2016. Complimentary access to all BSA Bearing and Industry Briefs is available on the BSA website at

144 Rating of Asymmetric Tooth Gears (April 2016)

Asymmetric tooth gears and their rating are not described by existing gear design standards. Presented is a rating approach for asymmetric tooth gears by their bending and contact stress levels, in comparison with symmetric tooth gears, whose rating are defined by standards. This approach applies finite element analysis (FEA) for bending stress definition and the Hertzian equation for contact stress definition. It defines equivalency factors for practical asymmetric tooth gear design and rating. This paper illustrates the rating of asymmetric tooth gears with numerical examples.

145 Chains and Belts Play to Their Strengths (December 2015)

As with just about everything else in the manufacturing world — and all which that universe entails — it depends. After all, that’s why the art of manufacturing is a process — not a one-system-fits-all discipline. Yes, once that process has been properly designed and correctly implemented for a given manufacturing production need, it may well run like the astest, smoothest cookie-cutter-type operation ever devised.

146 Calculation of the Efficiency of Worm Gear Drives (June 2015)

This paper presents a physically grounded calculation method to determine the efficiency of worm gear drives. This computation is based on the Institute of Machine Elements, Gears, and Transmissions (MEGT) tribological simulation, which can determine the local tooth friction coefficients (Ref. 1). With this knowledge other power losses such as the bearings, oil churnings and seals power losses can also be calculated.

147 Stepper Motor Actuators (June 2015)

How would you compare the efficiency and capabilities of hybrid stepper motor actuators vs. can stack stepper motor actuators?

148 Global Industrial Outlook: Slow Growth Ahead; Farm Belt No Help (June 2015)

First quarter results confirmed our view. Capital expenditures are being slashed in the oil sector, the stronger U.S. dollar is enabling Japanese machinery competitors to gain share in the Middle East and Latin America, and lower soft commodity prices translate into a continuing North American decline in demand for farm equipment.

149 The Race for Efficiency (August 2015)

Over the past few decades, energy efficiency in motors has become an ever-increasing concern for OEMs and manufacturers alike. With multiple energy bills mandating higher efficiency across ever-broader spectrums of motors, including the most recent Small Motor Rule by the Department of Energy, efficiency has become an essential consideration when choosing a new motor.

150 The Importance of Thermal Protection for Torque Motors (August 2015)

When talking about high-end machining or manufacturing applications that include direct-drive technology, one of the key advantages of utilizing this particular transmission method is its endurance. Because of the very nature of direct-drive motors they are able to operate at peak performance levels indefinitely — without any kind of wear or aging — as long as the motor isn’t pushed past its capacity. Unfortunately, because this isn’t a perfect world, unexpected things can happen which can cause the motor to overheat. Whether the heat source is due to a parameter being input incorrectly, or an unexpected external force causing more resistance than expected — it is important to have certain forms of thermal protection in place. Since torque motors are built in such a way that they cannot be repaired and yet maintain their efficiency, it is vital to prevent any overheating — thus precluding the need to purchase a new one.

151 And the Winner Is (August 2015)

Excellence Awards Competition, sponsored by the Metal Powder Industries Federation, were recently announced at the POWDERMET2015 International Conference on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials. Receiving grand prizes and awards of distinction, the winning parts are examples of PM’s precision, performance, complexity, economy, innovation and sustainability. The winning parts show how customers from around the world are taking advantage of PM’s design advantages.

152 The Path to Smarter Bearings (June 2015)

At Hannover Messe, Power Transmission Engineering had the opportunity to sit down with Stefan Hantke, president of the Industrial North America division of Schaeffler USA, to discuss the current stateof- the-art in bearings manufacturing, the trends in industrial bearings and the current state of U.S. manufacturing. (In the meantime Stefan Hantke has taken over responsibility for the global sales activities of Schaeffler Industrial)

153 Dont Tap the Glass (June 2015)

Behind a thick sheet of unblemished glass that stretches from wall-to-wall, ceilingto- floor at Delta Gear, just south of a shop lined with ultramodern grinding machines whirring away, is Scott Sakuta’s aquarium.

154 There Is a Great Future in Plastics (April 2015)

The first thing you see when you walk into Winzeler Gear is a pretty face. No, scratch that — the face is beautiful. Streamlined with chiseled cheek bones, delicate yet bold and strong, a half dozen photos of the feminine face line the building’s entranceway, enclosed tastefully in simple black picture frames, beckoning you to come further in with its pleasant warmth, repelling you to turn and leave with its foreign presence in such a location.

155 Worm Gear Cutting (August 2016)

I have a fairly straightforward question about a worm gear segment. But as of yet, I haven’t gotten a straight answer from any of the gear job shops I’ve approached about this job. Is there a "traditional" gear cutting method that can produce a ~180 degree enveloping worm gear segment when a feature on the back of the part will interfere with a complete rotation of the part? Or am I left with only the option of 4- or 5-axis surfacing with a CNC mill? I have presented this part to several well-known gear shops in the U.S. without a straight answer on how the part can be made. Any help you could offer would be appreciated.

156 Wind Pushing Future of Mechanical Components (April 2015)

After a sluggish 2013, annual installations of new wind turbines grew by 44% in 2014, according to the Global Wind Energy Council. And while much of that growth has been in Asia— particularly China, which now leads the world with 114 GW of installed capacity—the USA, Europe, and the rest of the world expect steady growth for the next couple of years as well (Fig. 1).

157 High Contact Ratio Gearing: A Technology Ready for Implementation (April 2015)

Today’s competitive industrial gear marketplace demands products with excellent reliability, high capacity and low noise. Surface-hardened, ground tooth gearing predominates, but the legacy tooth forms handicap further improvements in capacity and noise generation. Vehicle and aircraft equipment use tooth forms not found in the standard tables to achieve better performance — with little or no increase in cost. This paper will propose adopting these high-contact ratio forms to industrial use.

158 The True Cost of Bearing Lubrication (June 2015)

Machine and equipment manufacturers today are feeling more pressure than ever to reduce costs without sacrificing machine performance — a balancing act difficult to achieve. OEMs often overlook a simple solution that can have a positive, long-term impact on profitability for themselves and their customers, i.e. — the elimination of bearing lubricant.

159 Intelligent Integration (June 2015)

In this issue’s cover story, Stefan Hantke describes an evolving marketplace that requires smarter components and more integrated solutions. In fact, Hantke, who was recently named head of global industrial sales for the Schaeffler Group, goes so far as to predict that within a few short years, every bearing will have a wire coming out of it.

160 Global Industrial Outlook: Kind of Sluggish (August 2015)

We anticipate no substantive improvement in manufacturing activity. Not in the U.S. or internationally. If anything, headwinds may have become slightly more pronounced because a U.S. — Iran “deal” that everybody hates except a) the Iranian government and b) the Obama administration will result in the release of Iranian oil supply back onto the global market. Oil had rallied from about $50 to $60 over the past month (I like round numbers), but has since roundtripped. Expect further, deeper capital spending cuts in the U.S. oil sector to continue affecting demand for large capital equipment.

161 Baby Steps in Wind Energy (August 2015)

The Department of Energy estimates that 4 million megawatts of potential power—four times the amount all U.S. power plants combined currently produce—exists in offshore wind energy. Construction of America’s first offshore wind turbines began in July. The wind farm, which is being constructed off the coast of Block Island, RI, will consist of five turbines. Together, they will produce 30 MW.

162 Motor Management - Best Practices (December 2015)

Energy costs and downtime can be greatly reduced by instituting a motor management plan. Part II of this three-part series specifically addresses the establishment of a motor failure policy and the development of purchasing specifications. Part I addressed the general aspects of a motor management plan, including the first steps of creating a motor inventory and guidelines for motor repair and replacement. Part III will examine motor repair specifications as well as preventive and predictive maintenance.

163 Steps Towards Revolution (December 2015)

The revolution goes by many names: machine-to-machine communication, smart manufacturing and the Industrial Internet, to name a few. In Europe, the prevailing term is Industry 4.0. In Germany, where that phrase was coined, the government is putting down €200 million to cultivate a lead in the industry. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that its potential economic impact will be almost $4 trillion (or more) by 2025. Enthusiastic evangelists will tell you that the Industrial Internet is the most important advance in their industries that they’ve seen in their decades-long careers.

164 Effect of Assembly Errors in Back-to-Back Gear Efficiency Testing (December 2015)

As gear efficiency is improved in small steps, it is important to be able to distinguish actual improvements from scatter that can occur while testing. An FZG back-to-back gear test rig was used to investigate how the assembly and re-assembly of the same test setup affects the measurements. A spread in torque loss between one assembly and another of the same test setup were observed. Rig conditions also affected the spread in input torque. With knowledge of how the spread in torque loss varies due to assembly, test results could be distinguished between changes due to assembly and actual differences between tests.

165 Hovercraft Technology Taking Us Back to the Future (December 2015)

There are few things in this world that elicit such a gleeful, childlike sense of wonder as does the word “hoverboard”.

166 Motor Management Best Practices Part 3 (February 2016)

This three-part series on motor management best practices focuses on the importance of instituting a motor management plan as a necessity in effectively administering the electric motors in a facility. The goal of a motor management plan is to take advantage of opportunities for energy savings and increased productivity using energy efficient, reliable motors such as NEMA Premium efficiency motors, herein referred to as “premium efficiency” motors.

167 Counterfeit Consequences (February 2016)

Power Transmission Engineering is collaborating with the Bearing Specialists Association (BSA) on a special section within the magazine. Bearing Briefs will present updated reports on bearing topics for each issue in 2016. Complimentary access to all BSA Bearing and Industry Briefs is available on the BSA website at Additionally, our new Field Notes section on page 34 will feature field reports from BSA’s Certified Bearing Specialists.

168 Dont Blink (December 2015)

Sometimes I feel like I blink and another year is gone. By the time most of you read this, it will be at or near the end of 2015. If you’re like us, you’ll be reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the next.

169 Global Industrial Outlook: Weathering the Storm (October 2015)

We just returned from WEFTEC — the premier U.S. water and wastewater management show. Our recent discussion (Game Changer) highlighted the negative impact of low oil prices.

170 Mutiple Gearset-Type Calculation Software (September 2015)

Is there a gear software package out there that will calculate the design of spur, helical, worm, and planetary gearsets? Also, we would like a program that calculates stresses and material selection. Finally, we would like to have the program calculate bearings loads, too. Thank you for your help.

171 This Tattoo Machine is Off the Chain (August 2015)

Groan inducing, yes — but truer than the blue-soaked dermis layer of infamous ink fiend The Enigma (if you’re not familiar with the tattoo/sideshow icon, he’s basically an R-rated version of Papa Smurf who eats fire and twirls chainsaws). Though other altered individuals obviously operate on a much less extreme plane of body modification, there seems to be a definite link between the ink and the irregular.

172 Motor Management - Best Practices (October 2015)

Reducing losses and increasing profits by instituting a motor management plan is what this series of articles is all about. Here in Part I, we discuss how to create a motor inventory and establish repair-or-replace motor guidelines. Subsequent topics in this three-part series will address (Part II) motor failure policies and purchasing specifications, and (Part III) repair specifications and preventive and predictive maintenance, respectively.

173 Space Shuttle Rudder-Speed Brake Actuator (October 2015)

The U.S. Space Shuttle fleet was originally intended to have a life of 100 flights for each vehicle, lasting over a 10-year period, with minimal scheduled maintenance or inspection. The first space shuttle flight was that of the Space Shuttle Columbia (OV-102), launched April 12, 1981. The disaster that destroyed Columbia occurred on its 28th flight, February 1, 2003, nearly 22 years after its first launch.

174 Is Splash Lubrication Compatible with Efficient Gear Units for High-Speed Applications (October 2015)

A thermo-mechanical model of a splash lubricated one-stage gear unit is presented. This system corresponds to a first step towards the design of a hybrid vehicle gearbox that can operate up to 40,000 rpm on its primary shaft. The numerical model is based on the thermal network method and takes into account power losses due to teeth friction, rolling-elements bearings and oil churning. Some calculations underline that oil churning causes a high amount of power loss. A simple method to reduce this source of power losses is presented, and its influence on the gear unit efficiency and its thermal capacity is computed.

175 PTDA (Spring 2007)

Single-vendor sourcing has probably never been more attractive to businesses of all types—especially manufacturing—than it is today. The concept makes perfect sense, especially for companies that buy power transmission and motion control components. Big dollars and perhaps even bigger safety issues ride on the quality, performance and reliability of the components used for any number of applications.

176 Gearbox Innovation Evolves in Step with Expanding Servo Market (September 2018)

Approximately one quarter of all servo motors around the world require some type of gear reduction in their applications. From large satellite dishes to precision medical devices, gearboxes boost torque and reduce speed for servos in order for them to be sized more efficiently. While gearbox fundamentals haven't changed much over the past 20 years, their effectiveness has improved significantly, driven mostly by the need to accommodate advancements in servo technology.

177 The Automated Industrial Community (March 2018)

Hannover Messe 2018 will focus on mobility, integration and collaboration.

178 How to Select Motors for Hazardous Locations - Baldor Motor Basics Part 10 (February 2018)

Failure to specify the proper motor for use in a hazardous location can have serious consequences - lost production, extensive property damage, and even loss of human life. Selection of the proper motor requires an understanding of Underwriters Laboratories' (UL) and National Electrical Code (NEC) class, group and division designations and the T code letters.

179 Making the Smart Choice in PT Components (April 2018)

The Latest Clutch & Brake Technology Looks at Reliability, Cost and Design Specifications.

180 Stober Survey Examines Manufacturing Infrastructure Updates (April 2018)

How to determine if your facility needs an overhaul. Includes a Q&A with experts from Stober Drives.

181 Industry News (April 2018)

The complete Industry News section from the April 2018 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

182 Linear Bearing CAD Models and More On the Fly (April 2018)

Here's what one supplier is doing to take advantage of the mobile phone in your pocket.

183 Metal-to-Plastic Conversion Parts Help Drive Heavy Industry (February 2018)

While metal-to-plastic parts conversion actually began way back in the Fabulous Fifties, think toys, household products, etc., it is only in more recent years that plastic conversion has gained a firm foothold in the more strength- and lifetime-demanding applications such as aerospace, under-the-hood automotive, motors, valves, bearings and, as they say, much more.

184 Efficiency of Design (February 2018)

Energy efficiency is for more than just motors. Here are some mechatronics companies making sure you get more bang for your buck when it comes to your power bill.

185 The Long and Short of It (October 2017)

10,000 Year Clock Needs Bearings that Run for 350 Million Cycles.

186 A Model for Shear Degradation of Lithium Soap Grease at Ambient Temperature (October 2017)

In this study the mechanical shear degradation of lithium-thickened grease was evaluated using an in-house-developed aging rig and a commercial rheometer. It was found that this grease loses its original consistency during aging and shows a two-phase aging behavior. In the first phase, primarily reorientation and breakage of the thickener network take place, resulting in a progressive drop in the grease's rheological properties. After this, the aging is dominated by the breakage of smaller fiber fragments and the grease degrades at a much slower rate.

187 10 Years and Counting (December 2017)

Just over 10 years ago, we started publishing Power Transmission Engineering, and I'm proud to say we're still going strong.

188 2017 PTE Buyers Guide (December 2017)

The 2017 Power Transmission Engineering Buyers Guide was compiled to provide you with a handy resource containing the contact information for significant suppliers of power transmission and related components.

189 History of a Forgotten Engine (December 2017)

In 2017, there's more variety to be found under the hood of a car than ever. Electric, hybrid and internal combustion engines all sit next to a range of transmission types, creating an ever-increasingly complex evolutionary web of technology choices for what we put into our automobiles. But every evolutionary tree has a few dead end branches that ended up never going anywhere.

190 Vibration and Operational Characteristics of a Composite-Steel (Hybrid) Gear (December 2017)

Free vibration and dynamic operation testing of hybrid gears at NASA Glenn Spur Gear Fatigue Test Facility; hybrid gears are compared to their steel counterparts.

191 Calendar (April 2018)

The complete technical calendar from the April 2018 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

192 Choose the Form (June 2018)

In the 1984 film Ghostbusters, Bill Murray and company were asked by Gozer the Gozerian to "choose the form" of their destructor. It was a no-win scenario for the heroes, because no matter what they chose, they were still going to face death

193 Hannover Messe USA - What we Learned (October 2018)

IMTS 2018 had its fair share of machine tools, 3D printers and advanced robotics. Meanwhile, the East Hall — home to Hannover Messe USA — took a more systematic approach, highlighting the smart components and techniques that will be integral in developing the digital factory of the future.

194 Motor Insight: Anatomy of a Drone (September 2018)

The skies are full of them in 2018 - drones flying around amusement parks, job sites and even your own backyard. There are drone racing leagues on ESPN, drones capturing wide angle shots over film locations and government drones keeping a bird's eye view on the Mexican/America border.

195 Step vs. Servo - Selecting the Best (October 2018)

Over the many years, there have been many technical papers and articles about which motor is the best. The short and sweet answer is - let's talk about the application. More recently a number of papers and articles have appeared that compared each motor's advantages and disadvantages in generic or specific terms. Many times, the methods used to drive and control these motors are not completely described due to the many control schemes available for use. A few articles focus on just the open loop step motor and the closed loop servo motor advantages and disadvantages in a laundry list format. This article is attempting to "drill down" into the reasons why and to describe how it is done.

196 The World's Most Famous Mass Damper (October 2018)

Marvels of engineering have always drawn crowds. But when we think of tourist destinations, we think of old, opulent buildings like the Vatican or Versailles, massive, elaborately designed fountains, or skyscrapers.

197 Integrated Hybrid Servo Motors vs. Standard Integrated Servo Motors (December 2018)

Different motor types favor different application areas. No single style has advantages in all application spaces. Direct drive applications favor hybrid servos while high-speed, geared down applications tend to favor the conventional servo motors.

198 How to Deal With Growing Pains (December 2018)

Wind turbines are getting bigger than ever, and the manufacturing infrastructure that facilitates their construction needs to start growing with them.

199 Prediction of Heat Generation in Transmission Bearings by Application of FEM (September 2018)

Heat generation in bearings is manifested by the power losses of the transmission. Because of the rise in temperature due to heat generation, the appearance of dilatation adversely affects the bearings' geometrical characteristics.

200 Monitoring the Health of Plant Machinery (September 2018)

Health monitoring or condition monitoring has been used for many years on machines and in plants where the cost of an outage is high. It allows failures to be anticipated and maintenance or repairs to be scheduled for the least loss of production, as well as avoiding unnecessary periodic maintenance.

201 Custom Machine and Tool Bolsters Accuracy and Efficiency for Vande Berg Scales (June 2018)

If you can find that magic bullet that will reduce the machining process, you can achieve meaningful efficiency gains. It is imperative that check-weighers or in-motion weighing systems remain both accurate and efficient while attaining a consistently smooth operation because they dynamically weigh products as they move across the belt.

202 Simulation Software Provides a Different Set of Tools for Motor Efficiency (June 2018)

While some organizations focus on real-world analytics and data collection for predictive maintenance, simulation tools and virtual prototyping can be another solution for motor efficiency.

203 Thermal Growth Issues and Solutions for Shaft Couplings (August 2018)

Many refineries and chemical plants are built with large pieces of rotating equipment in an outdoor setting exposed to the elements. The author has been researching thermal growth issues for decades across North America.

204 Set It and Forget It (August 2018)

Pneumatics Ensures Reliability in Packaging Application

205 Precision Bellows Couplings (March 2015)

Bellows couplings first began to be widely used by machine tool builders in the mid-to-late 20th century. With the advent of CNC technology, machine engineers started looking to improve upon some of the negative influences traditional power transmission couplings can have on a precision rotary / linear motion system.

206 Electrical Stress and Parasitic Currents in Machine Elements of Drivetrains with Voltage Source Inverters (August 2018)

Modern drivetrains with voltage-source inverters not only offer advantages like, for example, variable speed operation, increased efficiency and higher dynamics, but also an increase in failures caused by induced parasitic currents.

207 Whats on Your Menu (October 2017)

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it's hard not to think of the smorgasbord most of us experience on America's most food-centric holiday. If your family celebrates like mine, then there's always plenty of food—and more importantly—plenty of choices.

208 The Hyperloop is Here - Sort of (September 2017)

It is unlikely the hyperloop will inspire Hollywood to start making films emulating the tried-but-true terror-on-a-train genre - a genre that includes many classics. But somehow titles like - Lady on a Hyperloop, Strangers on a Hyperloop, Murder on the Hyperloop Express, Throw Momma from the Hyperloop, The Great Hyperloop Robbery - just don't work. And you can forget about another venerable train travel tradition - the club car - given that you will probably reach your destination sooner than you can say "Jack on the rocks."

209 Making Shakespeare Shine (October 2016)

New things are invented for theater lighting all the time and they’re usually big, expensive technology-driven devices. It’s the simple things that make you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” according to Ken Billington, lighting designer. The RSC Lightlock is a great example of this.

210 ISO 281:2007 - Caveat Emptor (October 2016)

I was invited by Tom Astrene of TLT to write a response to the July 2010 TLT article (Ref. 1). My rebuttal — “In Search of a Fatigue Limit: A Critique of ISO Standard 281:2007” — was published in Tribology and Lubrication Engineering, TLT, August 2010 edition (Ref. 10). While this article is also available online, I will attempt to summarize the essence of my response.

211 It Doesn't End Here (December 2016)

This issue, we're pleased to present our annual Buyers Guide. It's our comprehensive directory of suppliers of mechanical components, including gears, bearings, motors, couplings, clutches, brakes, gear drives and more. This directory represents our best effort to give you updated information about the companies who can provide you with the components you need to design, build and maintain better machinery.

212 Bearing Lubricant Solution (December 2016)

A Chicago-area bakery was replacing the tray support bearings in its ovens on a reactionary basis. Their weekly inspection cycle was resulting in two mechanics spending an average of 20 labor hours per week to replace failed bearings. The premature bearing failures were caused by a combination of the high heat and humidity in the ovens, resulting in lubrication failure and contamination. When BDI was asked to recommend a solution, the bakery was averaging one month of bearing life in this application.

213 Timing Belts and Pulleys - Operations (December 2016)

Synchronous drives are especially well-suited for low-speed, high-torque applications. Their positive driving nature prevents potential slippage associated with V-belt drives, and even allows significantly greater torque carrying capability. Small pitch synchronous drives operating at speeds of 50 ft/min (0.25 m/s) or less are considered to be low-speed. Care should be taken in the drive selection process as stall and peak torques can sometimes be very high. While intermittent peak torques can often be carried by synchronous drives without special considerations, high cyclic peak torque loading should be carefully reviewed.

214 Eight Reasons to Use Air Bearings Over Mechanical Bearings (December 2016)

Mechanical guiding systems, such as crossedroller bearings, work well for most motion control applications; however, when precision, angular repeatability, and geometric performance (runout, straightness) are critical or where submicron bearing rumble is problematic, air bearings are recommended. An air-bearing stage is a rotary or linear positioner that floats on a cushion of air, using one of several preload mechanisms, nearly eliminating mechanical contact and thus wear, friction, and hysteresis effects. Here are eight reasons why an air-bearing stage might be the right choice for your application:

215 Guidelines for Bearing Seals (October 2016)

Equipment downtime and reduced component life are a few of the consequences — and potential costs — of using the wrong seals on many types of industrial equipment including pump bearing frames, electric motors, fans, pillow blocks, gearboxes and more. However, if correctly specified and installed, seals provide effective barriers that both retain lubricants as well as protect against water, corrosion, debris and other contaminants.

216 Special Modifications (October 2016)

Eddy Swiben, branch manager at BDI Canada, explains how to problem solve on an automatic cutter for tissue rolls. “This is a very major paper tissue manufacturer that sells paper tissue rolls all over America.” They roll paper tissue just like newsprint paper mills do. When the product is finally done and dried, they need to roll it on a light carton core 20-ft. long.

217 Graco Pump Technology Solves Long-Term Pump Leaking, Dosing Issues (September 2016)

When trying to find a new bonding material dispense system, one manufacturer tested a series of pumps — all of which leaked due to the abrasiveness of the bonding material. The manufacturer also had been attempting to manage shot size manually with their previous system, and was not able to keep dispense consistent. The company searched for a system that could accurately dispense programmed shot sizes while also eliminating the leaking issues they had experienced with previous pumps. Graco provided a Check-Mate pump with SmartWare software, and the manufacturer is now able to automatically dispense shots of bonding material as small as one ounce without leaks.

218 Opening the Envelope on Bearing Vibration (September 2016)

Experienced operators can often tell if a machine is not working properly, on the basis that it does not ‘sound right.’ The same principle can be applied — using modern electronics — to identify the exact cause of the problem. Sensitive accelerometers can detect and analyze the vibrations from industrial equipment, highlighting problems such as misalignment or bearing imbalance. The technique is known as vibration analysis. It can identify bearing failure in the very early stages, when there is a microscopic defect on the raceway, for example. The problem is that the identifying signal is usually drowned out in all the other noise emanating from the machine.

219 An Open-And-Shut Case: Greases for Gear Applications (September 2016)

For the lubrication of open gear drives used in different industrial applications such as cement and coal mills, rotary furnaces, or where the sealing conditions are difficult, semi-fluid greases are often used in preference to fluid oils. For girth gear applications the greases are used with a splash or spray lubrication system. The selection of such greases influences pitting lifetime and the load-carrying capacity of the gears, as well as wear behavior

220 A Model for Rolling Bearing Life with Surface and Subsurface Survival - Tribological Effects (September 2016)

Until now the estimation of rolling bearing life has been based on engineering models that consider an equivalent stress, originated beneath the contact surface, that is applied to the stressed volume of the rolling contact. Through the years, fatigue surface–originated failures, resulting from reduced lubrication or contamination, have been incorporated into the estimation of the bearing life by applying a penalty to the overall equivalent stress of the rolling contact. Due to this simplification, the accounting of some specific failure modes originated directly at the surface of the rolling contact can be challenging. In the present article, this issue is addressed by developing a general approach for rolling contact life in which the surfaceoriginated damage is explicitly formulated into the basic fatigue equations of the rolling contact. This is achieved by introducing a function to describe surface-originated failures and coupling it with the traditional, subsurface-originated fatigue risk of the rolling contact. The article presents the fundamental theory of the new model and its general behavior. The ability of the present general method to provide an account for the surface–subsurface competing fatigue mechanisms taking place in rolling bearings is discussed with reference to endurance testing data.

221 Kids Love Technology (October 2016)

Kate, a sophomore studying engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, has a genuine interest in manufacturing, so it was natural that she attend IMTS. But the other three? My kids? Well, let’s just say that their interests lie elsewhere. Matt, also a sophomore, is studying business at UW-Platteville. Emily, a sophomore in high school, wants to join the Peace Corps. Renee, an eighth grader, wants to be a surgeon.

222 Mind Sport (September 2016)

Here’s what we know about Tremont, Illinois: It’s a small village in Tazewell County, (population 2,400+), holds an annual summer turkey festival (quite popular) and the courthouse is a famous historic site where politician James Shields challenged an “up-and-coming” lawyer named Abraham Lincoln to a duel with cavalry broad swords (they showed up, but the duel never materialized). In 2016, you can add FIRST Robotics Competition World Champion to the village’s rather eccentric list of accomplishments.

223 Baldor Basics: Motors (December 2016)

Beginning with this initial installment , and with the gracious permission of ABB/Baldor Electric, we are pleased to announce the beginning of a new series -- Baldor Basics: Motors. This is a collection of basicsdriven, motor-intensive articles authored by former Baldor engineer Edward Cowern, PE, a respected name by many in the electric motor industry. During his tenure at Baldor, Cowern - now enjoying his retirement - was tasked with producing a number of motor- and basics-related tutorials, primarily in response to a steady flow of customer questions regarding motors. Today's customers continue to ask questions and seek answers to address their various motor-related issues. As with Cowern's original introduction to the series, we hope you find these articles useful and would appreciate any comments or thoughts you might have for future improvements, corrections or topics.

224 Better Energy-Efficient Flow Rate Regulation (December 2016)

Implementing a power-on-demand concept based on variable speed drives allows for energy saving in any application that involves pumps or hydraulic systems. And when used in combination with an intelligent wiring and communication system, relevant machine data can also be easily recorded - the basis for comprehensive power management.

225 Calendar (April 2017)

The complete technical calendar from the April 2017 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

226 Industry News (April 2017)

Corporate and personnel announcements from the April 2017 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

227 Moving in the Right Direction (June 2017)

Over the past several months, members of our staff have traveled quite a bit, and we've had a lot of opportunities to gauge their confidence. And while nobody is overwhelmingly enthusiastic - nobody has told us this is their best year ever - almost everyone seems at least content with the stability that slow and steady growth provides.

228 Gear Expo - The Drive Technology Show (June 2017)

Where do you go to find new suppliers for your power transmission projects? Where do you test drive the latest technologies available?

229 Gear Expo is for Gear Buyers (September 2017)

Most of you who read this magazine have a close relationship with gears and gear drives. According to our surveys, 75% of you recommend, specify or buy them. It's a shame, then, that the majority of you will miss Gear Expo (Oct. 24-26 in Columbus, OH) this year.

230 How to Select a DC Motor: Coreless and Iron Core Brushed DC Motors (June 2017)

DC motors possess linear relationships that allow for very predictable operation. For instance, if enough voltage is applied across the terminals of a DC motor, the output shaft will spin at a rate proportional to that applied voltage. You can take the ratio of the applied voltage over the rated voltage and multiply that number by the no load speed and get the running speed.

231 Performance Testing of Composite Bearing Materials for Large Hydraulic Cylinders (April 2017)

Large hydraulic cylinders (LHCs) are integral components in the functioning of large machines in mechanically demanding, corrosive and abrasive environments, such as offshore drilling rigs. The materials utilized in these largescale hydraulic systems must deliver reliable performance throughout their expected lifecycle.

232 Meet Norm Parker - Bearings Blogger (April 2017)

In case you missed them, following are three recent blog postings by our popular PTE bearings blogger - Norm Parker. We also felt that, should you not be a blog follower, this would be a good way to introduce you to Norm's bearings wisdom. Parker is currently the global senior specialist/roller bearings at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).

233 Lightweight, Highly Efficient Drive System (February 2017)

This paper presents a joint project conducted by Ashwoods Electric Motors and Oerlikon Fairfield that uses planetary drives with an integrated electric motor. Current solutions used in production of off-highway vehicles rely upon large, heavy and inefficient brushed DC or induction motors, coupled to a planetary gearbox. This presents a number of challenges to the vehicle designers such as: limited vehicle range, limited space around the motor/drivetrain, and motor durability. The proposed integrated system utilizes an Oerlikon Fairfield Torque Hub, widely used in off-highway vehicles, and the Ashwoods first-to-market, interior permanent magnet motor. How these products are integrated, i.e. incorporating a brake solution, represents a market-changing product. Using interior permanent magnet (IPM) technology in the motor design means the motor can be up to 70% lighter, 70% smaller and 20% more efficient than traditional motors used in off-highway traction applications.

234 Bearing the Brunt of Earthquakes (December 2016)

America suffers $4.4 billion in losses due to earthquakes every year. While that's a drop in the bucket for our $16 trillion plus GDP, it's still a substantial amount of money, and some people are working to lessen those losses. One group is Earthquake Protection Systems (EPS), a company that is designing bearings to better protect buildings from earthquake damage.

235 Why Direct Drive (March 2017)

In today's highly competitive world, the better someone understands the advantages and benefits of direct drive technology, then the more they will have an advantage in machine building, giving them an edge over their competition.

236 A Major Step Forward in Life Modeling (March 2017)

The SKF Generalized Bearing Life Model is (GBLM) an innovative new bearing rating life model that is designed to help engineers calculate bearing rating life in a more realistic manner. The new model is a major step forward for the industry and will play an important role in enabling OEMs and end users to better match bearings and applications, resulting in improved machine life and reduced operating costs.

237 Product News (April 2017)

Clutches and Brakes take center stage in the April 2017 edition of Product News.

238 Automate 2017 Highlights Solution Providers and Integrators (March 2017)

Automate 2017 (April 3-6) will showcase the full spectrum of automation technologies and solutions, from traditional industrial applications to cutting edge new technologies.

239 Hertha Marks Ayrton (August 2016)

She was born Phoebe Sarah Marks April 28, 1854 in Portsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK — the third child of a Polish-Jewish watchmaker named Levi Marks and Alice Theresa Moss, a seamstress. Her father died in 1861, leaving Sarah’s mother with seven children — and another on the way — and Sarah with shared responsibility for caring for the children.

240 Remembering Paul Winchell - A Man with Heart to Spare (December 2011)

Remember Paul Winchell? Sure you do - if you are a child of the ’50s. Who of that period does not recall ventriloquist dummies Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff?

241 Data Loggers Gauge Wastewater Plants Motor Efficiency (February 2010)

In keeping with a national push to bring greater energy efficiency to wastewater treatment plants, a Pennsylvania facility used data loggers to analyze motor utilization, a first step toward cutting energy costs and meeting environmental rules.

242 Reducing Electricity Cost through Use of Premium Efficiency Motors (February 2010)

motors with premium efficiency counterparts presents businesses with a significant opportunity to reduce operating costs. A comparison between premium and standard efficiency motors from 0.25 to 10 horsepower is conducted; comparisons of full-load efficiencies are shown, and estimated payback periods are calculated. Methods for calculating the yearly kilowatt-hour consumption and yearly cost savings of premium efficiency motors for this horsepower range are also given. The cost advantages of premium efficiency motors are summarized, and relevant examples of real world cost savings are shown.

243 PTRA Looks to the Future (February 2010)

Southern hospitality may not be the focus, but the Power-Motion Technology Representatives Association (PTRA) will experience just that and more at its 38th annual conference in Charleston, SC. Members will explore the theme of “Impacting the Future” through educational presentations and amidst networking opportunities, intimate social events and the annual golf tournament.

244 Power Generating Play (February 2010)

Never has generating alternative sources of energy been so fun. All that excess energy children have bottled up now helps power lighting for remote African villages.

245 Energy Management Considerations with Todays Drive Systems (April 2010)

While it is valid to state that energy efficiency is defined as the same level of production being achieved at an overall lower energy cost, it is equally important for today’s machine builders and automation engineers alike to remember that an energy-efficient system can actually translate into higher productivity. This is achievable through a comprehensive approach to energy management.

246 Product News (April 2010)

The complete product news section from the April 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

247 Designing for Static and Dynamic Loading of a Gear Reducer Housing with FEA (February 2010)

A recent trend has been a movement to more user-friendly products in the mechanical power transmission industry. A good example of such a product is a high-horsepower, right angle, shaft-mounted drive designed to minimize installation efforts. Commonly referred to as an alignment-free type, it allows the drive package mounting to be quicker, more cost effective and require less expertise during installation. This facilitates the use of the drive in applications such as underground mining, where there is little room to maneuver parts. The most common application for the alignment-free style drive is for powering bulk material handling belt conveyors.

248 Selecting the Right Precision Ball Material for Aggressive Environments (February 2010)

This article will examine the major materials used to enhance balls to resist aggressive environments and help in selecting the right one.

249 Solar Energy - The Alternative Alternative (October 2009)

While gear and bearing manufacturers engage in a wind energy arms race, the robotic automation industry has its sights set directly on the sun. Solar power—wind energy’s somewhat neglected step brother—has been gaining ground in alternative energy since 2001.

250 Axis of Rotation Metrology (August 2009)

In the history of machine tools, spindles have been very good relative to other bearings and structures on the machine. So quality professionals have developed a cache of tools—-ball bars, grid encoders displacement lasers, etc.—-to help them characterize and understand the geometry of the structural loop. But as machine tools have improved in their capability and precision, and the demands of part-geometry and surface finish have become more critical, errors in spindles have become a larger percentage of the total error.

251 Hardware-Software Synergy Automates Power Plant Data Collection (October 2009)

Robotics and other advanced automation technology systems are viewed as a looming threat to some in the plant maintenance field. Although there is a constant battle for some workers to remain useful while machines are continuously fulfilling more roles on the plant floor, there are those who in turn have found a better use of their newly freed time.

252 Meet the Dustbot - A New Spin on Waste Management (October 2009)

Scientists have been hard at work creating a robotic system with the capabilities to sweep and collect garbage in urban environments. This real-world Wall-E is known as the DustBot, aimed at designing, developing, testing and demonstrating a system for improving the management of urban hygiene.

253 AGMA in Full Support of Energy Initiative (February 2010)

Our politicians in Washington continue dithering over the Obama administration energy bill aimed at developing alternative, green sources of energy production. As a result, when this country will have a viable energy program in place is anyone’s guess, given the usual D.C. gridlock. And yet, Americans can take more than cold comfort in the fact that at least some government agencies—U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)—and the private sector—some major manufacturers—are doing more than their share of work in trying to harness our existing, fossil-based energy sources in such a way that they are used to their best efficiencies.

254 Total System Efficiency (February 2010)

Much of the industrial energy being consumed by systems is wasted through inefficiency. For this article, a system will be defined as the following components working together: electrical input power, variable frequency drives, induction motors, gearboxes and transmission elements (chains, belts, etc.).

255 Calendar (April 2010)

The complete technical calendar from the April 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

256 Industry News (April 2010)

The complete Industry News section from the April 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering

257 Product News (April 2011)

The complete Product News section from the April 2011 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

258 Drive-Based Integrated Safety (February 2011)

While safety functions have been integrated into drives packages for some years now, the current trends are very exciting, from many angles. Today, a full complement of safety functions can be implemented at the front-end of a system design on all types of production machines, including printing, packaging, converting, materials handling and other equipment used throughout American industry.

259 Calendar (April 2011)

The technical calendar from the April 2011 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

260 Industry News (April 2011)

The complete Industry News section from the April 2011 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

261 Blocks (Around the Clock) (August 2011)

Reading Rock manufactures concrete blocks - the kind that were probably used to build the schools that you attended. With employees working three shifts six to seven days a week, they make plenty of them.

262 Carnage and Mayhem 101 (June 2011)

What did you learn in school today? This typical parental inquiry is met with several responses but rarely followed with, “The complete and total annihilation of robotic machines in a no-holds-barred death match.”

263 Airport Baggage Handling: Queue Conveyor Design from a Gearmotor Perspective (February 2011)

The primary driver of an airport baggage handling queue conveyor must be able to operate under increasingly demanding operating conditions, including frequent starting and stopping. The selection of the primary driver of the queue conveyor is dependent on multiple criteria, including dimensional requirements and durability characteristics.

264 AWEA to Wind Supporters--Do Not Panic (December 2010)

Despite posting its slowest quarter since early 2007, AWEA remains optimistic that the wind industry can and will work successfully with the revolving doors in Washington.

265 Book Review: Design of Permanent-Magnet Brushless Machines (October 2010)

The latest offering by machine design experts J.R. Hendershot and T.J.E. Miller is an 822-page brushless permanent-magnet (PM) machine design book that serves as a worthy follow-up to their 1994 work.

266 Sensing the Motion: Rotary Position Sensors (August 2010)

This paper provides an overview of the more common position sensor options and references actual case studies to illustrate the diverse solutions available and the reasons behind some of the decisions. Three cases are used to illustrate the needs of different applications leading to the choice of a particular type of position sensor. The cases reviewed include a gantry crane, wind turbine and aerial cable car.

267 Helical Gearing Offers Green Alternative (October 2010)

Upgrading to gearboxes with helical gearing can save on energy, maintenance and landfill space.

268 A Present State and Future Vision of Motor Drive Technology (December 2010)

One of the driving forces behind the industrial revolution was the invention—more than a century ago—of the electric motor. Its widespread use for all kinds of mechanical motion has made life simpler and has ultimately aided the advancement of humankind. And the advent of the inverter that facilitated speed and torque control of AC motors has propelled the use of electric motors to new realms that were inconceivable just a mere 30 years ago. Advances in power semiconductors—along with digital controls—have enabled realization of motor drives that are robust and can control position and speed to a high degree of precision. The use of AC motor drives has also resulted in energy savings and improved system efficiency. This paper reviews the development and application of inverter technology to AC motor drives and presents a vision for motor drive technology.

269 Development of an Actuator for Ambient to Cryo Application (December 2010)

During the qualification campaign of the NIRSpec (near-infrared spectrometer) instrument mechanism, the actuator could not achieve the expected lifetime that had been extended during the development phase. The initial design could not be adapted to the requested number of revolutions during that phase. Consequently the actuator needed to be modified so that the function of the mechanism would not be endangered or, by extension, the overall function of the NIRSpec instrument. The modification included a change of the overall actuator design—internal dimensions, tolerances, materials, lubrication and assembly process—while keeping the interface to the mechanism, mass and function.

270 Power Transmission - Behind the Scenes (June 2009)

Building a mast that extends as high as a 12-story building with the capability to support a full-size 50 kg camera in potential high winds is no easy task.

271 Electronic Control for Hydraulic Applications - A Case Study (June 2009)

This case study presents how electronics and software can be applied to a mobile hydraulic application, as well as how electro-hydraulics have evolved over time.

272 Quiet Out There - Global Industrial Outlook (August 2013)

Since our last appearance in this space we've attended the Paris Air Show and met with companies involved in oil production, hydraulic fracturing and wind turbine towers and components. As an investment analyst I am always seeking to help my clients anticipate change in order to manage risk and capture alpha (positive returns relative to market). But as a regular columnist for Power Transmission Engineering, I also seek insights that can help your organization do the same. Here is what we've found...

273 Troubleshooting with Torque Transmission (February 2008)

The issue might be a faulty treadmill at a local gym, the need to update orthopedic surgery equipment or simply a train stuck in neutral at the toy store. Whatever the case may be, viewing e-mails in the marketing department at Torque Transmission is like opening Christmas presents every morning.

274 Product News (April 2008)

The complete product news section from the April 2008 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

275 Events (April 2008)

The complete Events section, including technical calendar, from the April 2008 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

276 Electric Motors: When is it Best to Repair, and When is it Best to Replace (June 2008)

The repair-versus-replace decision is quite complicated, depending upon variables such as rewind cost, severity of the failure, replacement motor purchase price and other factors.

277 Industry News (April 2008)

The complete Industry News section from the April 2008 issue of Power Transmission Engineering

278 Chasing Ubiquity (June 2013)

Power Transmission Engineering is the magazine of mechanical components. When you think of gear drives, bearings, motors, couplings, clutches, brakes and similar products, we want you to think of us. But achieving such front-of-mind presence is one of the most difficult goals in publishing...

279 PT Extras (June 2013)

Tune in to for the latest in mobile apps, power transmission related videos, our e-mail newsletter and upcoming events.

280 Six Keys to Sustainable Manufacturing (February 2009)

The federal government estimates that manufacturing uses about one third of the energy consumed in the U.S., so manufacturing companies can play an important role in building a sustainable future.

281 Global Industrial Outlook - Sideways (June 2013)

We have just returned from the Electrical Products Group Conference in Sarasota, Florida. This is our favorite venue because it allows us to speak with the CEOs of nearly 25 global industrial companies that include General Electric, United Technologies, Honeywell, ABB and Emerson, with combined revenue of perhaps $500 billion.

282 Rolling Bearing Steels - A Technical and Historical Perspective, Part 2 (April 2013)

This paper is part 2 of 2 in a series that summarizes the chemical, metallurgical and physical aspects of bearing steels and their effect on rolling bearing life and reliability.

283 Industry News (April 2013)

News from Timken, Klueber, Sumitomo, NFPA, and more from the April 2013 issue of Power Transmission Engineering

284 Calendar (April 2013)

The complete technical calendar from the April 2013 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

285 Motion Drive and Automation at Hannover 2013 (April 2013)

Power Transmission and control companies will be on hand during Hannover Messe 2013 to display the latest technology offerings in key product categories including roller bearings, gear wheels, pumps, motors, transmissions, drive system components, clutches and braking systems.

286 180 Heads Are Better Than One (June 2008)

A classic case of collaboration behind the scenes at Cirque du Soleil.

287 Is Maintenance Included in Your Strategic Plan (August 2008)

Few would now argue that what some may have perceived just a few years ago as “Chicken Little” stories regarding the depletion of this country’s skilled manufacturing workforce are now in fact firmly based in stark reality.

288 Run Like the Wind - Windpower Conference Heads to Chicago (April 2009)

Wind is the talk of the town. It has become especially relevant to the power transmission community where bearings, gears, couplings, motors and gearboxes are providing the equipment for this thriving alternative energy industry. It comes as no surprise that the Windpower 2009 Conference and Exhibition, arriving in Chicago from May 4–7, will be the largest gathering of wind energy professionals and technologies to date.

289 Historic Danish Theatre Gets a Facelift (April 2009)

The Royal Danish Theatre has occupied the heart of Copenhagen for centuries and recently upgraded to a new control system featuring Sprint Electric DC drives to extend the lives of the existing motors, keeping replacement costs down. The Swedish stage design and technology company Visual Act retained most of the original motors and mechanics while providing a much-needed facelift to the stage.

290 Calendar (April 2009)

The Events Calendar from the April 2009 issue of Power Transmission Engineering magazine.

291 Industry News (April 2009)

The complete Industry News section from the April 2009 issue of Power Transmission Engineering magazine.

292 Reducing Core Loss of Segmented Laminations (June 2009)

The recent trend toward using segmented laminations as a means to increase slot fill and facilitate automated fabrication of electric machines comes with a penalty of increased core loss at the segment joints.

293 Turning Brownfields Green (April 2009)

The new energy economy is making some headway in the manufacturing community. Organizations are coming up with creative strategies to convert old industrial plants into green manufacturing hubs or simply cost-effective renovation projects. It’s another sign that the country is taking sustainability and environmental awareness seriously.

294 Who Needs a Social Life When You Can Mine the Moon (February 2009)

Dust, soil broken rock and other related materials that blanket planetary surfaces—known as regolith—have great potential to contribute to space observation research, but the physical properties of lunar regolith are unique and very difficult to excavate from a technical perspective. A group of students at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, dubbed the Lunar Miners, decided to step up to the plate—that is, by entering the 2008 NASA Regolith Excavation Challenge.

295 How Green is Your Gearbox (February 2009)

Rising energy costs and concerns about global warming are at the forefront of today’s news. Turn to local or national TV programming, browse the internet or read the paper and one can find numerous stories about the seemingly irreversible energy costs and the subsequent impact that these costs have on simply doing business. As a result, we as individuals are becoming increasingly aware of the cost of energy and we are being introduced to a variety of methods and/or products that will minimize the impact of these costs.

296 Improved Sealing Technology Extends Equipment Life (December 2008)

Th e primary sources of bearing failure are lack of lubrication and contaminant ingress. Industrial sealing devices are the primary protection against bearing failure. When the sealing device fails, bearing failure is imminent. Th erefore, extending the life of sealing devices extends bearing life and in turn improves equipment uptime.

297 High-Capacity Bearings Carry the Load for Chinese Gearbox Manufacturer (December 2008)

Th e signing of a contract for more than 5,000 sets of SKF’s latest high-capacity cylindrical roller bearings (HCCRB) for wind turbines will impart added load-carrying capacity, more reliability and longer life to the Nanjing Gear Company’s (NGC) line of gearboxes for wind generation applications.

298 The Green Revolution - A Global Win-Win (February 2009)

Green technology is more than changing a couple of light bulbs or reducing waste. In 2009, the concept is relevant in every facet of manufacturing as companies make a greater push towards energy efficiency and sustainability. In the power transmission and motion control fields, this technology has been integrated into the daily routine, both as an environmentally friendly business venture and a way to offer green products to customers. It’s apparent that the revitalization of manufacturing, both here and abroad, will center on energy technology.

299 Going Green 101 (February 2009)

Perhaps you don’t need convincing that sustainability is the wave of the future. But where to start? Resources of all types—from websites to trade shows to white papers—are waiting to help green your operation. Most areas are home to regional business alliances devoted to helping local manufacturing outlets contribute in an environmentally sound manner. Here are a few go-to resources for going green.

300 Power With Precision (February 2009)

Can direct drive technology improve your bottom line? Manufacturers relying upon drive systems in their production process have long sought ways to improve gearbox efficiency. While a gearbox-driven system has been the mainstay for manufacturers, it has also been, among other things, the source of frequent breakdowns, expensive line stoppages and increasingly costly maintenance.

301 Gear Drive Selection Process for the Parcel Handling Industry (August 2011)

This article is designed to help describe the selection process of a reducer to be used in the parcel handling industry. It will go over the different applications for which gearboxes are used throughout parcel handling facilities such as UPS, FedEx and DHL.

302 Radial Play (Internal Clearance in Ball Bearings) (August 2011)

At first glance, ball bearings are relatively simple mechanisms. However, an analysis of their internal geometries reveals that they are quite complex. For example, the ball to raceway conformity, the radial play, and the number of balls all impact the ability of a ball bearing to support loads under a variety of conditions.

303 Gear Lubrication: Long-Term Protection for Wind Turbines (April 2014)

The chemical and physical properties of gear oils may change, depending - more or less - upon their formulation and the environmental conditions under which they are used. This is why - after three years of use in a wind turbine - a gear oil was examined to determine if indeed changes were evident and if the protection of the gears and rolling bearings still met the same requirements as would be expected of fresh oil. Our findings revealed that the existing gear oil - as well as its ability to protect the gears and rolling bearings - had degraded very little compared to fresh oil.

304 Global Industrial Outlook (March 2014)

Fourth quarter results were above expectations for most U.S. machinery companies, including significant revenue beats at Cummins, Caterpillar, Oshkosh Corp and PACCAR with strong North American truck demand, improving construction equipment markets and general stability elsewhere.

305 The Step Motor (April 2014)

Step motors come in many sizes and shapes. But they all share one item in common - each step motor type moves in discrete-degree steps. They react to a series of voltage pulses supplied by their basic controller, known as an "indexer." The step motor was the first to accept digital pulses, then move or rotate a prescribed amount without any feedback device. All step motors are position devices without the need to use any feedback devices. They operate primarily in an open-loop control scheme.

306 China! (April 2014)

Our last installment called out the likely headwinds from both the C.R.A.P. currencies (Canada, Russia, Australia and Latin America) and also weather impact. As companies start reporting in the coming weeks, expect first quarter results to be mildly impacted. This issue we take a closer look at China.

307 Calendar (April 2014)

The complete technical Calendar from the April 2014 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

308 Product News (April 2014)

The complete Product News section from the April 2014 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

309 Best Practices for Gearbox Assembly and Disassembly (March 2014)

In most applications, gearbox reliability is critical to the productivity of the overall plant operation. So it follows that when industry is looking at the best ways to increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase profitability, gearbox performance and reliability are key factors. Designing for repair, and writing effective repair procedures, can speed the service time, and provide a quality refurbishment. The best practices listed in this article are proven, effective methods used to install and remove bearings, seals, gears, couplings and shafts within a gearbox.

310 Destination Mars! (June 2014)

NASA is building a flying saucer.

311 Gear Design Software, Engineer Beware (February 2014)

When software goes bad, what do we call it? System failure? Human failure? A virus? A number of words will work. How about this? Glitch. It has that onomatopoeic quality that fairly screams, Downtime! And with good reason -- software-generated miscalculations can have very expensive -- if not perilous -- repercussions.

312 A Mechanical Melange of Art, Movement and Memory (December 2013)

A brief history of automata, featuring Henri Maillardet's automaton at the Franklin Institute.

313 Lubrication and Seals Product Showcase (June 2014)

The following news items offer the latest on lubrication and seal technology in the power transmission market. From bearing greases to high-performance seals, these products will help extend the service life and manufacturing capabilities for a wide range of industrial sectors.

314 Brushless PM-Motors Speed Ahead (June 2014)

There are more brushless PM motors being made every day. These brushless PM motors are smaller in size -- i.e., less than 50 watts in power output found in hard-disk drives, CD and DVD players and many portable medical devices. Servo systems with brushless PM motors ranging from 50 watts to 50 kilowatts are now challenging the larger electric motor applications. A few manufacturers have pushed brushless PM motors above 200 kW.

315 Frogs Legs, Bratwurst and the Bear (June 2014)

First-quarter results are in (bad weather) and summer will prove more interesting than either the market or the fall elections until after Labor Day. But much is happening!

316 Who Do You Trust? (June 2014)

At the recently held annual meeting of the Bearing Specialists Association, there was a lot of talk about online sales channels and how Internet retailers are changing the way industrial products are researched, sourced and purchased.

317 Industry News (April 2014)

The complete Industry News section from the April 2014 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

318 Why MDA Matters (August 2014)

Most of you probably think you know what IMTS is about—machine tools, cutting tools, and various manufacturing processes. And if you stick to the North, South and West halls, you’ll be mostly right. But there’s a substantial group of exhibitors in the East building that are dedicated to automation, motion control and mechanical components.

319 The Model T Ford: One Mean Machine (December 2014)

Some of us are old enough to have had say, great-grandparents, for example, who when the occasion arose would casually refer to cars as “machines.” It sounded funny and arcane, and we would snicker under our breath. But of course the laugh was on us; back in the day — 1910s through the 1930s — automobiles were commonly referred to as machines.

320 Made in China: A GM Engineer's First-Hand Perspective on the Chinese Roller Bearing Industry (October 2014)

Believe me when I tell you that — as a domestic automotive engineer — I bleed U.S. manufacturing. I have never lived more than 50 miles from Detroit,

321 A Quasar Ride to Automate 2015 (February 2015)

Bill Walton – a 7 foot tall anomaly from the annals of basketball history who wears tie-dye shirts, listens to the Grateful Dead and, according to his own outlandish proclamations, hasn’t taken an indoor shower in 35 years – is well-known for looking at average accomplishmentsand being overcome with extreme fits of emotion.

322 Innovative Design Solves AutomotiveParts Assembly Challenge (February 2015)

Weiss North America, Inc. of Willoughby, OH has designed and produced rotary tables and other components for the automation industry for more than 45 years. When approached by Alpha Integration, Inc. of Murfreesboro, TN, a manufacturer of turnkey automated assembly, vision and testing systems, to provide a reliable turnkey solution for their 6-foot-tall automotive parts assembly machine, Weiss ‘tiered-up’ an innovative chassis and indexing table system solution.

323 Desktop Engineering - How to Calculate Dynamic and Static Load Ratings (February 2015)

When comparing bearing suppliers, engineers are often left with few options other than to compare dynamic load ratings and corresponding life calculations. Of course, we can look at steel and manufacturing quality; but if we are comparing sources of similar quality, those items may not provide a large contrast. It often surprises people to learn that bearing capacities are calculated values, not tested values. Lately, however, a trend is emerging for bearing suppliers to increase their ratings for higher performance bearings that have premium features such as higher quality steel and specilaized heat treatment. Bearing companies are under intense competitive pressure to make every feature add to the dynamic capacity of their bearings because it is very well understood that an increase in capacity adds to the bottom line.

324 Variable Speed Pump Drives For Industrial Machinery - System Considerations (February 2015)

The changing landscape of hydraulic drives is leading many fluid power specialists to quickly adapt to using variable speed pump drives. Optimum utilization of these drives requires, in many cases, additional system design considerations.

325 Load Capacity and Efficiency of Grease-Lubricated Worm Gears (September 2014)

Varying installation requirements for worm gears, as, for example, when used in modular gear systems, can necessitate grease lubrication - especially when adequate sealing for oil lubrication would be too complex. Such worm gears are being increasingly used in outside applications such as solar power plants and slew drives. While knowledge about the operating conditions is often appropriate, the basic understanding for load capacity and efficiency under grease lubrication is quite poor. Investigations done at FZG and sponsored by FVA/AiF are shown here to give an impression of the basic factors of load capacity and efficiency. The results of the investigation indicate a satisfying quality of calculations on heat, load capacity and efficiency based on characteristic parameters of the base oil with only slight modifications to the methodology known from DIN 3996 or ISO TR 14521.

326 Wind Turbine Field and Test Rig Testing as Part of the Design Process for Gearboxes (September 2014)

The growth of worldwide energy consumption and emerging industrial markets demands an increase of renewable energy shares. The price pressure coming from coal, oil, nuclear and natural gas energy - combined with enormous worldwide production capacities for components of wind turbines - make wind energy a highly competitive market. The testing and validation of gearboxes within the test rig and the turbine environment attract a strong focus to the needs of the industry. The following contribution sums up the typical process requirements and provides examples for successful system and component verifications based on field measurements.

327 Dude - Where's My Preload (August 2014)

Many of us have been there; the bearings had the correct preload. You know it, you were there, and you personally saw the measurements. Now, the testing is done and the preload is gone. Not a little gone, not sort of gone - gone, gone. Finger pointing ensues. Suppliers are dragged in by their wrinkly Polo collars. You know the drill. Losing preload in a tapered roller bearing (TRB) system over the life of your application can be a troublesome problem, particularly for gear sets that are prone to noise or severe applications that rely on a very rigid and stable system.

328 Critical Factors for Proper Product Selection and Sizing (August 2014)

"Well begun is half done," a quote that most reference materials attribute to Aristotle, certainly applies when selecting mechanical power transmission products. A selection process that is well thought out at the start can ensure that the product selected will be properly sized and appropriate to the application at hand.

329 The Reluctance Motor Springs Forth (August 2014)

There are three major types of reluctance motors: all three reluctance motors are non-permanent magnet, brushless motors. They are synchronous motors with a non-linear relationship between torque and current. The variable-reluctance step and switched-reluctance motors utilize the principle of magnetic attraction by inducing magnet poles within the soft-iron rotor, and by energizing a set of coils wound around stator teeth resident in the laminated stator. These two reluctance motors must be sequentially excited to achieve continuous, steady-state rotation. The design of all reluctance motors requires finite element analysis (FEA) software.

330 Bosch Rexroth Offers Hydraulic Solution for Blast Furnace (September 2014)

While the basic design of iron and coke blast furnaces is centuries old, today's steel makers are looking for innovative ways to produce molten iron with increased production and efficiency

331 Evolution of Worm Gear Standards and their Consequences on Load Capacity Calculation Approach (September 2014)

Beginning with a brief summary and update of the latest advances in the calculation methods for worm gears, the author then presents the detailed approach to worm gear geometry found in the revised ISO TR 10828. With that information, and by presenting examples, these new methods are explained, as are their possibilities for addressing the geometrical particularities of worm gears and their impact upon the behavior and load capacity of a gearset under working conditions based on ISO TR 14521 — Methods B and C. The author also highlights the new possibilities offered on that basis for the further evolution of load capacity calculation of a worm gearset based on load and contact pressure distribution.

332 How To Use a Hand-Held Micrometer to Measure Miniature and Instrument Ball Bearings (December 2013)

For the most accurate measurements, miniature and instrument ball bearing dimensions should be measured with a calibrated air gauge. A good second option is a calibrated optical comparator. On occasion, it may be necessary to use a calibrated, hand-held micrometer to double-check a measurement or for simple verification while working in the field.

333 The Efficient Drive System (December 2013)

It's a fact that drive systems wouldn't function properly or efficiently without couplings. They quietly go about their business of transferring motion from one drive element to the next. In the PT market today, couplings have the unique challenge of satisfying a variety of customer needs including tighter tolerances, higher speeds and a more versatile selection process.

334 Calendar (April 2012)

The complete Technical Calendar from the April 2012 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

335 Industry News (April 2012)

The complete Industry News section from the April 2012 issue of Power Transmission Engineering

336 Economy Continues - Generally - to Improve (June 2012)

Our April 2012 launch of this column highlighted several key themes; we will re-state each and highlight developments, relying on our monitoring of 75 key global industrial companies and ongoing fieldwork.

337 Improved Performance for Hydraulic Seals from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (June 2012)

Seal design engineers and end users are continually seeking improved sealing systems and materials. This paper describes the potential of a new thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material to deliver improvements in pressure, speed and temperature capability, which are presented as comparisons to proven industry standard materials. Performance is demonstrated by virtue of test bench results of seals made from MDI-, PPDI- and NDI-based materials.

338 Braking Toward the Future (August 2012)

In the past decade, electrohydraulic braking systems--including ABS and traction control--have grown increasingly popular, due largely to the vehicle design flexibility and performance advantages they offer. The industry has seen several other instances of intelligent machine controls, unrelated to braking, over the years as well. But what all of these technologies have typically had in common is that they’ve existed as standalone, point-to-point functions that have not been integrated together. The present and future of braking is all about taking the next logical step--getting fully connected and finding ways to embed intelligence throughout a machine.

339 Green Days - Hannover Messe 2012 (June 2012)

Hannover Messe 2012 generated enough buzz that the 5,000 exhibitors “will have their work cut out for them,” according to Dr. Wolfram von Fritsch, chairman of the managing board of Deutsche Messe. “Green technologies are a viable business model with the power to drive growth around the world.

340 Gearbox Bearing Service Life: A Matter of Mastering Many Design Parameters (April 2012)

The availability of high-strength shaft materials, in combination with bearings with high carrying capacity, allows use of slimmer shafts. However, the modulus of elasticity remains the same, so seat design for bearings and gears must be given close attention.

341 Product News (April 2012)

The complete Product News section from the April 2012 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

342 Up in the Air - Aerospace Gears (April 2013)

Volatile aerospace market keeps gear manufacturers guessing.

343 Pack Expo 2011 (August 2011)

The 2011 show examines sustainability, plant efficiency and total systems solutions.

344 Chasing the Dream (April 2013)

Over the past several weeks, I've had quite an interesting back-and-forth e-mail conversation with John Pellegrino, an engineer, inventor and dreamer whose letter appears on page 8.

345 Cut and Print (December 2011)

Norkol Converting Corporation is one of the nation’s leading independently owned converters and distributors of commercial printing papers. The company has full production capabilities and state-of-the-art machinery for winding, trimming and sheeting. The company utilizes traditional slitter re-wind equipment that unwinds, slits and then re-winds paper to new dimensions. These conventional re-winders, while typically producing new widths of paper with clean cuts, work at an inefficient, slow pace.

346 Often Overlooked, Lubricants Can Help Lower Energy Consumption (December 2011)

It is a simple fact: better lubrication can lead to dramatic energy savings and an improved bottom line. This ought to interest any plant manager who is looking for ways to reduce operating costs, and it is especially significant at a time when stricter government regulations are in direct contradiction to reducing costs. Lubrication reliability is the solution; this article will describe how manufacturing plants can use “lubrication reliability best-practices” to reduce their energy consumption, emissions and operating costs—all at the same time.

347 Electromagnetic Know-How (August 2012)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software can be used for a variety of mechanical engineering tasks, including injection molding simulation of plastic parts, analysis of aerospace components, impact and crash analysis of automobiles and the electromagnetic analysis of motors, actuators, transformers and sensors.

348 Sorting Out Flexible Couplings (August 2012)

In most cases, industrial power transmission calls for flexible rather than rigid couplings in order to forgive minor shaft misalignment. For that reason, this article will focus solely on the selection of flexible couplings.

349 Rolling Bearing Steels - A Technical and Historical Perspective - Part 1 (February 2013)

This paper summarizes the chemical, metallurgical and physical aspects of bearing steels and their effect on rolling bearing life and reliability.

350 Traversing Steep Slopes (February 2013)

Hydrostatic drive concept gives LinsiTrak flexibility and versatility.

351 Motion, Drive and Automation at Hannover Messe 2013 (February 2013)

Power transmission and motion control companies will be on-hand during Hannover Messe 2013 to display the latest technology offerings in key product categories including roller bearings, gears, pumps, motors, transmissions, drive system components, clutches and braking systems.

352 Grease Lubrication Mechanisms in Rolling Bearing Systems (October 2013)

Grease lubrication has clear advantages over oil lubrication: Grease does not leak easily; it has sealing properties; and it protects bearing surfaces from corrosion. Its disadvantages are grease-life limitations and a limited cooling ability. Moreover, in some applications there is a risk of grease starvation, which leads to reduced lubricating films. However, if the right grease, sealing system and/or lubrication system are chosen, then grease lubrication offers clear benefits. This article summarizes aspects of grease lubrication mechanisms in rolling bearings.

353 Napoleon Engineering Services: Rigged for Success (December 2013)

For design engineers and purchasing agents alike, bearings can sometimes be like family. Oh, you know - can't live with 'em, can’t live without 'em.

354 A Focus on the Future at Pack Expo 2013 (October 2013)

More than 27,000 packaging and processing professionals attended Pack Expo 2013 in Las Vegas from September 23–25. In addition to launching new products, creating brand awareness, achieving sustainability goals and generating new business contacts, Pack Expo was an opportunity to engage the next generation of workers in packaging, robotics and processing applications.

355 Smart Actuators for Off-Highway (February 2013)

Smart actuators bring big benefits to utility and other off-highway vehicles

356 Considering the Mechanical Aspects of ATEX (December 2012)

For the past 30 years or more, designers have paid due diligence to the electrical aspect of hazardous atmosphere equipment design, but have often ignored the mechanical side. In recent years, the mechanical aspects of ATEX design have increasingly come to light. Not only do electrical power transmission products, but also mechanical power transmission products need to comply with the ATEX directive.

357 Better Long than Short (October 2012)

The glass is at least half-full—and there is no hole in the glass. While fiscal cliff disaster is a possibility, we’re thinking more fiscal pothole.

358 PTExtras (October 2012)

Highlights from our e-mail newsletter and online videos section.

359 When a Good Gear Drive System Goes Bad (October 2012)

Even when the critical components of industrial power transmission gear drive systems are properly designed, specified and manufactured consistent with application requirements, performance problems can develop over time and failure may follow.

360 The Fundamentals of Specifying and Selecting Gear Drives (December 2012)

Gear drives deliver power to industrial equipment such as bulk material conveyors, mixers, pumps and paper mills. The reliability that translates into greater uptime and profitability begins by specifying and selecting the proper drives for these critical applications.

361 Designing Drive Systems for Low-Web-Speed Applications (December 2012)

This paper will look at the solutions that current drive and motor technology can offer in not only improving tension control but also solving several other issues that are inherent to systems with high ratio gearing.

362 Gear Wear Calculation and Prediction (February 2015)

Wear is a very important topic for dry running plastic gears. Over the past few years, the authors have worked closely with a number of manufacturers of plastic gears to investigate the problems of gear wear in detail. Together they have developed a calculation method that can be used to predict where and when local wear will occur on a tooth flank. Their findings have also just been published in the final version of VDI 2736.

News Items About IL

1 Maxon EC 90 Equipped with MILE Encoder (June 12, 2012)
The ultra slim design of Maxon's EC 90 flat motor is now equipped with a MILE encoder. MILE (Maxon's Inductive Little Encoder) is...

2 Congressman Manzullo Visits New Danfoss Facility (August 26, 2011)
Danfoss recently hosted Congressman Don Manzullo (R-IL), local officials and community leaders for a groundbreaking ceremony for the comp...

3 UNILOAD Vibration Mount Catalog from AAC Features Constant Natural Frequency Mounts (CNF Type) (September 27, 2007)
A new vibration mount catalog, "UNILOAD™ Constant Natural Frequency Mounts, V105” has been released by Advanced Anti...

4 Supplementary Facility Opened to Serve Power Generator Customers (May 8, 2009)
Hennig, Inc. has opened a new building in Rockford, IL for designing, engineering and fabricating enclosures for the power generator and ...

5 DAE-IL Selects Murray, Kentucky for First U.S. Manufacturing Operation (August 2, 2018)
DAE-IL Corp., a manufacturer of powertrain parts, will invest $50 million and create 120 full-time jobs through the location of its first...

6 Aerotech Linear Stages Offer Repeatability and Accuracy (September 30, 2011)
The MPS50SL miniature linear positioning stage is suitable for the confines of the laboratory while retaining the high reliability r...

7 Boca Ceramic Bearings Offer Flexibility (September 26, 2011)
Boca Bearing Company is introducing a new line of full ceramic bearings, ceramic hybrid bearings and lubricants catered towards the autom...

8 Ameridrives Couplings Available with Torsi-Lock Hubs (October 7, 2011)
Developed for API 610 service, Torsiflex-i flexible disc couplings feature a robust disc pack design, allowing for greater torque load in...

9 Manufacturing Survey Describes State of Skilled Workers Gap (October 18, 2011)
American manufacturing companies cannot fill as many as 600,000 skilled positions – even as unemployment number...

10 Haydon Kerk Introduces Motorized Linear Rail System (October 21, 2011)
The Kerk RGS/RGW linear rail platform by Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions now includes a 180 degree folded-over motorized design. This design...

11 Kilian Bearings Withstand Washdown Environments (October 20, 2011)
Kilian Manufacturing, Syracuse, New York, has developed a line of ball bearing housed units for the tough washdown conditions in food pro...

12 MICO Opens Electrohydraulics Facility (September 13, 2011)
MICO, Incorporated, a designer and manufacturer of hydraulic components, controls and brake systems, has opened a new facility in Shakope...

13 Techno-Omil Releases Gripper Series (September 8, 2011)
A new series of two-finger parallel grippers from Techno-Omil feature a heavy-duty T-slot design. Identified as the OPP2-.... Series, the...

14 B&R Safety Standard Utilized in Packaging Industry (August 15, 2011)
On the one hand, large international companies such as Nestlé rely on a flexible choice of machines from various manufacturers. On...

15 Forest City Gear Expands Machine Capabilities (August 10, 2011)
Forest City Gear has acquired three Haas turning centers to improve the throughput at its gearmaking facility.  The company has made...

16 RIA Unveils Improved Online Career Center (August 18, 2011)
Jobs that pay well in the robotics industry can be found on the new and improved Career Center from the Robotics Industries Association (...

17 Rexroth Delivers High-Precision Ball Rail System (October 19, 2010)
The High-Precision Ball Rail linear guide system from Bosch Rexroth Corporation takes the science of linear motion forward by reducing ro...

18 Amacoil/Uhing Offers Traversing Drive Assembly (August 30, 2011)
A traversing drive assembly from Amacoil/Uhing enables an automatic increase or decrease in travel distance without requiring programming...

19 Hyundai Wia Opens New Jersey Facility (October 25, 2011)
The new home of Hyundai Wia (HWMA) opened with a two-day grand opening celebration on September 12th and 13th. More than 200 major distri...

20 Amacoil Releases Parts-Scanning Platform (October 14, 2010)
Amacoil has designed a parts scanning platform that moves in a reciprocating motion pattern using the Uhing linear drive. The linear...

21 Miller Bearings Joins EPTDA (February 8, 2012)
The European Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA), the leading European organization for the mechanical power transmission...

22 Nord Gearmotors Offer Reliability for Rolling Mills (January 16, 2012)
In recent years, Nord Drivesystems has been very active in the steel industry in China and India. Nord has supplied 2,500 geared motors t...

23 Encoders Minimize Motor Build Length (February 20, 2012)
Meeting the motor industry's needs for a thin and robust rotary encoder for tight spaces is Leine and Linde's introduction o...

24 Bison Gear Kicks Off ILIT Learning Challenge (March 1, 2012)
In order to build a more competitive and skilled engineering workforce for the future, Bison Gear and Engineering is working with the Ill...

25 Siemens Combines Electric Motors into Single Product Family (March 6, 2012)
The Siemens Drive Technologies Division has combined all of its electric motors into one product family with the name Simotics, a move de...

26 Trelleborg Continues to Invest in Brazilian Market (January 13, 2012)
Global engineering group Trelleborg continues to make significant investment into the Brazilian market, creating a platform for local pre...

27 ExxonMobil Releases Advanced Gear Lubricants (January 9, 2012)
ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum Specialties announced the introduction of its new lineup of high-performance, fully-synthetic indus...

28 MAG Acquiring Samputensili Gear Hobbing Line (October 11, 2010)
MAG, a manufacturing technology company, has acquired the gear hobbing and chamfering/deburring product line of Samputensili GmbH in Chem...

29 Sumitomo Opens Brazil Facility (November 28, 2011)
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (SHI) recently held the opening ceremony for its newly completed plant in the city of Itu, Sao Paulo, Bra...

30 Galil Releases New Motion Controller (December 16, 2011)
Galil Motion Control recently released the DMC-300xx Pocket Motion Controller Series, their latest generation, single-axis Ethernet motio...

31 ITAMCO Adds Large Grinder to its High-Performance Gear Capabilities (December 20, 2011)
Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies (ITAMCO) has integrated a Niles ZP 40 gear grinder into its gearing capabilities. The ZP 4...

32 Shaft Collars Available for Harsh Environments (January 4, 2012)
A full line of 316 stainless steel shaft collars and rigid shaft couplings that resist harsh chemicals, solvents, detergents and salt wat...

33 Kollmorgen to Discuss Motion Control Family at Pack Expo (August 10, 2011)
Kollmorgen will be on hand to discuss its family of motion systems and components, and co-engineering services at the Converting & Pa...

34 Servometer Utilizes Electroforming Technology with Waveguides (August 2, 2011)
Flexible waveguides are available from Servometer, LLC to transmit signals of microwave and radar instrumentation. By using electroformin...

35 Actuator Offers Built-In Anti-Rotation Mechanism (February 16, 2011)
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc, a manufacturer of precision linear motion products, now offers the 19000 Series, 20 mm captive linear ...

36 WEG Provides Automation for Sugar Mill (February 4, 2011)
Responsible for 33 percent of the sugar produced in Ecuador, the Ingenio Valdez sugar mill will operate with a completely automated ...

37 Servomotors Available with EtherCAT Interface (February 23, 2011)
Dunkermotoren servomotors in the BG family cover an output power range of 40 to 500 watts. These compact drives have been available for m...

38 Equipment Solutions Offers Voice Coil Stage (March 11, 2011)
High speed, high force, sub-micron, > 300 nanometer (1.1811 10-6 in.) positioning resolution, cross roller voice coil stages are self ...

39 Rockwell Demonstrates Capabilities at Pack Expo (October 27, 2010)
Rockwell Automation will demonstrate at Pack Expo 2010 how machine builders can lower their total cost to design, develop and deliver pac...

40 ScrewRail Actuator Simplifies Motion Systems (March 18, 2011)
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc., a manufacturer of engineered linear motion products, recently introduced the SRA04 Motorized ScrewRai...

41 Saia Motors Provide Design Flexibility (February 1, 2011)
Johnson Electric recently introduced the Saia ULE Series Linear Stepper Motors. Available in unipolar or bipolar configurations, these mo...

42 Wittenstein Opens Production Facility in Switzerland (January 26, 2011)
The Wittenstein Group, with North American headquarters outside of Chicago, Illinois, continues to expand with the grand opening of a new...

43 Gleason Establishes New Sales and Service Operation in Brazil (December 7, 2010)
To meet the needs of gear manufacturers in the Brazilian market, Gleason Corporation has expanded its global presence with the formation ...

44 Brushless DC Servo Motors Expand Capabilities (November 8, 2010)
The BX4 family of brushless DC servo motors from Faulhaber recently welcomed a new member. With a 22 mm module, the 2232/2250 BX4 CSD/CCD...

45 SKF Receives Leadership Award for Sustainability (December 8, 2010)
SKF has received the corporate 2010 Supplier Leadership Award for "Sustainability" from Johnson Controls. The award was present...

46 RK Duoline Offers Flexibility (December 14, 2010)
According to Rose+Krieger, a new generation of RK DuoLine linear units, supplied with a spindle or timing belt, will bring greater flexib...

47 Haydon Kerk Releases SplineRail Linear Actuator (January 3, 2011)
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc., a manufacturer of engineered linear motion products, recently introduced the Programmable Motorized S...

48 Engis Plans Illinois Expansion (March 18, 2011)
Engis Corporation, a leading provider of complete superabrasive finishing solutions for lapping, honing, polishing and grinding, rec...

49 Sensor Products Offers Fuji Prescale Pressure Film (April 6, 2011)
Fuji Prescale is a Mylar tactile pressure indicating sensor film, distributed by Sensor Products Inc.,that instantly reveals surface pres...

50 TechAmerica Applauds Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (July 26, 2011)
TechAmerica recently applauded Illinois Governor Pat Quinn for signing Senate Bill 107, the Technology Development Act (TDA II), leg...

51 BEI Offers Voice Coil Actuators (June 23, 2011)
BEI Kimco Magnetics, a company of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), Inc., has announced a breakthrough in miniaturization for cyli...

52 Safety Controller Software Available from Omron STI (March 7, 2012)
Omron Scientific Technologies Inc. is offering to select customers' free G9SP software for purchases of G9SP Programmable Safety Cont...

53 Solo Controllers Offer Flexibility and Simplicity (July 29, 2011)
AutomationDirect's 24 VDC powered Solo process/temperature controllers are powerful process tools offering flexibility and simplicity...

54 Baldor Type E Series Ensures Performance and Reliability (August 1, 2011)
Baldor Electric Company, a Fort Smith, Arkansas-based manufacturer of energy-saving, industrial electric motors, drives, mechanical power...

55 NKE Bearings Offer Versatile Solutions (June 10, 2011)
Bearing manufacturer NKE recently introduced bearing solutions for industrial gearboxes at this year's Motion, Drive and Automation F...

56 Vestas Turbine Tests Commercial Viability in the Far North (June 1, 2011)
In the far northern reaches of Canada, sometimes referred to as the land of ice and snow, stands one of Vestas' northern-most located...

57 Gear Drive Suitable for Printing, Packaging and Textile Machinery (April 20, 2011)
A new series of hollow-shaft right angle helical gear drives from Sterling Instrument, an ISO 9001:2000+AS9100B registered manufacturer, ...

58 Rotary Movement System Available in Four Sizes (April 14, 2011)
Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation, manufacturer of the original DualVee guide wheel, recently announced the availability of the new HepcoMoti...

59 Igus DryLin R Bearings Utilized in Post-Plating Machine (April 25, 2011)
A machine used during the post-plating stage of a high-performance metal finishing process uses DryLin R linear plain bearings from igus ...

60 PI Invests in $13 Million Expansion (May 16, 2011)
Motion control specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) and piezo ceramics specialist PI Ceramic are planning to invest approximately $13 milli...

61 Timken Agrees to Purchase Philadelphia Gear (May 27, 2011)
The Timken Company, located in Canton, Ohio, has announced plans to purchase Philadelphia Gear Corp. for $200 million. Based in King...

62 SplineRail Linear Actuator Simplifies Drive and Guidance (October 29, 2010)
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc., a manufacturer of engineered linear motion products, recently introduced the SAA06 Motorized SplineRa...

63 Nieves Joins Advisory Council for RoboBusiness Leadership Summit (March 19, 2012)
Motoman Robotics is pleased to announce Erik Nieves, technology director, joined the 2012 Advisory Council for the RoboBusiness Leadershi...

64 QA1 Breaks Ground on Minnesota Facility Expansion (July 24, 2013)
QA1 broke ground on its 17,200 square foot fabrication expansion project as employees gathered on the grounds to watch the ground breakin...

65 Gilman Adds Weimer Bearing to Provide Sales Support (July 22, 2013)
Gilman Precision has added Weimer Bearing and Transmission as the exclusive representative to cover portions of the Upper Midwest. Effect...

66 Maxon Spindle Drives Available in Wear-Proof Ceramic (September 6, 2013)
The GP 16 S with ceramic spindle joins the ranks of the existing 16 series spindle drives. With its unique metric M6 ceramic spindle, it ...

67 Gilman to Exhibit at Westec 2013 (October 9, 2013)
Gilman Precision will be attending the upcoming Westec Trade Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center, October 15 – 17, 2013.Gilma...

68 NES Announces Capabilities for Centrifugal Pumps and Turbomachinery (October 25, 2013)
Napoleon Engineering Services (NES), an ISO9001:2008 and AS9100C certified custom bearing manufacturing, bearing inspection, and bearing ...

69 Broadwind Wins $106 Million in Tower Orders (October 10, 2013)
Broadwind Energy, Inc. recently announced $106 million in tower orders from a U.S. wind turbine manufacturer. Broadwind will produce thes...

70 Vomat Micro Filtration Specialist has U.S. Presence (June 27, 2013)
Carbide tool makers relying on competent filtration system suppliers can capitalize a great deal, when employing  state of the art m...

71 Vacon Opens Facility in Wisconsin (June 14, 2013)
The global AC drives manufacturer Vacon continues to expand its operations in North America and has relocated to a larger facility in Mil...

72 Stock Drive Gear Sculpture Illustrates Mechanical Motion (March 5, 2013)
A new kinetic gear sculpture from SDP/SI is designed to illustrate mechanical motion principles at trade shows. It was designed and arran...

73 Manufacturing Institute Lauds Focus on Manufacturing and Skill Gap (February 15, 2013)
The Manufacturing Institute is pleased that manufacturing and the need for a skilled workforce took center stage in the State of the Unio...

74 Amacoil Expands Linear Drive Nut Line (April 5, 2013)
Amacoil/Uhing has expanded its line of Model RS rolling ring linear drive nuts with the new RS8 drive. The new unit runs on an 8 mm diame...

75 Gilman Gains Sales Rep with New England Tooling (May 13, 2013)
Effective immediately, Gilman Precision will begin working with New England Tooling. They are headquartered in the city of North Hampton,...

76 Oerlikon Drive Systems Wins CHF 600 Million Contract (May 14, 2013)
Oerlikon’s Drive Systems Segment announces a long term contract worth up to CHF 600 million with a major global agricultural and of...

77 Auburn Ball Bearing Fulfills Medical Order Request (May 13, 2013)
Long time U.S. thrust bearing manufacturer, Auburn Ball Bearing, received a request from a renowned medical device company to manufacture...

78 Amacoil Announces Linear Speed Control Option (October 29, 2013)
Amacoil/Uhing has announced a linear speed control option for Model RG rolling ring linear drives. Normally, the drive moves on a driven ...

79 Oerlikon Unveils Torque Hub During Agritechnica (October 31, 2013)
Oerlikon Fairfield’s C026 Torque-Hub planetary drives are designed for the largest self-propelled sprayers in the world. The C026 i...

80 Amacoil-Uhing Introduces Easylock Shaft Collars (January 27, 2014)
Amacoil/Uhing has introduced Easylock shaft collars which hold reels, spools and other objects in place on shafts. Objects are held firml...

81 Napoleon Engineering Expands Capabilities (January 21, 2014)
Napoleon Engineering Services have announced the recent expansion of their bearing manufacturing capabilities to now include back-up bear...

82 Napoleon Engineering Expands Inspection Capabilities (January 29, 2014)
Napoleon Engineering Services have announced the expansion of their bearing inspection capabilities to include first article inspections ...

83 Lafert Wins Green Building Award (February 13, 2014)
Lafert North America’s High Performance Metric Motors won first place in the Green Building category in the annual AHR Innovation A...

84 Bauer Gear PMSM Series Offers Efficiency and Flexibility (March 7, 2014)
The IE2 regulations effectively cleaned-up the lower efficiency end of the market; if an application requires a motor to operate rarely, ...

85 Aerotech Moves to Larger Facility in United Kingdom (February 20, 2014)
As part of continued expansion in the global precision motion and automation systems arena, Aerotech Inc. - the Pittsburgh-USA headquarte...

86 Schneeberger Minirail Announces Complimentary Axis (January 13, 2014)
Schneeberger Minirail offers tight tolerances and smooth running products. With innovations like ball retention clips and a new Miniscale...

87 GE Oil and Gas to Acquire Allen Gears (December 12, 2013)
Expanding its presence in the industrial gears sector, GE Oil & Gas, recently announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Allen G...

88 Bauer Motor Design Fulfills Efficiency Standards (November 21, 2013)
The need to convert customers from super price sensitive buyers to intelligent, specification and purchasing entities remains an on-going...

89 SKF Extends Capabilities to Repair and Rebuild Ball Screws (November 20, 2013)
SKF introduces extensive capabilities to repair and/or rebuild ball screws for machine tools with a dedicated service channel and full te...

90 C&U Americas Move to Larger Facility (November 21, 2013)
C&U Americas, the North American subsidiary of The C&U Group, has moved its overall operations to a new and larger facility. The ...

91 Michigan Manufacturing International Opens New Facility (November 27, 2013)
Michigan Manufacturing International (MMI), a broad line supplier of high-quality mechanical assemblies and components, held a grand open...

92 Voith Couplings Utilized on Belt Conveyor Drive (December 6, 2013)
When high reliability and power are needed, the mining company Xishan Jinxing Energy Co. Ltd relies on the fill-controlled 866 TPKL fluid...

93 Heidenhain Provides Rotary Encoder Versatility (January 28, 2013)
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInt...

94 Sakor Announces Family of AC Dynamometer Systems (January 17, 2013)
Sakor Technologies, Inc. recently introduced its Accudyne family of AC Motoring Dynamometers. The Accudyne offers an extremely flexible d...

95 Miller and Negri Highlight Successful BSA Convention (May 17, 2012)
The Bearing Specialists Association (BSA) elected Linda Miller, Bearings & Drives, Inc., as president for 2012-2013. In addition to M...

96 Graphalloy Bushings Provide Solution for Oil Field Applications (May 3, 2012)
Graphalloy wear rings and bushings from Graphite Metallizing Corporation provide performance superior to standard metal stationary and ro...

97 Stage Delivers Compact Stability (May 17, 2012)
PI's new M-687 motorized microscope XY stage for inverted microscopes is more compact and stable than traditional computer controllab...

98 Cyclone Effect Extends Filter Lifetime (June 8, 2012)
The new developed In Line Filter (LEN) by Rexroth offers significantly improved performance. A new design, using the cyclone effect in th...

99 Haydon Kerk Expands Manufacturing Capabilities (June 26, 2012)
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, a division of AMETEK/Precision Motion Control, announces the expansion of their manufacturing capabilities ...

100 Metronix Offers New Servo Drive Family (June 11, 2012)
Metronix  has launched a range of servo drives for precision motion control that can boost performance and slash system building cos...

101 Trelleborg Offers Sealing Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry (May 1, 2012)
With 50 years of experience in oil & gas sealing applications, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is making it easier for oil & gas eng...

102 Bellows Couplings Offer Accuracy and Repeatability (April 26, 2012)
Bellows couplings from Ruland Manufacturing offer a high degree of accuracy and repeatability for renewable solar energy applications inc...

103 Haydon Kerk Customizes Linear Rail System (March 23, 2012)
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions customizes linear motion systems for just about any application. One example is a precision linear rail...

104 Zero Maintenance Bearings Available for Schmidt Offset Couplings (October 4, 2010)
Zero maintenance bearings are now available as an option for Schmidt Offset couplings from Zero-Max. This new coupling feature eliminates...

105 ABB Develops Rail Innovations (March 26, 2012)
ABB, a power and automation technology group has successfully developed a traction transformer that uses power electronics to reduce it...

106 Igus Rod End Bearings Offer Versatility (April 3, 2012)
Igus now offers its igubal K-Series rod end bearings in a clip version with different ball materials.  The new clip-in feature makes...

107 Cicoil Offers Flexible Cables for Oil Drilling Operations (April 10, 2012)
Cicoil's Highly Flexible Silicone Cables are designed for extreme temperatures (-65 °C to +260 °C), punishing weather and&nbs...

108 SKF Stroboscope Facilitates Easy Inspection (June 29, 2012)
The portable SKF TKRS 10 Stroboscope facilitates easy inspection of rotating or reciprocating machinery in a "flash" without st...

109 Rexnord Launches Mobile Bearing Application (July 5, 2012)
Rexnord recently launched Bearing Mobile Pro, its new iPhone app, to allow customers and distributors easier and more available access to...

110 Amacoil and Uhing Announce Flange Detection System (October 12, 2012)
Amacoil/Uhing has announced that their FA Flange Detection System has been reengineered for simpler operation and now utilizes laser sens...

111 Martin Sprocket and Gear Highlights Plastic Capabilities (October 9, 2012)
Martin Sprocket & Gear, Inc. is not only a producer of traditional power transmission products, material handling systems and compone...

112 Trelleborg Expands Life Sciences Facility (October 19, 2012)
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions continues to broaden its global footprint in the North American life sciences industry with a $ 7.3 million ...

113 Childers Named President of C&U Americas (December 14, 2012)
C&U Americas, the North American subsidiary of The C&U Group, has named William (Bill) A. Childers as its new president. The anno...

114 Cicoil Designs Cables for Submersible Vehicle Applications (January 4, 2013)
Cicoil's highly flexible flat silicone cables are designed for use on Autonomous Subsea Vehicles that require absolute reliability in...

115 Stober Utilizes Heidenhain Encoders for Servo Motors (December 17, 2012)
Manufacturers of robots and CNC machine tools require precise and compact drives with high power efficiency. To meet these and future dem...

116 Gilman Adds Kacey Enterprises for Sales Representation (October 4, 2012)
Gilman USA has added Kacey Enterprises Inc., as an outside sales representative to cover portions of the Upper Midwest. Effective Oct. 1,...

117 Haydon Kerk Introduces BGS04 Linear Rail System (September 25, 2012)
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, a division of AMETEK Precision Motion Control, introduces the BGS04 Linear Rail System—the first mode...

118 BDI Relocates Branch Offices in Illinois and Ohio (July 6, 2012)
BDI (Bearing Distributors Inc.), headquartered in Cleveland, OH, has announced the relocation of its Justice, Illinois branch. Effective ...

119 Motion Industries Catalog Available Online (July 5, 2012)
Motion Industries, a leading distributor of industrial maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) replacement parts, has announced that the...

120 Inductive Proximity Sensors Offer Flexibility (August 1, 2012)
Pepperl+Fuchs NRB/NRN Series Inductive Proximity Sensors with reduction factor 1 are capable of detecting every kind of metal at the same...

121 IMTS Preview: Mobil Industrial Lubricants (August 8, 2012)
ExxonMobil Lubricants and Petroleum Specialties, a division of Exxon Mobil Corporation ("ExxonMobil"), will showcase its range ...

122 Nord Drivesystems Utilize Gear Motors for Aggregates Unit (August 22, 2012)
The IECS Company, specializing in the manufacture, assembly, and maintenance of quarry and sand pits equipments has chosen Nord gear moto...

123 Cicoil Offers Silicone Cables for Wind Applications (March 16, 2012)
Cicoil's Highly Flexible Silicone Cables are designed for continuous motion and harsh weather conditions. Suitable in windmill t...

124 Survey States Manufacturers Still Pessimistic About Economy (September 10, 2010)
Business leaders in the manufacturing space are pessimistic, with only a third (33 percent) expecting the U.S. economy to improve in the ...

125 PowerJacks Offer More Precise Movement with Spring Coil Limiter (January 8, 2007)
The newest innovation from PowerJacks addresses an industrial machine’s needs to move a cover or lid onto a dead stop or sealing fa...

126 Advanced Heat Treat Installing $1.5 Million Large Capacity Ion Nitriding Vessel (January 4, 2007)
Advanced Heat Treat Corp. is installing one of the world's largest ion nitriding vessels in their new Cullman, AL service center, cur...

127 Explosion at Falk Kills Three Employees, Injures 46 (January 9, 2007)
An explosion at Milwaukee-based Falk Corp....

128 Paulo Products Adds Surface Treatment Capabilities (January 10, 2007)
Paulo Products Company added two surface treatments at its St Louis, MO, facility. Paulo-St Louis now has the capability to perform ...

129 Siemens Acquires UGS for $3.5 Billion (January 26, 2007)
Siemens signed a definitive agreement to acquire UGS Corp., a provider of product lifecycle management software and services. The agr...

130 Paccar Announces Plans for $400 Million Engine Manufacturing Plant (January 16, 2007)
Paccar Inc. Inc unveiled plans for a new $400 million powertrain manufacturing and assembly facility in the southeast United States. ...

131 Honda Announces $615 Million U.S. Expansion Project (May 1, 2006)
Honda announced plans May 16 to invest $615 million and increase employment by more than 1,900 to expand its North American automobile, e...

132 Sterling Instruments New Precision Internal Gears Selectable by Inches or Millimeters (April 30, 2006)
New precision internal gears from Sterling Instrument are available from stock in inch and metric sizes. The 20? pressure angle inch ...

133 BrecoFlex Introduces Silicone Flat Belts for Positioning and Conveying PCV Cards with Card Printing and Card Reading Devices (April 21, 2006)
BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. offers seamless ESBAND? flat belts with and without carcass. Customized belts can be designed for individual applic...

134 Timken Invests $5 Million in Induction Heat Treat Line (April 20, 2006)
The Timken Co. announced plans to invest $5 million in a new induction heat treat line at its steel plant in Canton, OH, that will increa...

135 Dynamic Quartz Force Sensors for Automotive Component Durability and (April 21, 2006)
Piezoelectric force sensors from the Force/Torque Division of PCB$B%g(B Piezotronics, Inc., are well-suited for multi-cycle, high repet...

136 Bonfiglioli Inaugurates Turkish Facility (April 26, 2006)
Bonfiglioli inaugurated a facility in Izmir, Turkey in October. According to the company's press release, Turkey has recently been...

137 Rexnord Sold to Apollo for $1.8 Billion (April 30, 2006)
Apollo Management LP bought Rexnord Corp. from The Carlyle Group for $1.825 billion. The Carlyle Group announced the transaction on th...

138 Hansen Transmissions Invests More than 10 Million Euros in New Test Infrastructure (April 27, 2006)
Hansen Transmissions announced an investment of more than 10 million euros for a 13 megawatt test bench for the dynamic testing of wind t...

139 Heidenhain Opens New Building in Germany (February 6, 2007)
Heidenhain Corp. opened a new state-of-the-art building at its world headquarters in Traunreut, Germany. The new approximately 135,00...

140 Hansen Transmissions Establishes Gearbox Facility in India (February 12, 2007)
Hansen Transmissions International announced plans to invest 170 million euros for a wind turbine production plant. The facility will sup...

141 Sumitomo Expands Corona Facility (March 12, 2007)
Sumitomo Machinery Corp. of America announces an expansion in production operations at their facility in Corona, CA, to include the Hypon...

142 P & F Industries Acquires Hy-Tech Machine and Related Assets for $16.9 Million (March 6, 2007)
P&F Industries, Inc. announced that,through a newly-formed subsidiary, it has acquired substantially all of the assets comprising the bus...

143 Bison Gear Institutes Skilled Workforce Initiative (May 24, 2007)
Bison Gear & Engineering is collaborating with other manufacturing, governmental and educational institutions to remedy the shortage of q...

144 J.W. Winco’s New Actuators Available in Stainless Steel (May 29, 2007)
J.W. Winco now offers metric linear actuators with left- and right-hand thread. According to the company's press release, the act...

145 Fairloc Catalog D242 Available from Stock Drive Products (May 29, 2007)
Fastening rotating components to shafts has become easier with the publication of a new 96-page catalog "Handbook of Fairloc® Components,...

146 Vectron's Viscosity Sensor Detects Oil Change in Gearbox (May 29, 2007)
The low shear ViSmartâ„¢ viscosity sensor from Vectron International was recently used to collect real-time viscosity data in an oil-aging ...

147 New Parallel Shaft Gearmotors from Sharq Motion Offer Backward Compatibility (March 5, 2007)
The new Sharq 207 series parallel shaft gearmotors, designed as direct drop-in replacements for many high volume OEM applications are the...

148 Philadelphia Gear Offers Two Versions of Continuous Oil Rescue Equipment (March 5, 2007)
Philadelphia Gear Corp. announced the availability of two versions of the company's proprietary CORE Continuous Oil Rescue Equipment....

149 HSI’s New Linear Actuators Available with Encoder Feedback (February 27, 2007)
The new size 8 linear actuators are now available with encoder feedback, making them suitable for high and low volume motion control appl...

150 High Performance Stepper Drives with Advanced Features and Control Options Available in 200 VAC Models (February 21, 2007)
Applied Motion Products’ family of STAC6 High Performance Stepper Drives are now available in 220 VAC models. According to the ...

151 Moog’s New Controller Offers Advanced Capabilities in Industry-Standard Package (February 28, 2007)
The M3000 from Moog Controls is designed to address the needs of high-performance digital control for hydraulic and electrical products. ...

152 Belden’s Universal Joint Exceeds Military Standards (March 1, 2007)
Belden’s complete line of universal joints and shaft assemblies include a full range of military certified universal joints used in ...

153 High Performance Stepper Drives with Advanced Features and Control Options Available in 200VAC Models (March 2, 2007)
Applied Motion Products’ family of STAC6 High Performance Stepper Drives are now available in 220 VAC models. According to the c...

154 Steinmeyer Introduces New Low Profile Stage (April 18, 2006)

155 Allegro Introduces New Family of Low Power Off-Line SMPS Primary Regulators (April 17, 2006)
Allegro announces a new line of low-power off-line SMPS primary regulators targeted at the consumer electronic, industrial appliance and ...

156 New Brochure from Weiler Corp. (April 4, 2005)
The latest brochure from Weiler Corp. details the importance of deburring in gear manufacturing. All cutting and shaping operations p...

157 Regal Beloit Announces Sale of Illinois Gear Open Gear Division (March 31, 2005)
Regal Beloit Corp. announced today that the company has reached a definitive agreement for the sale of the Illinois Gear open gear divisi...

158 Rexnord Buys Falk for $295 Million (April 6, 2005)
Rexnord Corp. announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase The Falk Corp. from Hamilton Sundstrand, a subs...

159 Philadelphia Gear Extends Standard Warranty (April 12, 2005)
Philadelphia Gear Corp. has announced its "best-in-industry" standard warranty. The company's original standard warranty covered t...

160 Philadelphia Gear Completes ISO-9001 for All Five Regional Service Centers (April 13, 2005)
Philadelphia Gear Corp., a full-service provider of gearing and power transmission solutions, has completed ISO-9001 (2000 standard) cert...

161 New GM at Philadelphia Gear (April 13, 2005)
Boyd Swearingen was promoted to general manager for Philadelphia Gear’s Gulf Coast and Southeast region. According to the company...

162 New Lubrication System from Oil Rite (March 16, 2005)
The new Purge X infrared lubrication system from Oil Rite is designed for use in automotive, conveyor, packaging and textile industries....

163 Hansen Transmission Opens Chinese facility (February 18, 2005)
Hansen Transmissions has opened a facility in Shanghai, China, for the representation of its line of gear units, turbines and industrial ...

164 Phillips Accepts Senior Position at Gleason (December 22, 2003)
Bob Phillips was appointed senior vice president of the Tooling Products Group at Gleason Corp. Prior to this assignment, he served a...

165 New Facilities for Hansen Transmissions (December 12, 2003)
Hansen Transmissions has moved to a new assembly and repair center, located in Verona, VA. According to the company?s press release, ...

166 New Oscillating Mount from Lovejoy (December 25, 2003)
[photo] The ROSTA AB oscillating family from Lovejoy is an upgrade of the heavy-duty AB mounts in order to perform lighter operation wit...

167 NEMA Applauds Tax Relief Bill (January 28, 2004)
The National Electrical Manufacturers Association commanded President George Bush for signing H.R. 4520,the Job Creation Act of 2004. ...

168 New Oil from Heatbath Corp. (February 2, 2005)
Lab Oil 100 from Heatbath Corp. is dry-to-the-touch over phosphate coating, low in toxicity, has improved emulsification and high corrosi...

169 Bodine Introduces New Family of Gearmotors (April 19, 2005)
The family of gearmotors includes a Quinsulation five-stage insulation system designed to meet NEMA MG 1-1993, Section IV, Part 31. The i...

170 Philadelphia Gear Hires Mark Cooke as Sales Manager (April 30, 2005)
Philadelphia Gear Corp. hired Mark Cooke as regional sales manager for the Gulf Coast region. Among Cooke’s new responsibilities...

171 Samputensili Master Gears Personalized to Customer or DIN Specifications (April 12, 2006)
Samputensili has introduced a range of master gears to determine work gear accuracy and setting masters to adjust checking equipment. ...

172 Weiler’s New Brochure Details In-Machine CNC Deburring on Flat Surfaces (April 11, 2006)
Weiler Corp.’s newest brochure details its in-machine CNC deburring of flat surfaces and highlights the company’s Nylox disc br...

173 Steinmeyer’s New Rotary Stage Features Built-In Stepper Motor and Controller (April 14, 2006)
Steinmeyer, Inc. announced a new precision rotary positioning stage. The fully integrated and compact DT 200-SM "plug and play" rotary st...

174 Renault, Nissan and GM Explore Alliance Possibilities (April 14, 2006)
General Motors, Renault and Nissan said that an exploratory discussion was held regarding the possibility of an industrial alliance among...

175 Stock Drive’s New Molded Racks Offer Extension Possibilities (April 16, 2006)
A new series of four flexible molded racks introduced by Stock Drive Products can run with standard 20 degree pressure angle metric gears...

176 Steinmeyer Introduces New Low Profile Goniometer Stages (April 15, 2006)
Steinmeyer has introduced two new low profile Goniometer stages manufactured by its FMD division. These stages are designed for precis...

177 Parker Expands Its PowerStation Family (April 8, 2006)
Parker Automaton-CTC introduced the EPX10S, which is equipped with a 10" TFT, SVGA display and analog resistive touchscreen. It joins th...

178 Philadelphia Gear Simplifies Controller (April 7, 2006)
Philadelphia Gear Corp. introduces the Mark VII controller, which was developed for the company’s Synchrotorque brand of variable sp...

179 Zero Max’s New Couplings Provide Zero Backlash Operation While Handling High Torque (January 19, 2006)
The new CD® Couplings from Zero-Max combine high torsional stiffness and high dynamic load capacity providing engineers with the righ...

180 Parker’s New Catalog Details Motion and Control Products (January 18, 2006)
Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division announces the release of a new catalog featuring its Bayside...

181 Philadelphia Gear Opens Dubai Sales Office, Names New Manager (January 30, 2006)
Philadelphia Gear Corp. opened a new sales office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in November. James Aston was appointed as Middle East re...

182 Timken Announced Plans for Bearing Manufacturing Facility in India (April 2, 2006)
The Timken Co. announced plans to build a bearing manufacturing facility in India. The plant will be located in Chennai, in the southern ...

183 Allegro MicroSystems New Motor Driver Completes Product Family (April 4, 2006)
Allegro MicroSystems announced a new DMOS full-bride motor driver to complement their parallel input DC motor driver family. Designed...

184 Gearmotors Built for High Torque Applications (June 6, 2007)
The AKM gearmotors set from Heason Technologies combines the torque density from the company's line of servomotors with its planetary...

185 Cicoil’s High-Flex Cables Resistant to Water (June 13, 2007)
Cicoil's silicone cables offer improved environmental protection, including superior water resistance. According to the company's...

186 LFS 12 Rails and Carriages Offer Low Cost Solutions for Door Enclosure and Transfer System Applications (February 17, 2009)
Techno, Inc. Linear Motion Products released a line of low profile linear rails and carriages called the LFS 12 Series. Offered in two co...

187 CD-ROM on Voith Fill-Controlled Fluid Couplings (February 4, 2009)
Voith Turbo, the drive technology specialist, presents animations of fill-controlled fluid couplings on a multimedia CD-ROM. Fill-control...

188 Skills Certification System Targets High Unemployment, Unfilled Manufacturing Jobs (April 2, 2009)
The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is partnering with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and The Manufacturing Ins...

189 Hansen Delivers First Gearbox from Chinese Facility (April 13, 2009)
Hansen Transmissions announced the delivery of the first gearbox manufactured in the new facility in the Beichen Hi-tech Industrial Park,...

190 Techno's Pro Series 4896 Models Offer Rigid Durability and a Compact Style (June 4, 2009)
Techno, Inc. CNC Routers released the Model 4896 Pro Series. The Pro Series was designed to meet the high demands of panel process ma...

191 Heavy-Duty Slide 2 Improved, Carries Heavy-Cantilevered Loads with Ease (May 15, 2009)
Techno, Inc. Linear Motion Systems introduces the improved Heavy-Duty Slide 2, constructed from a single rigid aluminum extrusion profile...

192 High-Torque Mobile Clutches Developed for Gas and Diesel Engines (January 30, 2009)
Ogura’s series of mobile electromagnetic clutches provide quick and easy engagement and disengagement of pumps, engine cooling fans...

193 Single-Piece Clutch or Brake Available (January 22, 2009)
To reduce assembly time of sub components for machinery manufacturers, Ogura has developed bearing mounted clutch and brake assemblies th...

194 New Atlanta TR Flanged Pinions Available (November 19, 2008)
Atlanta Drive Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce a new range of ISO 9409-1 flanged pinions, which have compact designs to reduce the am...

195 Narrow Profile Slide 2 Guides Designs Through Tight Quarters (October 14, 2008)
Techno, Inc. Linear Motion Systems introduces the new Narrow Profile Slide 2 designed to carry heavy loads and constructed from a singl...

196 Sumitomo Facility Opened in Louisville (November 21, 2008)
A new facility was opened by Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA) in Louisville, Kentucky on September 1 in response to incre...

197 AxleTech Expands Systems Capability with Acquisition of U.S. Gear (November 24, 2008)
AxleTech International recently announced the acquisition of Chicago-based U.S. Gear, a designer and manufacturer of specialized differ...

198 Servo Patriot Yields More Accuracy than Steppers While Promoting Safety in the Classroom (January 13, 2009)
Techno's Educational CNC Division is proud to introduce the Servo Patriot CNC Router, designed especially for technical education env...

199 Miller Bearings Welcomes President, Board Chairman (February 20, 2010)
The Board of Miller Bearings, Inc. elected William "Bill" Bierbach (pictured) as president, and David Morell was elected as Cha...

200 Linear Rail System Offered in Various Configurations (March 22, 2010)
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc. offers the LRS Linear Rail System in several configurations, both motorized and non-motorized. These l...

201 Chuck Miller Joins Solar Atmospheres of Southern California (July 15, 2010)
Solar Atmospheres of California (SACA) is one step closer to the establishment of its state-of-the-art Vacuum Heat Treating facility in S...

202 Flexible Wire Duct Resilient to Bending (June 24, 2010)
The Dinosaur self-adhesive flexible wire duct from Automation Direct is designed for transporting wiring to cabinet doors from control ...

203 Timken Wins $26 Million Wind Contract With Goldwind (August 3, 2010)
The Timken Company has received a contract worth $26 million to supply wind turbine products and services to China's Xinjiang Goldwin...

204 Amacoil Guide System Offers Smooth, Even Spooling (September 1, 2010)
The Amacoil/Uhing GS Guide System helps assure smooth, even spooling by keeping the wire or other material being spooled in-line between ...

205 SiliKroil Provides Long-Lasting Lubrication (September 23, 2010)
Kano Laboratories Inc., located in Nashville, TN, recently released a successful blending of Kroil and dymethyl silicones called SiliKroi...

206 Siemens NX Nastran Software Available on Rescale (May 9, 2014)
Siemens’ NX Nastran software is now available on Rescale...

207 Credit Lines Readily Available for Expo Pack/Procesa Visitors (May 17, 2010)
Major regional and global financial institutions are participating in the Expo Pack Mexico and Procesa 2010 Financial Pavilion to support...

208 Linear Rail Consolidates into One System (May 4, 2010)
The dual carriage RGS04 motorized linear rail assembly from Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions combines several motion technologies into one in...

209 Kollmorgen Drive Delivers Scalable Programmability (March 31, 2010)
The Advanced Kollmorgen Drive (AKD) is Ethernet-based and delivers high performance with flexibility, scalability and power range for mos...

210 Smart Ethernet Drives Add Flexibility to Advanced Motion Control System Building (March 29, 2010)
The latest generation of smart drives from Baldor Electric Company offers economic and space-saving solutions for many common single-axis...

211 Rotary Encoder Collars Give Shafts Speed Sensing Capability (April 2, 2010)
Stafford Manufacturing Corp. offers shaft collars that can be customized with steel pick-up targets on the face or outside diameter to al...

212 SKF Opens Facilities in India, Shanghai (April 16, 2010)
Two factories were opened in India by SKF in April, and a wind industry service center was opened in Shanghai. The facilities support gro...

213 North American EBCIs Remain High in April (April 30, 2010)
According to respondents to NEMA's Electroindustry Business Confidence Index (EBCI), electrical equipment manufacturers continue to s...

214 GKS Expands Availability of On-Site Dimensional Inspection Services to Toledo (September 16, 2008)
GKS Inspection Services, Inc., a division of Laser Design Inc., is expanding its area of on-site services coverage to the Toledo market. ...

215 Low Viscosity Silicone Potting Compound Assures Complete Fill-In (March 24, 2008)
Hackensack, NJ. March 17, 2008-Master Bond MasterSil 151 is a new two component, low viscosity silicone compound for high performance cas...

216 Amacoil’s Load Platform Relieves Radial Forces on Linear Drives (August 9, 2007)
Amacoil offers a linear bearing slide option on drive assemblies to protect rolling ring bearings in Uhing linear drives from undue wear ...

217 HSI’s Linear Actuator Available with Connector (August 7, 2007)
Haydon Switch & Instrument introduced its size 11 hybrid linear actuators, now available with an integrated connector.Offered alone o...

218 Omron’s STI Modules Available with AC Voltage Input (August 17, 2007)
The RM-2AC-IP is the latest addition to Omron Scientific  Technologies, Inc.'s RM-2 family of resource modules.  Three mode...

219 Big Kaiser Introduces New Chamfer Mill (August 22, 2007)
BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. introduced the C-Cutter Mini, an ultra high feed chamfer mill. The C-Cutter Mini’s compact design...

220 Silicone Gel Pad Vibration Isolators From AAC Feature Superior Damping Performance (September 27, 2007)
These isolators, identified as the V10Z61MSN Series, are designed for light to medium loads of from 0.5 kgf to 2 kgf (1.1 lb. to 4.4 lb.)...

221 Double Studded Silicone Gel Vibration Mounts From AAC Feature Superior Damping Performance (September 27, 2007)
The mounts, identified as the V10Z61MTH and V10Z61MMN Series, are designed for light to medium loads of from 2 kgf to 3.5 kgf (4.4 lb. to...

222 Cicoil’s Custom Shaped Flat Cables Eliminate Problems Caused by Precise Routing (August 6, 2007)
For space-sensitive electronics, Cicoil features custom shaped flat silicone cables. The custom shaping allows for very precise cable rou...

223 Voith Turbo Supplies Universal Joint Shafts for Heavy Plate Mill in India (August 6, 2007)
Reports indicate that the growing demand for high quality steel in India is leading to investments in improved production facilities. One...

224 Belden's Shaft Assemblies Used in Military Vehicles (July 5, 2007)
Belden Inc. supplies customized drive shaft assemblies for Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) multi-role military vehicles used in ex...

225 J.W. Winco's Linear Actuators Available With Two Separate Threaded Shafts (June 20, 2007)
J.W. Winco offers metric linear actuators with two separate threaded shafts.The actuators feature guide tubes of chrome plated precision ...

226 Weiler Publishes Brochure Detailing Gear Deburring Capabilities (July 9, 2007)
Weiler Corp.'s  six-page technical brochure on gear deburring with power brushes explains the importance of deburring ...

227 Belden's Custom Shaft Assemblies Used in Military Vehicles (July 10, 2007)
Belden Inc. supplies customized drive shaft assemblies for Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) multi-role military vehicles used in ex...

228 BIG Kaiser's Adaption Kit Simplifies Use of the Unilock Clamping System (July 19, 2007)
BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. introduces a rotary indexer adapter kit, designed for use with the Unilock clamping system. According t...

229 Silicone Gel Tape & Chip Vibration Isolators From AAC Feature Superior Damping Performance (September 27, 2007)
The mounts, identified as the V10Z62MGT and V20Z62MGC Series, are designed for light to medium loads. The gel tape are stocked in 1000 mm...

230 Silicone Gel Base Vibration Mounts From AAC Feature Superior Damping Performance (September 27, 2007)
A new series of double studded silicone gel vibration mounts from Advanced Antivibration Components - AAC feature superior damping perfor...

231 Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument Unveils Self-Guiding Belts (January 2, 2008)
A series of self-guiding Conidrive timing belt drives from Stock Drive Products features the N10 belt and pulley system. These 10 mm pitc...

232 Emerson Unveils New Line of Gearmotors (January 2, 2008)
Emerson Power Transmission recently introduced two new additions to its product line. The HwN series 3000 helical worm gearmotors and ser...

233 Danfoss Drives Introduces FCD QDrive for Wall or Rail Mounting (February 5, 2008)
Danfoss Drives recently introduced the FCD QDrive, an enclosed drive solution engineered for wall or rail mounting in any position or ato...

234 IMS Unveils Low Noise Planetary Gear Drives (February 13, 2008)
New Product Release IMS GEAR Planetary Gears Inc has recently completed the development and introduction of a new line of low noise ge...

235 PMI Announces New Capillary Flow Porometer for Cartridge Media (March 24, 2008)
While similar to our other Capillary Flow Porometers, this new CapFlow has unique features which our other machines do not have. Safet...

236 Altra Appoints Neil English as European Director of Sales (March 11, 2008)
As director of European sales for Altra Industrial Motion, Neil English will be responsible for overall sales within Europe for Altra&rsq...

237 ISOFits v1.04 Released for PalmOS and Windows Mobile Devices (November 28, 2007)
InfosystemsPro LLC announces the release of v1.04 of its popular "ISOFits" application for PalmOS and Windows Mobile devices. ISOFits ...

238 Philips Develops Innovations in Standard Linear Motors (November 20, 2007)
Philips Applied Technologies recently developed a technique allowing standard linear motors to simultaneously provide movement along two ...

239 Powder Metallurgy Market Expected to Approach 30 Billion by 2012 (October 31, 2007)
According to a recent study by Materials Technology Publications, the powder metallurgy market should approach $30 billion by 2012, growi...

240 MAG IAS Develops Control System For Machine Tool & Automation Builders (October 25, 2007)
Due to an increased demand for a faster, more efficient control system, MAG Industrial Automation Systems has formed a new business ventu...

241 PI Unveils Compact Linear Motor Actuator (November 14, 2007)
PI (Physik Instrumente), a manufacturer of nanopositioning and piezo-based motion control equipment, recently introduced the N-310 NEXACT...

242 Parker Releases Trilogy Linear Systems Catalog (November 19, 2007)
Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division recently released its new catalog featuring its Trilogy brand of linear motors and l...

243 BK5 Series Allows Flexibility in Motor Test Applications (November 19, 2007)
R+W America recently introduced its BK5 coupling series to facilitate motor tests and maintenance issues. According to the company’...

244 Twiflex/Hilliard Corp. Supply Advanced Braking Technology for Grinding Mills (September 24, 2010)
Twiflex Limited/Hilliard Corp. have recently supplied their largest grinding mill braking system to Metso Minerals Industries, Inc. for i...

245 Havlik Expands Plant Capacity and Ability (June 2, 2014)
Havlik Gear, a Renaissance Power Systems company, announces the addition of a TSO FUQ 150-VR6 CNC machine to expand plant capacity and ability...

246 Ogura Creates Mobile Clutch Animation Video (July 28, 2017)
Ogura Industrial has created a new animation showing how mobile clutches work. The animation shows an exploded view of the component part...

247 Ruland Jaw Couplings Utilized for Precision Conveyors (July 20, 2017)
Ruland zero-backlash jaw couplings have a balanced design, accommodate all forms of misalignment and have high dampening capabilities, ma...

248 Siemens Expands Technical Application Center in its Elk Grove Facility (August 16, 2017)
With digitalization and the rapid changes in technology, training is more important than ever to keep employees’ skills up to date ...

249 Thomson Actuator Synchronization Offers Stability for Large and Bulky Load Handling (August 17, 2017)
Thomson Industries, Inc., has announced availability of new synchronization capabilities for its Electrak HD heavy duty electromechanical...

250 KISSsoft 03/2017 Release Allows Users to Evaluate Reliability of Gear Units, Individual Gears and Rolling Bearings (August 23, 2017)
A function in KISSsoft Release 03/2017 enables you to evaluate the reliability of gear units, individual gears and rolling bearings. ...

251 Kuebler Expands Versatile Incremental Encoders for Harsh Environments (August 22, 2017)
Expanding on its line of versatile incremental encoders, Kuebler now offers a ruggedized hollow shaft alternative for use in harsh enviro...

252 Mitsubishi Electric Opens Two Factory Automation Facilities (July 14, 2017)
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation recently announced that its Mexico operations have established two new factory automation (FA) service fa...

253 PI Releases Tilt Stage for Rotary Air Bearings (July 10, 2017)
PI (Physik Instrumente) introduces the A-60x MTT, stainless steel multi-axis top that combines with its offerings of PIglide rotary air b...

254 Parker Opens Additive Manufacturing Facility (June 21, 2017)
Parker Hannifin Corporation has opened a new state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing learning and development center, located at Parker&r...

255 Celera Motion Agility Series Slotless Motors Achieves Less than 2 Percent Torque Ripple, Zero Cogging (June 16, 2017)
Ideally suited for scanning, pointing, measuring and cutting applications that require extremely smooth velocity control and highly accur...

256 Siemens Provides Light Rail Vehicles for Arizona (June 26, 2017)
The urban transport company Phoenix Valley Metro Rail has ordered 11 new S70 light rail vehicles (LRV) from Siemens. These vehicles will ...

257 SKF Multilog IMx-8 Offers Compact and Cost-Effective Monitoring (June 27, 2017)
The new SKF Multilog IMx-8 online system introduces compact and cost-effective technology for monitoring the condition of industrial rota...

258 Drive Lines Combines Bearings and Profiles for Lifting Applications (July 6, 2017)
Combined bearings provide a cost-effective guide solution to lifting systems, platforms and cantilever loads. The system combines a radia...

259 Kuebler Optical Encoders Deliver Accuracy and Reliability (July 3, 2017)
Kuebler’s newest series of Sendix F58 encoders combines certified EtherNet/IP support with patented mechanical and electro-optic te...

260 Continental Celebrates 50th Anniversary for Marysville, Ohio Plant (August 31, 2017)
Continental’s Marysville, Ohio, plant, its premier North American manufacturing facility for conveyor belting products, celebrated ...

261 NIBA and PTDA Joint Summit will be held as Scheduled (September 13, 2017)
Over the weekend, Hurricane Irma caused much damage across the Caribbean and up Florida's west coast. Our thoughts are with those who...

262 Tech Products Isolation Mounts Offer Durability and Rugged Design (December 4, 2017)
Tech Products Corporation, a leader in vibration and shock isolation solutions, announces the latest line of fail-safe vibration mount ca...

263 EASA's Electric Motor Repair Accreditation Program Reaches Milestone (November 20, 2017)
The Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) Accreditation Program provides assurance to electric motor owners that repairs perfor...

264 Portescap Linear Actuator Offers High Degree of Accuracy and Repeatability (December 11, 2017)
Portescap introduces the new 35DBM high power Stepper Can Stack Linear Actuator. This 35 mm linear stepper motor offers an enhanced desi...

265 Bison Gear Welcomes Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner (December 13, 2017)
As a follow-up to his visit to Bison Gear & Engineering for National Manufacturing Day in 2014, Governor Rauner took time on Thursday...

266 Gilman Precision Speaks at the Future of NAFTA Conference (December 14, 2017)
Gilman Precision would like to inform you that the vice president of sales and marketing, Douglas Biggs, will be speaking at an upcoming ...

267 Forest City Gear Expands Small Diameter ID/OD Grinding Capability (December 13, 2017)
Forest City Gear has expanded its capabilities for the hard finishing of smaller diameter gears with particularly tight ID and length tol...

268 Bosch Rexroth Unveils New Vehicle Test Area in South Carolina (November 2, 2017)
Bosch Rexroth recently to unveiled its plan to open a vehicle test area in Fountain Inn, South Carolina. As a significant asset to resear...

269 PTDA Announces 2018 Board of Directors and Manufacturer Council (October 31, 2017)
The Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) elected its 2018 Board of Directors and Manufacturer Council at the annual busines...

270 Igus Components Make Drone Lightweight and Agile (September 27, 2017)
The drylin carbon linear guide, Igubal pillow block bearings and e-chain save a considerable amount of weight in the FitoStinger drone. T...

271 Rexnord Announces Plans for Aerospace Facility in Downers Grove (September 21, 2017)
The Downers Grove Economic Development Corporation (DGEDC) announced today that Rexnord Corporation will build a new manufacturing facili...

272 OES Offers Low Profile, Motorized Ball Bearing Linear Guide Stages (October 2, 2017)
Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) offers two series of low cost, low profile, motorized ball bearing linear guide (profile rail) po...

273 Sulzer Offers Key Components at Argentina Oil and Gas Expo 2017 (October 5, 2017)
As a fully independent service provider, Sulzer gathers vast experience in supporting oil and gas projects around the world. The business...

274 Kilian Offers Quiet-Running Bearings for Conveyor Applications (October 13, 2017)
CB-14 Series conveyor bearings from Kilian Manufacturing are specifically designed to operate quietly and dependably in the most demandin...

275 QuickSilver Controls SilverMax X34 Integrated Hybrid Servomotor Features Improved Driver Design, 3200 in-oz Torque (June 15, 2017)
QuickSilver Controls, Inc. announced the release of their High Power NEMA 34 Integrated Hybrid Servo Family. The integrated servo includ...

276 Thomson Collaborates with Research Team to Develop New Tesla Coil Designs (June 13, 2017)
Thomson Industries has donated a high-precision ball screw assembly to The Geek Group National Science Institute in Grand Rapids, Michiga...

277 Schaeffler Expands Expertise in Electric Mobility (January 5, 2017)
The automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler recently concluded a purchase contract with Semikron International GmbH for the acquisi...

278 IKO's Miniature Bearing Line Available in Different Widths and Lengths (December 27, 2016)
IKO's standard miniature bearings line is now available in rail widths from 1 mm to 25 mm with wide-bearing options as high as 42 mm....

279 Siemens Offers Modular Failsafe Controller (January 6, 2017)
Siemens new compact and modular Simatic S7-1212 FC controller performs standard and safety-related automation tasks in a single device.Us...

280 Hansford Sensors Publishes White Paper on Early Bearing Failure Detection (January 17, 2017)
Hansford Sensors, a manufacturer of vibration monitoring equipment, has published a new white paper that reveals how to use envelope sign...

281 Sulzer Breaks Ground on Texas Pump Facility (February 6, 2017)
As part of the company’s continued investment program, Sulzer is building a new, state-of-the-art pump services facility in Pasaden...

282 Gilman Hires Application Engineer (January 19, 2017)
Gilman Precision, manufacturer of customized linear and rotary motion systems based in Grafton, WI, is pleased to announce Donald Hunkel ...

283 LM76 Offers FoodStream Pillow and Flange Blocks (December 19, 2016)
FoodStream electrodeless nickel-plated pillow and flange blocks from LM76 are FDA/USDA/3A-Dairy compliant linear motion components. They ...

284 Torque Systems Offers Family of Brush DC Motors (December 16, 2016)
Torque Systems, a division of SL-MTI, has developed a high performance family of three new size 15 permanent magnet DC motors. They ...

285 Zero-Max VRT Transmissions Dispense Seed and Fertilizer with Precise Metering Rates (December 1, 2016)
Precise metering rates of seed and fertilizer in agricultural equipment is ensured with the latest model Zero-Max VRT Variable Ratio Tran...

286 Hydraulic Institute Unveils New Logo and Preps Centennial Celebration in 2017 (November 18, 2016)
The Hydraulic Institute (HI) will celebrate its centennial in 2017 and is pleased to announce a new logo as part of a larger initiative t...

287 Pittman Brush DC Motor Available in Three Lengths (December 7, 2016)
Pittman, a business unit of Ametek Precision Motion Control, has announced the latest addition to its line of brush-commutated DC mo...

288 Timken Expands Products Lines, Updates Catalogs and Mobile Access (December 9, 2016)
The Timken Company has released new catalogs for housed units, seals and tapered roller bearings. The catalogs feature expanded offerings...

289 QuickSilver Controls Offers SilverMax Full 23 Direct Drive Series (December 15, 2016)
QuickSilver Controls, Inc. recently announced its full range of NEMA 23 frame direct drive hybrid servo motors. Four stack sizes provide ...

290 KISSsoft 03/2017 Beta Version is Available for Testing (February 15, 2017)
The KISSsoft 03/2017 Beta Version has now been released for a test run. The final release will be available April 24th, 2017 - just in ti...

291 SDP/SI Moves to New Manufacturing Facility (February 21, 2017)
Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument (SDP/SI) has begun operations in a brand new world-class facility designed to greatly improve ef...

292 SKF INSOCOAT Bearings Deliver Higher Performance Capabilities (May 15, 2017)
SKF’s INSOCOAT bearings range comprises bearings with an electrically insulating coating on the external surfaces of its inner or o...

293 Reshoring Initiative Partners with Return One Million Jobs for Reshoring Campaign (May 15, 2017)
Return One Million Jobs (ROMJ) was created to raise $20 million to bring one million manufacturing jobs to the U.S. from offshore. The pr...

294 Stafford Positioning Collars Designed for Precise Repeatability (May 22, 2017)
A new self-locating feature for their line of shaft collars that permits fast and fully repeatable axial or radial positioning is being i...

295 Varvel FRP680 Gearbox Maximizes Flexibility and Customization (May 26, 2017)
Varvel recently presented its new FRP680 gearbox, developed for use in the farming industry and especially for the international poultry ...

296 MetalTek International Announces Safety Milestone (June 5, 2017)
MetalTek International has announced that its Wisconsin Centrifugal Division has surpassed two million man hours without a lost time inci...

297 Schaeffler Celebrates Grand Opening of Fort Mill Manufacturing Plant Expansion (June 2, 2017)
Schaeffler Group USA Inc., a global manufacturer of precision components for the industrial and automotive sectors whose South Carolina r...

298 ANCA Confirms Appointment of Graeme Billings as Board Chairman (May 5, 2017)
ANCA has announced its board has confirmed the appointment of an independent, non-executive chairman for the ANCA group board. Pat Bolan...

299 Maxon Introduces Sterilizable Drive System (May 4, 2017)
With the ENX EASY, Maxon Motor’s NEW ENX EASY is a sterilizable encoder for use with Maxon’s brushless DC motors. This opens ...

300 Twin Disc Announces Multiple Orders for Oil and Gas Transmission Systems (March 15, 2017)
Twin Disc, Inc. recently announced it recently received multiple new orders from North American pressure pumping customers for the C...

301 SEPAC Clutch Series Delivers Reliable Torque in an Oil Atmosphere (March 1, 2017)
SEPAC designed the Multiple Disc Wet Clutch (ERD Series) to deliver a reliable, consistent torque within an oil atmosphere. This model of...

302 ABB Ability Smart Sensor Provides Health Checks for Motors (March 24, 2017)
ABB Ability Smart Sensor for motors uses compact sensors to pick up multiple data from low voltage motors and provides information a...

303 Gilman Precision Acquires Roller Precision Spindle Repair (April 7, 2017)
Gilman Precision is pleased to announce the acquisition of Roller Precision Spindle Repair, owned by John Roller, who will join Gilman&rs...

304 Brother Gearmotors Introduces Expedited Delivery Service from Tennessee Manufacturing Facility (April 18, 2017)
Brother Gearmotors, a division of Brother International Corporation that offers a wide range of ultra-reliable, sub-fractional AC gearmot...

305 Gilman Adds Rich Olson to Business Development Team (January 4, 2018)
Gilman Precision, manufacturer of customized linear and rotary motion systems, is pleased to announce the addition of Rich Olson to their...

306 KISSsoft 03/2018 Beta Version is Available for Testing (January 18, 2018)
The KISSsoft 03/2018 Beta Version has now been released for a test run. The final release will be available from April 23rd, 2018 - just ...

307 Motion Control Certification Available at MCMA TechCon (September 27, 2018)
Whether you are new to motion control or simply want to differentiate yourself – this certification benefits everyone working with ...

308 ANCA Unveils New LinX M-Series Linear Motor (September 20, 2018)
ANCA Motion designs and manufactures flexible control systems, specializing in high precision solutions for CNC machines. Unique to ANC...

309 Gilman Precision Adds Phillips to Business Development Team (September 28, 2018)
Gilman Precision, manufacturer of customized linear and rotary motion systems, is pleased to announce the addition of Patrick Phillips to...

310 OES High Load, Low Profile XY Stage Features High Resolution and High Repeatability (October 3, 2018)
OES (Optimal-Engineering Systems, Inc.) has added a new, larger, high load, precision  stage to it's extensive line of precisi...

311 Forest City Gear Adds Metal Alloy Analysis to Gear Inspection Capabilities (October 16, 2018)
Forest City Gear can now perform fast, comprehensive analysis and verification of metal alloys for quality assurance and control using ...

312 Siemens Mobility Receives OmniAir Certification (October 16, 2018)
Siemens Mobility, Inc. is pleased to announce it has received OmniAir Certification for its Sitraffic ESCoS roadside unit (RSU), the firs...

313 Quicksilver Extends Hybrid Servo Motor Family (August 31, 2018)
QuickSilver Controls has released the X-series 34 Frame SilverMax Integrated Servo Motor Family. This extends the company's hybrid se...

314 Amacoil Introduces Precision Linear Motion Drive (August 24, 2018)
The Precision Motion Drive System from Amacoil/Uhing is a Uhing Model RG rolling ring linear drive integrated with a motion controller fo...

315 Sulzer Celebrates Safety Milestone (August 8, 2018)
Sulzer’s Houston Service Center has passed a major milestone in its exemplary safety record, operating for over three years without...

316 Siemens Invests in Motor Testing Facility (August 3, 2018)
With its celebration of more than 120 years of innovation, market and product leadership, technology and quality, Siemens’ Norwoo...

317 Voith Digital Solutions Establishes Actuator Test Stand at Houston Facility (August 14, 2018)
Voith Digital Solutions, Inc. and Turbine Technology Services (TTS) recently joined forces to add an actuator, governor and turbomachiner...

318 Intellidrives ServoBelt Stage Offers Low Profile Robust Design (August 15, 2018)
Intellidrives ServoBelt Rotary Stage offers an economical solution for a variety of light and medium-duty rotary motion applications. It ...

319 Moticont Offers Low Inertia, High Precision Voice Coil Motor (August 22, 2018)
A low inertia hollow core voice coil or moving coil linear motor from Moticont, the HVCM-051-025-019-01, features high acceleration, prec...

320 THK Expands Manufacturing Plants and Automation Capabilities (August 20, 2018)
THK is taking major steps to meet the growing worldwide demand for linear motion products. The company has recently invested over a half-...

321 Automation Fair 2018 Promises Skill-Building Opportunities (October 31, 2018)
Automation Fair 2018 equips attendees with innovative strategies to help them become more competitive and productive with the latest prod...

322 Tsubaki Expands Family of Chain Wear Indicators (November 2, 2018)
The new BS Large Size Indicator is available in sizes RS20B to RS48B and the ANSI Large Size Indicator – covers sizes from RS100 ...

323 Siemens Develops Express Rail Service in Germany (January 3, 2019)
Labeled as the project of the century for the German metropolitan region, the Rhine-Ruhr express (RRX) will help alleviate the continuous...

324 Bonfiglioli Launches Electromobility Production Line (January 2, 2019)
Bonfiglioli has launched its new electromobility production line in Forlì, Italy. The new unit - covering an area of about 10,00...

325 Modelon and Siemens PLM Software Enhance System Simulation Capabilities Through Partnership (January 10, 2019)
Siemens PLM Software and Modelon recently announced a partnership to use Modelon’s OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit as the default Model...

326 JVL Introduces Drive Profile and Synchronization for EtherCAT (January 14, 2019)
JVL Industri Elektronik A/S has announced the CiA402 Drive profile and synchronization for EtherCAT. The JVL EtherCAT module is equi...

327 RMI Speed Reducers Utilize Traction Drive Technology (January 17, 2019)
Rolling Motion Industries (RMI) has released for production the next two in it's series of highly efficient speed reducers. These 3-t...

328 Bosch Rexroth Expands West Coast Capabilities (January 15, 2019)
Bosch Rexroth is excited to announce the next phase of its growing west coast presence through the re-opening of its Pleasanton, Californ...

329 Steel Company Utilizes Siemens Autonomous Stockyard Management System (December 31, 2018)
To improve air quality in China's urban centers, part of the country's counter measures has resulted in stockyard of iron, steel ...

330 Moticont Linear Voice Coil Motor Offers High-Speed and Reliability (December 28, 2018)
Moticont’s GVCM-051-025-01 Linear Voice Coil Motor features: High acceleration/deceleration, high speed, high reliability, zero b...

331 American Control Electronics Introduces PML Series Controls for DC Brushless Motor Family (December 3, 2018)
American Control Electronics (ACE) has introduced the PML Series, a new family of versatile, feature-rich, configurable controls for brus...

332 Ricardo Announces Upgrades to Transmission Test Facilities (November 16, 2018)
Ricardo has announced upgrades to its extensive transmission test facilities at its Midlands Technical Center in Leamington Spa, UK. The ...

333 Vesconite Load Pads Support Rail Applications (December 7, 2018)
Six Vesconite Superlube load pads that have been recovered from South African rail parastatal Transnet’s Sishen-Saldanha-line bogie...

334 Schaeffler to Present Mobile Technologies at CES 2019 (December 11, 2018)
The Consumer Electronics Show (Las Vegas, January 8-11, 2019) has long morphed from a rather regional trade show for consumer electronics...

335 JW Winco Chrome Plated Hinges Offer Stability and Compact Design (December 21, 2018)
JW Winco, Inc., A Ganter Company, now has available Chrome Plated GN 237 Hinges, Countersunk Thru Holes or Threaded Stud Type in Zinc Die...

336 Siemens Expands Wireless Capabilities of Sinamics G120 Drive Series (July 27, 2018)
Siemens has expanded its Sinamics G120 drive series to include an option for wireless commissioning and service.  The new Sinamics...

337 Moticont Voice Coil Motor Offers High Force to Size Ratio (July 18, 2018)
High speed, high acceleration/deceleration, zero backlash, high accuracy, high repeatability, an internal shaft and bearing are feature...

338 JVL Utilizes Sercos for Servo and Stepper Motors (March 5, 2018)
JVL Industri Elektronik A/S, a producer in the field of integrated servo and stepper motors, is announcing yet another industrial Etherne...

339 Timken Awards 17 Scholarships to Children of Employees around the World (February 14, 2018)
The Timken Company has awarded college scholarships to 17 children of Timken associates in 13 locations around the world today. These sch...

340 Stafford Offers Coupling Covers for Hostile Environments (March 7, 2018)
A new series of plastic covers for protecting rigid shaft couplings from hostile environments and permitting use in washdown applicatio...

341 Nexen Offers Profile Guide Rail Brakes in Additional Sizes with Wider Compatibility (March 12, 2018)
Nexen Group, Inc. Profile Guide Rail Brakes are now available in a wider range of sizes: 15 mm to 65 mm, and are fully compatible with ...

342 Gudel Introduces TMF-6 TrackMotion Floor for FANUC M2000iA Robot Family (March 26, 2018)
Güdel, a global manufacturer of linear motion modules, robot track motion units and gantry robots and components, is pleased to an...

343 SMT Opens Office in Milton Keynes (March 15, 2018)
SMT recently announced the opening of the Milton Keynes office, the U.K.'s home of motorsport. The office will serve additional sales...

344 Galil Motion Control Introduces The Galil Design Kit (February 6, 2018)
Galil Motion Control Inc., the industry leader in motion control technology, has released the Galil Design Kit. This is Galil's new...

345 Sulzer Pump Field Services Vital to Maintaining Reliability (February 5, 2018)
Large pumps, such as those operated in the oil and gas, power generation and water industries perform a crucial role and represent a si...

346 Schaeffler Group Adds Leadership to Newly-Established E-Mobility Division (January 22, 2018)
Dr. Jochen Schröder (46) will assume leadership of the Schaeffler Group’s newly-established E-Mobility business division on Ap...

347 Senator Gillibrand Visits Gear Motions' Niagara Gear Facility (January 18, 2018)
U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand paid a visit to Gear Motions’ Niagara Gear facility in Buffalo, NY on Monday, January 8. After tour...

348 Croson Re-Elected to NAM Association Council (January 23, 2018)
AGMA President Matt Croson was elected to the National Association of Manufacturer’s (NAM) Council of Manufacturing Associations (C...

349 Tolomatic Choke Valve Actuator Improves Managed Pressure Drilling Process (January 26, 2018)
The new Tolomatic ServoChoke SVC electric choke valve actuator meets requirements for a more flexible and reliable high-speed actuator in...

350 H2W Introduces Force Voice Coil Actuator for Various Applications (February 2, 2018)
H2W Technologies has developed the world’s highest force commercially available non-commutated DC linear actuator, otherwise know...

351 Stafford Quick Release Collars Available in Three Designs (April 6, 2018)
A line of quick-release clamp collars offered in three designs that provide clamping options by hand without tools for a wide range of ...

352 Siemens and Mitsui Rail Capital Europe Form Joint Locomotion Venture (April 6, 2018)
Siemens and Mitsui Rail Capital Europe (MRCE), a full-service locomotive leasing company, have agreed to found a joint venture for the se...

353 Kluber Lubrication Offers Fully-Synthetic Oil for Rail Gearboxes (June 21, 2018)
Klüber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, offers Klübersynth GE 4 80 W 140, a fully synthetic hig...

354 Heidenhain Improves LIF 400 Encoder Family Design (June 15, 2018)
After more than 10 years of success in the marketplace, Heidenhain's LIF 400 family of encoders has been redesigned with se...

355 Mobility Matters at IMTS 2018 (June 28, 2018)
IMTS 2018 will bring people and automation closer together — literally — with exhibits highlighting the benefits of collabora...

356 Gilman Precision Launches New Website (July 2, 2018)
Customized linear and rotary motion systems manufacturer Gilman Precision has revitalized the company's website. This new site now di...

357 Forest City Gear Expands Quality Capabilities with Digital Magnification Technology (July 17, 2018)
Forest City Gear has added an EVO Cam advanced full-HD digital microscope to its Quality Assurance Lab to greatly speed and simplify the ...

358 H2W Technologies Offers High Torque Voice Coil Actuators (July 5, 2018)
H2W Technologies has developed several high torque rotary voice coil actuators, otherwise known as a limited angle torque motors or LAT...

359 Galil Motion Control Offers EtherCAT Drive (May 30, 2018)
The EDD-3701x EtherCAT slave drive joins Galil’s EtherCAT Family.  This family has grown to include two EtherCAT masters and...

360 Schaeffler Releases Sustainability Report (May 30, 2018)
For Schaeffler, responsible action has always been part of its self-image as a company. In the Sustainability Report for the business yea...

361 Dana Unveils Construction, Off-Highway Market Strategy (April 27, 2018)
Dana Incorporated recently revealed new technologies in support of the rapidly evolving development of hybrid- and electric-powered const...

362 Drive System Design Opens Test Facility on Improving Driveline Efficiency (April 10, 2018)
A new test facility has been developed in Michigan to help vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers increase the efficiency of vehicle...

363 Sulzer Improves Gas Turbine Reliability (May 2, 2018)
Gas turbines are employed around the world to provide power. As vital pieces of equipment, they require regular maintenance to provide ...

364 Sulzer Raises Money for Children's Charity (May 10, 2018)
Sulzer Turbo Services annual Hack Attack golf tournament, which is held at the Golf Club of Houston, has raised $80,000 this year for the...

365 Moticont Introduces Voice Coil Motor (May 14, 2018)
Moticont has added a new, higher continuous force, higher peak force linear voice coil motor to it's series of 2.750 in. (69.9 mm) ...

366 Amacoil Uhing Drive Nuts Run on Threadless Shaft (November 18, 2016)
Amacoil-Uhing Model RS drive nuts provide smooth backlash-free linear motion in machine design. Unlike a screw, the RS drive nut runs on ...

367 Heidenhain Unveils New Hollow-Shaft Rotary Encoders at SPS IPC Drives Show (November 14, 2016)
For the SPS IPC Drives 2016 trade show, Heidenhain is supplementing its existing program of inductive position encoders with it...

368 Comet Solutions Partners with Brian Wilson (July 7, 2015)
Comet Solutions, Inc. recently announced a partnership with Brian Wilson of Advanced Drivetrain Engineering & Technology (ADET). This...

369 Voith Turbo Opens New Power, Oil & Gas Division Headquarters in Houston (July 7, 2015)
Voith Turbo recently announced the opening of the company’s new Houston, TX headquarters for the Power, Oil & Gas Division for ...

370 Schaffner EMC Sine Wave Filters Prevent Premature Motor Damage (July 7, 2015)
Schaffner EMC recently introduced a new lineup of Sine Wave filters designed to eliminate premature motor damage caused by high dv/d...

371 Ruland Manufacturing Announces Bill Hewitson as New President (July 8, 2015)
Bill Hewitson was recently promoted to president of Ruland Manufacturing after serving as vice president of operations for the previous e...

372 ICP Attends SkillsUSA to Help Millennials Discover Industrial Distribution Career Path (July 16, 2015)
While searching for new workers to fill the pipeline for jobs at industrial distribution (ID) companies in the years to come, Industrial ...

373 NPI Model 625 Sliding-Jaw Air Chuck Capable of .0001" TIR Total Accuracy/Repeatability (July 14, 2015)
Northfield Precision Instrument Corporation (NPI)  recently developed their Model 625 sliding-jaw air chuck (0.0001" TIR) with ...

374 Timken Company Researchers Receive 2015 Wilbur Deutsch Memorial Award (July 6, 2015)
Research conducted by The Timken Company to address a critical issue for wind turbine operators received the 2015 Wilbur Deutsch Memorial...

375 Tsubaki Smart Tooth Sprockets Utilize Patented Wear Indicator Technology (June 29, 2015)
U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC recently introduced Tsubaki Smart Tooth. Tsubaki Smart Tooth sprockets utilize their Wear Indicator ...

376 LM76 Offers Low-Cost, High-Accuracy, Straight and Curved Rail & Roller Block Systems (June 10, 2015)
Low cost, SAIBO SB-LGV straight and curved rail and roller block systems are available from LM76 in three widths, and two styles to meet ...

377 Regal Introduces Mill-Drive Condition Monitoring Program (June 1, 2015)
Regal Power Transmission Solutions recently introduced its new mill-drive condition monitoring program at AISTech with technology that mo...

378 ABB Automation Builder Toolsuite Provides Myriad Software Support Functions (June 23, 2015)
 ABB recently released a new integrated development toolsuite. Automation Builder 1.1 provides an integrated development environment...

379 Mayr ROBA-Guidestop Profiled Rail Brakes Expand Line of Backlash-Free Rails (June 24, 2015)
With the ROBA-guidestop-type series, Mayr Power Transmission recently developed a safety brake and backlash-free clamping unit for profil...

380 PTDA 2015 Canadian Conference Facilitates Canadian Cross-Channel Connections (June 26, 2015)
Canadian power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) distributors and manufacturers gathered June 3-5 at the Four Seasons Vancouver, Vancou...

381 Gilman Reveals New Sales Support Representative, RGW Sales Canada (June 25, 2015)
Gilman Precision recently added RGW Sales Canada as the exclusive representative to cover portions of eastern Canada, including provinces...

382 Amacoil/Uhin Elasto-Ring Washer Reduce Pressure Between U-Clip and Flange (July 21, 2015)
Amacoil/Uhing recently introduced the Elasto-Ring washer for use with U-Clip quick release shaft collars. Elasto-Ring installs by hand wi...

383 JVL Hollow Core Rotary Actuators Available With MIS231 Integrated Stepper or Servo Motor (July 22, 2015)
JVL recently introduced six Hollow Core Rotary Actuators. These integrated rotary actuators are available in two table sizes, the HDCT-10...

384 Stafford Staff-Lok Shaft Collar Comes With Countersink Drilled and Tapped Hole, Mounting Holes for Sensors (September 30, 2015)
Stafford Manufacturing Corp. recently introduced a new version of the Staff-Lok hinged shaft collar that incorporates a mounting flat wit...

385 SPI's Flexible Film and Bag Division Welcomes Three New Board Members (September 22, 2015)
SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association’s Flexible Film and Bag Division (FFBD) recently announced the election of three new b...

386 Ruland Disc Couplings Built for High Accuracy, High Speed Systems (October 5, 2015)
Ruland recently started advertising their line of disc couplings. Disc couplings from Ruland are torsionally stiff, operate with zero-bac...

387 Comet's New Cloud-Based Gearbox Durability SimApp Will Provide Many Automated Processes (October 13, 2015)
Comet Solutions, Inc. recently announced a program in support of Gearbox design and manufacturing. The Comet Gearbox solution, consisting...

388 Cicoil Opens New Sales Office in South Carolina (October 27, 2015)
Cicoil recently announced the opening of a new sales office in Mount Pleasant, SC. Located across the harbor from Charleston, the new loc...

389 Lenze i500 Frequency Inverters Achieve IE2 Rating without Sacrificing Versatility (October 27, 2015)
Lenze recently announced the launch of its new line of fully scalable i500 frequency inverters. The functions and power of the new range...

390 Haydon Kerk WGS Integrated Screw/Slide System Designed for Stability and Speed (September 10, 2015)
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions recently added the WGS (Wide Guide Screw) to its linear slide product line. Made from the same components us...

391 Siemens Sinamics Drive Family Features Integrated Web Server (August 24, 2015)
Siemens recently announced the enhancement of its Sinamics S120 drive system with an integrated web server to facilitate more efficient d...

392 Quicksilver Mosolver Sensor Provides 32,000 Counts of Position Information (July 28, 2015)
QuickSilver Controls, Inc. recently extended their Mosolver (Motor + Resolver) technology into the compact 17 frame format. The Mosolver ...

393 Lenze Sponsors Student Project in Coil Winding Challenge (July 23, 2015)
Lenze recently announced its sponsorship of a recent student project involving the Institute for Drive Technology and Power Electronics a...

394 Stafford Shaft Collars and Couplings Include 3,600 Standard Items for Building and Maintenance Converting Equipment (July 30, 2015)
Stafford is now offering its standard line of shaft collars and couplings in a range of designs and materials for building and maintainin...

395 Emerson Delivers Upgrade at Champagne Producer Nicolas Feuillatte (August 6, 2015)
Emerson Motors and Drives recently improved drive systems for The Centre Vinicole Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte (CV-CNF). CV-CNF is c...

396 Brother Will Introduce ie3 Premium Efficiency Gearmotors at Pack Expo (August 7, 2015)
Brother Gearmotors recently announced it will introduce a line of ie3 premium efficiency gearmotors at Pack Expo Las Vegas, Sept. 28-30.T...

397 Bauer Opens Flagship Production Facilities to Halve Lead Time (May 11, 2015)
Bauer recently opened a new production facility at the company headquarters in Esslingen. Bauer Gear Motor has been a leading manufa...

398 Siemens Motor Control Centers Now Available as Standard Catalog Offering (May 5, 2015)
Siemens recently announced its motor control centers are now available as a standard catalog offering. The new offer eliminates the need ...

399 Revolvo's Water Wheel Bearings Improve Efficiency and Reliability (December 17, 2014)
For any power generation project, efficiency and reliability are two very important characteristics. So, when a 2-star Michelin restauran...

400 Mazak Unveils Next Generation iSMART Factory Concept (December 10, 2014)
Yamazaki Mazak headquarters in Aichi, Japan, recently announced its new Mazak iSMART Factory concept. Mazak will eventually designate all...

401 'Roll-Slide Mini' Carriage and Rail Linear Motion Systems Now Available From LM76 (December 18, 2014)
Low cost, "Roll-Slide Mini" carriage and rail linear motion systems are now available from LM76 in lengths from 160mm (6.3...

402 SKF Introduces Sensor Bearing with EMC Filter (December 29, 2014)
A newly introduced SKF sensor bearing equipped with an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filter offers protection against potential dam...

403 Bore Shaft Collars Now Available from Stafford (January 9, 2015)
A line of large bore shaft collars and flange mounts for construction equipment, processing and mining conveyors, energy applications, an...

404 Festo Introduces a Versatile Programmable Position Transmitter for Linear Actuators (January 8, 2015)
The new SDAT-MHS T-slot programmable position transmitter from Festo provides the same functionality as position transducers and mechanic...

405 David Brown Gear Systems Opens Facility in Philippines (November 26, 2014)
David Brown Gear Systems, a supplier of industrial gearboxes and aftermarket services for applications in the world’s core ind...

406 Linear Roller Block and Rail Systems Now Available From LM76 (November 25, 2014)
Low cost, SAIBO SB-LGB Linear Roller Block and Rail Systems are now available from LM76 in three sizes to meet load requirements up to 12...

407 Milk Processing Company Relies on Emerson (June 5, 2014)
La Compagnie des Fromages is part of the Bongrain Group, the world's fifth-largest milk-processing company and an employer of 18,870 people...

408 ABB Releases Ability Smart Sensor for Bearing Monitoring (January 17, 2019)
ABB has launched the ABB Ability Smart Sensor for Dodge mounted bearings, part of the ABB Ability Digital Powertrain, that enables &ldquo...

409 SKF Black Oxide Bearings Promote Reliability (June 11, 2014)
SKF black oxide bearings add a surface layer of protection to promote higher reliability and performance for wind turbines...

410 New Redex Gears Offer Increased Versatility (November 10, 2014)
Versatility is the key issue for manufacturers of multi-axis milling machines and vertical turning lathes. The same machine must be able ...

411 ATC Diversified Electronics Introduces Single-Channel Seal Failure Alarm Module (November 13, 2014)
ATC Diversified Electronics, a division of Marsh Bellofram Corporation, has introduced the Model SPM 120AAA single-channel shaft sea...

412 Bill Mills Named Vice President of Dayton Lamina (January 22, 2015)
Dayton Lamina recently added Bill Mills to the executive management team in the position of vice president of sales and marketing. W...

413 Metcar Announces Availability of Custom Vanes, Rotors and End Plates (February 24, 2015)
Metallized Carbon Corporation, a manufacturer of oil-free, self-lubricating, carbon-graphite materials for severe service lubrication app...

414 RSF Launches New Motion Control Device to Facilitate Simpler Data Collection (April 16, 2015)
RSF Elektronik is now offering a device that allows the connection of up to three encoder feedback components into a module that acts as ...

415 AKGears Unveils Latest Tooth Root Fillet Optimization Software (April 14, 2015)
AKGears recently introduced the only commercially available tooth root fillet optimization software that defines the tooth root fillet pr...

416 KISSsoft Unveils Latest Software at Hannover Messe (April 17, 2015)
KISSsoft recently introduced its new version of KISSsoft 03/2015 at Hannover Messe on April 13. The new version was released with a ...

417 Timken Opens State-of-the-Art Gear Drive Manufacturing Facility in Houston (April 24, 2015)
The Timken Company recently announced the opening of a new, 27,000-square-foot  gear drive manufacturing facility in Houston, TX. An...

418 Suhner's SU-Flock Silent Flex Shafts Reduce Noise in Power Seats and Sunroofs (May 1, 2015)
Flexible shafts do not create noise, but they can transmit vibrations from the power source, thus creating unacceptable sound levels. Suh...

419 Bill Childers to Lead Affiliated Distributors New Power Transmission Division (April 27, 2015)
Affiliated Distributors (AD) recently announced its continued growth by expanding into the Power Transmission and motors market. &ld...

420 Mesys AG Will Present New Shaft and Bearing Analysis Software at Hannover Messe (April 13, 2015)
Mesys AG will present its new version of shaft and bearing analysis software in Hall 25, Stand A21 at Hannover Messe.The bearing analysis...

421 LM76 Introduces Nitride-Plus Hardened Steel Linear Rail System (March 11, 2015)
LM76 recently introduced its Defender 1 Nitride-Plus Linear RailTM (LMNP Series) roller block and rail system. This Nitride Plus har...

422 CRP Industries Inc. Marks 60-Year Milestone (March 3, 2015)
CRP Industries Inc., a  leader in the automotive parts and industrial products sectorsrecently, recenttly marked its 60th anniv...

423 Motion Industries Chairman Bill Stevens Retires (February 27, 2015)
After 37 years at Motion Industries — a distributor of industrial maintenance, repair, and operation replacement parts — chai...

424 Timken Power Systems Facility Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification (March 4, 2015)
The Timken Company recently announced its power systems service facility in Princeton, WV, has earned ISO 9001:2008 Quality Manageme...

425 Zero-Max ServoClass Couplings Feature Fail Safe Clamping Hubs (March 4, 2015)
ServoClass couplings from Zero-Max feature fail safe clamping hubs that provide maximum torque transmission in high speed applications.&n...

426 Haydon Kerk Adds Motorized BGS Linear Rail Products to its Express Store (March 6, 2015)
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, a brand of AMETEK Precision Motion Control, recently added three different sized BGS Linear Rail Systems to...

427 Timken Expands Service Center in Washington to Deliver More Repair Capabilities (October 28, 2015)
The Timken Company recently opened a 70,000-square-foot, motor and gearbox repair facility adjacent to its existing service center in Pas...

428 Applied Motion SV200 Series Servo Drives Feature Programmable Notch Filters, Anti-Vibration Function and Auto-Tuning (October 28, 2015)
Applied Motion recently introduced its newest line of all digital servo drives, the SV200 Series. These servo drives offer programmable n...

429 Drive Lines Servo Gearboxes Offer Versatility for Critical Applications (July 15, 2016)
Servo gearboxes are likely to be specified in an incredibly wide range of applications, from packaging machines to robots, medical equipm...

430 Klüber Gear Oils Provide Improved Component Reliability (July 12, 2016)
Klüber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, provides high-performance gear oils that are based on high-gra...

431 H2W Technologies Offers Miniature Voice Coil Actuators (July 21, 2016)
H2W Technologies offers miniature versions of both its moving coil and moving magnet voice coil actuators.  Additionally, they offer...

432 AppliMotion Offers Low-Profile DDR Motors (July 22, 2016)
The Infinity Series enables OEMs to move light payloads in smooth and accurate arc-shaped and full 360-degree rotary motion profiles. Ult...

433 Stafford Shaft Collars Available in Various Bore Configurations (August 10, 2016)
A full line of standard shaft collars that are offered in various clamping styles with a wide choice of bore configurations to meet appli...

434 Illinois Hosts Workforce Development Meeting (August 2, 2016)
This week, the Illinois Department of Commerce Office of Employment and Training hosts the National Governors Association’s 2016 su...

435 Baldor Electric Achieves Safety Milestone (June 6, 2016)
Baldor Electric Company's gearbox manufacturing plant located in Belton, South Carolina, recently completed 18 years without a lost t...

436 Solid Edge ST9 Provides New Cloud Capabilities (May 27, 2016)
The latest release of Siemens’ Solid Edge software (Solid Edge ST9) for mainstream computer-aided design (CAD) provides flexible an...

437 Gearbox Express Opens 75,000-Square-Foot Wisconsin Facility (May 9, 2016)
Gearbox Express (GBX) recently celebrated the official grand opening of its new 75,000-square-foot facility in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. &qu...

438 Ricardo Software Ignite Vehicle System Simulator Incorporates Modelon's Optimica Compiler Toolkit (May 3, 2016)
Ricardo Software recently announced a key partnership that will deliver immediate benefits to users of its Ignite complete vehicle system...

439 Peer Expands Tapered Roller Bearing Capabilities (May 10, 2016)
Peer Bearing Company recently announced the optimization of tapered roller bearing (TRB) design and manufacturing capabilities to meet th...

440 Amacoil Uhing Shaft Collars Provide Non-Slip Holding of Tools (May 12, 2016)
Easylock shaft collars, from Amacoil/Uhing, install quickly without special tools to provide non-slip holding of tools and reels on smoot...

441 Drive Lines Gearboxes Bring Flexibility to Machine Tools (May 23, 2016)
Whether cutting, boring, grinding or shearing, modern machine tools have to meet what at first sight appear to be conflicting operational...

442 Oilgear Expands Variable Displacement Pump Series (May 19, 2016)
A new range of variable displacement pumps has been launched to the EMEA market as a result of a multi-million pound investment made by O...

443 PI Controller Offers Flexibility for Miniature Positioning (August 16, 2016)
PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., known industry-wide for nanometer precision motion components, systems, and solutions, announces the newest...

444 ABB Reorganizes Ring-Geared Mill Drive Offerings (August 19, 2016)
ABB has reorganized its ring-geared mill drive (RMD) portfolio to make it easier for its customers to identify and select the most suitab...

445 Zero-Max Wind Turbine Couplings Easily Handle Torque Spikes and Misalignment (October 10, 2016)
Zero-Max Wind Turbine Couplings are now available as an upgrade replacement for existing wind turbines and for OEM applications.Proven an...

446 MESYS 08-2016 Available for Shaft and Roller Bearing Analysis (September 23, 2016)
A new version of the MESYS shaft and rolling bearing analysis software including new functionality is available. The bearing analysis sof...

447 Winsmith Stainless Steel Conveyor Drive Available on Amazon (October 19, 2016)
Winsmith Inc. has announced that its new and improved Stainless Steel Conveyor Drives are now available for purchase on The S...

448 Moticont Offers Miniature Voice Coil Motor (October 31, 2016)
The miniature Linear Voice Coil Motor, LVCM-022-013-01, from Moticont features a high force-to-weight ratio of 14.5 oz. (4.0 N) continuou...

449 Kilian Offers Powertrain Solutions for Automotive Applications (November 9, 2016)
Kilian Manufacturing provides advanced machined race bearings and custom engineered powertrain components that are specifically designed ...

450 PTDA Foundation Presents Wendy B. McDonald Award to Linda Miller (November 1, 2016)
To honor the memory of Wendy B. McDonald, one of the power transmission/motion control industry's true pioneers, the PTDA Foundation ...

451 Dana Plans Gear Manufacturing Facility in Europe (September 15, 2016)
Dana Incorporated has announced that it plans to construct a state-of-the-art gear manufacturing facility in Europe.  The estab...

452 Sercos Multi-Vendor Interoperability Demos On Display at IANA 2016 (September 15, 2016)
Sercos will present two multi-vendor interoperability demos plus other products from member companies at IANA in booth E-4448 in the McCo...

453 Electrical Manufacturers Call on Congress to Reach Agreement on Energy Bill (August 26, 2016)
During visits with Capitol Hill staff recently, members of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) hand-delivered a requ...

454 CMT Expands Capabilities with New Tooth Profiles (August 22, 2016)
Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc., a leading U.S. manufacturer in the power transmission and motion control products industry, recently...

455 Amacoil Uhing Introduces Linear Motion Drive System (August 31, 2016)
New from Amacoil/Uhing is the Precision Motion Drive System. This is a Model RG rolling ring linear drive integrated with a motion contro...

456 Svendborg Braking Control System Goes Mobile (September 1, 2016)
SOBO iQ controls are now accessible from both Android and IOS mobile devices. This new level of convenient accessibility is significant s...

457 SKF Centralizes Solid Oil Bearing Production (September 9, 2016)
SKF has centralized the production of bearings with Solid Oil to promote timely delivery throughout North America and has introduced enha...

458 Forest City Gear Expands High Volume Gear Production Capabilities (May 2, 2016)
Forest City Gear has expanded its high volume gear production capabilities with the addition of a Reishauer RZ 160 Gear Grinding Machine ...

459 Nord Drivesystems Utilize Components for Surface Coating Facility (April 28, 2016)
At the Nord Drivesystems headquarters in Bargteheide, Germany, the power, functionality and intelligence of Nord products are used to the...

460 Miki Pulley Couplings Absorb Vibration While Allowing High Misalignment (January 18, 2016)
Miki Pulley is introducing their new Bellowflex Couplings for direct sale to OEM’s in North America. These couplings absorb vibrati...

461 Emerson Industrial Offers Mobile Energy Solution (January 7, 2016)
With a long history of involvement in promoting energy savings, Emerson Industrial Automation has invested massively in research into tec...

462 Amacoil Uhing Drives Offer Set Screw Option (January 26, 2016)
Amacoil Inc. now offers an option on Uhing rolling ring level winding drives which enables users to spool cable, and other materials, wit...

463 Portescap Surgical Motors Withstand Sterilization (January 28, 2016)
Portescap has launched application specific motors for surgical powered hand tools - arthroscopic shavers, ENT microdebriders and large b...

464 Fredericks Tilt Sensor Ensures Precise Measurements (February 2, 2016)
The Fredericks Company, a manufacturer of tilt and vacuum measurement products, introduces the 0729-1760-04 ±10° Dual Axis RS-...

465 Celera Motion Agility Series Motors Deliver Smooth Velocity Control (January 29, 2016)
Suited for scanning, pointing, measuring and cutting applications that require extremely smooth velocity control and highly accurate posi...

466 QuickSilver Controls SilverMax Hybrid Servo Motors Introduce Direct Drive Solution (December 30, 2015)
QuickSilver Controls, Inc. has released the SilverMax Line hybrid servo motors. Hybrid servos provide superior continuous torque at low s...

467 CW Bearing USA Begins Construction on North American Facilities (December 9, 2015)
CW Bearing USA, Inc. announced today that it was breaking ground on a new North American Center for Design, Sales and Advanced Manufactur...

468 Voith 715 SVL Variable-Speed Fluid Couplings Utilized in ESPO Pipeline (November 3, 2015)
The ESPO Pipeline is a project of the Russian pipeline operator Transneft and a showcase project for Voith hydrodynamic variable-speed fl...

469 Maxon Motors GP 6 S Spindle Drive Only Six Millimeters in Diameter (October 30, 2015)
Maxon Motors recently introduced the GP 6 S, a micro spindle gear with a diameter of six millimeters that is now also available in a meta...

470 Rexroth A2FM 70 Series Bent-Axis Motor Now Available in Three Pressure Levels (November 13, 2015)
Rexroth recently announced its new A2FM 70 series bent-axis hydraulic motors, motors designed to provide higher power in a smaller instal...

471 MP Tool Chuck Test Stand Provides Automated Durability Testing While Replicating Real-World Scenarios (November 19, 2015)
MP Tool & Engineering’s new chuck test stand with touchscreen monitor provides automated durability and functionality testing w...

472 Timken to Build Bearing Plant in Eastern Europe (December 8, 2015)
The Timken Company recently announced that it will construct a new bearing plant near Ploiesti, Romania. The facility, which will be...

473 Long-Lost Space Cable Returns to Cicoil (February 3, 2016)
Almost 50 years after an Apollo Spacewalk, a long-lost flat cable harness returned back home to Cicoil. The “bio-harness” ass...

474 Gilman Launches Canadian Website (February 4, 2016)
The launch of Gilman Precision’s Canadian website is the final step in expanding Canadian operations, a project that began in May o...

475 Haydon Kerk WGS Stages Improve Load Stability (March 31, 2016)
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, a recognized leader in linear and rotary motion solutions, has announced the release of its new line of WGS...

476 Bosch Utilizes Siemen's CAD, PDM and PLM Software Platform (March 22, 2016)
Siemens’ integrated suite of computer aided design (CAD), product data management (PDM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) soft...

477 Rollon Motion Box Delivers Six Different Motion Profiles (April 1, 2016)
Rollon Corporation has launched Motion Box, a new pre-engineered cartesian robot system designed to deliver users six different motion pr...

478 Martin Sprocket & Gear Compiles Gear Drive Troubleshooting Tips (April 11, 2016)
Martin Sprocket & Gear, Inc. has compiled some quick troubleshooting tips with some common causes and solutions for gear drive probl...

479 Bosch Rexroth Frequency Converters Offer Scalability and Functionality (April 27, 2016)
All over the world, industrial end-users are demanding energy-efficient machines and equipment to significantly reduce operating cost and...

480 Oilgear Exhibits Pump Packages at Bauma 2016 (April 13, 2016)
With almost 100 years of manufacturing expertise, Oilgear products are well known for offering reliable performance in some of the harshe...

481 Gill Sensors Offers Oil Debris Sensor (March 11, 2016)
Gill Sensors and Controls Limited has announced immediate availability of its new Oil Debris Sensor that provides continuous real-time mo...

482 The Adams Company Invests in Turning Capabilities (March 1, 2016)
The Adams Company, a custom gear and shaft manufacturing company located in Dubuque, IA., recently announced the delivery of a new Okuma ...

483 Stafford Shaft Collars and Flange Mounts Offer Design Flexibility (February 18, 2016)
A line of heavy-duty steel shaft collars and flange mounts that can be modified for demanding industrial, processin...

484 Brevini Expands Gearmotor Capabilities (February 5, 2016)
Power transmission specialist, Brevini, has launched a new range of gearmotors, which will expand its capabilities within small to medium...

485 J.W. Winco Latch Clamps Utilized for Harsh Environments (February 23, 2016)
J.W. Winco, Inc., a supplier of standard industrial machine components, now offers GN 854 Latch Clamps with Trigger Function, in metric s...

486 AutomationDirect Offers Additional Pilot Devices (February 25, 2016)
AutomationDirect has added more pilot devices to their product offering. Fuji Electric’s 22 mm devices include AR22-series pushbutt...

487 Gilman Precision Releases 3D Linear Products Configurator (February 26, 2016)
Gilman Precision now offers an innovative 3D Linear Products CAD Configurator to their website for increased efficiency and ease when vie...

488 Dana Unveils Transmission Technology Strategy at CeMAT (May 20, 2014)
At CeMAT 2014, the world’s leading exhibition for intralogistics, Dana Holding Corporation unveiled a four-tier technology strategy offering powershift transmissions customized to meet regional requirements...