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1 Using Couplings to Reduce Downtime (August 2019)

Downtime, downtime, downtime. When it's planned, it's bearable. When it's not, it's not. To maintain machinery, planned downtime is necessary. To fix broken equipment, unplanned downtime is excruciating, especially when your factory is running closer and closer to full capacity.

2 Thermal Analysis and Optimization of Gearboxes by Simulation (December 2018)

With the increasing mechanical power capacity of gearboxes, the thermal power limit tends to become the limiting factor. To achieve a balanced system, the gear unit needs extra cooling. Using a fan that is mounted to a fast rotating shaft is a common solution. For this solution an optimal design is investigated.

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1 Currax Becomes Official Flender Solution Partner (February 28, 2020)
Currax has become an official solution partner of Flender. The initiative is geared toward a comprehensive increase in efficiency through...