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Precision Line Shafts

In the simplest definition, a line shaft is the rotating shaft part of a system of mechanical couplings between the power source and the machines that do work. Line shafts, also known as connecting shafts, jack shafts, or link shafts, are used to span long distances between rotating components. White Papers Courtesy of DieQua Corporation

Changing Entertainment Experiences with Electro-Mechanical Screw Jacks

There has been a significant shift in the Entertainment Industry to move away from manual and hydraulic operated systems to electro-mechanical screw jacks. The key reasons are safety, cleanliness, sound and reliability.

Providing the ultimate entertainment experience dates back to the Colosseum days, where lifts and trap doors were all part of making people, animals and staging all of a sudden appear. The Entertainment Industry still uses these techniques today, but how they operate has changed dramatically in recent years by using electro-mechanical screw jacks. White Paper Courtesy of DieQua


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1 Product News (April 2020)

The complete Product News section from the April 2020 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

2 In Motion (March 2019)

The following special product news section examines the latest products and technologies in motion control.

3 Engineering Showcase 2015 (March 2015)

One of our goals at Power Transmission Engineering is to help you understand, identify and select the best technology for your mechanical power transmission or motion control applications. With every project, you have to decide which components to use, and which suppliers, based on functionality, quality and price. We aim to help you make those decisions informed by providing the latest information on current technology, especially when it comes to mechanical components.

News Items About Diequa

1 DieQua Launches PGW-Series Planetary Reducer (October 8, 2019)
DieQua launches the PGW-Series hollow bore output planetary reducer for belt and lead screw linear actuator systems. It features a fully-...

2 DieQua Announces ZE Series Screw Jack Platform (March 13, 2020)
DieQua Corporation has announced its new ZE Series from Zimm Screw Jack Systems with upgraded features. ZE, short for Zimm Evolution, rep...

3 Diequa Presents Mechanical/Automation Partnership Webinar (October 20, 2021)
What are the secrets for a successful "mechanical/automation" partnership? With technology and gearing changing so rapidly, how...