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Selecting the Best Hub Fastener for a Power Transmission Application

When attaching a gear, pulley or coupling to a rotating shaft, factors such as holding force, positioning accuracy after clamping, and alignment and machining and maintenance costs should be considered. Discover the unique hub design that addresses these items and proves superior to other fastening methods. White Papers Courtesy of Stock Drive Products & Sterling Instrument

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1 Engineering Showcase 2015 (March 2015)

One of our goals at Power Transmission Engineering is to help you understand, identify and select the best technology for your mechanical power transmission or motion control applications. With every project, you have to decide which components to use, and which suppliers, based on functionality, quality and price. We aim to help you make those decisions informed by providing the latest information on current technology, especially when it comes to mechanical components.

2 Industry News (September 2014)

The complete Industry News section from the September 2014 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

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