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1 Encouragement and Enthusiasm (December 2014)

In the Stott household, we love math. Well, maybe not everyone in my household loves it equally, but since they were in kindergarten, whenever one of my children asked me for help with math homework, my reply has been an instant and cheerful “We love math!”

2 Steps Towards Revolution (December 2015)

The revolution goes by many names: machine-to-machine communication, smart manufacturing and the Industrial Internet, to name a few. In Europe, the prevailing term is Industry 4.0. In Germany, where that phrase was coined, the government is putting down €200 million to cultivate a lead in the industry. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that its potential economic impact will be almost $4 trillion (or more) by 2025. Enthusiastic evangelists will tell you that the Industrial Internet is the most important advance in their industries that they’ve seen in their decades-long careers.

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1 ICP Raises Awareness of Industrial Distribution Careers (April 19, 2016)
Industrial Careers Pathway (ICP) works with volunteers in their local communities to facilitate participation in career fairs and ot...

2 ICP and Volunteers Talk Industrial Distribution Careers with 500+ Students (July 8, 2016)
When young people with the skill sets and ambition industrial distributors seek as their next generation of workers gather en masse, Indu...

3 PTDA Foundation Supports Distribution Careers (November 9, 2017)
Recruiting, hiring, retaining and training employees continues to be an overwhelming challenge for industrial distributors. The collabora...

4 Yaskawa Motoman Examines the Need for Careers in Robotics and Automation (December 29, 2017)
The United States is inadequately prepared to meet the staffing needs for the quantity and quality of entry-level robotics and automation...