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10 Factors that Determine the Ideal Planetary Servo Gearhead for Your Application

Planetary gearheads are designed to multiply torque and reduce motor speed by a factor of the gearhead ratio. Learn how gearing precision, housing composition and other factors affect performance so you can choose the right gearhead for your application. White Papers Courtesy of DieQua Corporation

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1 The Long and Short of It (October 2017)

10,000 Year Clock Needs Bearings that Run for 350 Million Cycles.

2 Evolution of Worm Gear Standards and their Consequences on Load Capacity Calculation Approach (September 2014)

Beginning with a brief summary and update of the latest advances in the calculation methods for worm gears, the author then presents the detailed approach to worm gear geometry found in the revised ISO TR 10828. With that information, and by presenting examples, these new methods are explained, as are their possibilities for addressing the geometrical particularities of worm gears and their impact upon the behavior and load capacity of a gearset under working conditions based on ISO TR 14521 — Methods B and C. The author also highlights the new possibilities offered on that basis for the further evolution of load capacity calculation of a worm gearset based on load and contact pressure distribution.

3 The World's Most Famous Mass Damper (October 2018)

Marvels of engineering have always drawn crowds. But when we think of tourist destinations, we think of old, opulent buildings like the Vatican or Versailles, massive, elaborately designed fountains, or skyscrapers.

4 Space Shuttle Rudder-Speed Brake Actuator (October 2015)

The U.S. Space Shuttle fleet was originally intended to have a life of 100 flights for each vehicle, lasting over a 10-year period, with minimal scheduled maintenance or inspection. The first space shuttle flight was that of the Space Shuttle Columbia (OV-102), launched April 12, 1981. The disaster that destroyed Columbia occurred on its 28th flight, February 1, 2003, nearly 22 years after its first launch.

5 ISO 281:2007 - Caveat Emptor (October 2016)

I was invited by Tom Astrene of TLT to write a response to the July 2010 TLT article (Ref. 1). My rebuttal — “In Search of a Fatigue Limit: A Critique of ISO Standard 281:2007” — was published in Tribology and Lubrication Engineering, TLT, August 2010 edition (Ref. 10). While this article is also available online, I will attempt to summarize the essence of my response.

6 10 Years and Counting (December 2017)

Just over 10 years ago, we started publishing Power Transmission Engineering, and I'm proud to say we're still going strong.

7 Rolling Bearing Service Life Based on Probable Cause for Removal - A Tutorial (August 2017)

A bearing service life prediction methodology and tutorial indexed to eight probable causes for bearing failure and removal are presented - including fatigue. Bearing life is probabilistic and not deterministic. Bearing manufacturers' catalogue (L10) bearing life is based on rolling-element fatigue failure, at which time 90% of a population of bearings can be reasonably expected to survive, and 10% to fail by fatigue. However, approximately 95% of all bearings are removed for cause before reaching their L10 life. A bearing failure can be defined as when the bearing is no longer fit for its intended purpose. For a single bearing, you can only predict the probability of a failure occurring at a designated time - but not the actual time to failure.

8 IMTS 2010: In 140 Characters or Less (October 2010)

Social media was all the rage at IMTS 2010 in Chicago.

9 How to Select Motors for Hazardous Locations - Baldor Motor Basics Part 10 (February 2018)

Failure to specify the proper motor for use in a hazardous location can have serious consequences - lost production, extensive property damage, and even loss of human life. Selection of the proper motor requires an understanding of Underwriters Laboratories' (UL) and National Electrical Code (NEC) class, group and division designations and the T code letters.

10 Replacing Motors, Counting Savings (Spring 2007)

Th e total U.S. electric motor base exceeds 100 million motors and consumes more than 50% of all electricity generated in the country. Small motors—fractional horsepower to 20-hp—comprise 99% of the motor population but consume only 25% of all generated electricity (Refs. 1,3,10,14).

11 Going Green 101 (February 2009)

Perhaps you don’t need convincing that sustainability is the wave of the future. But where to start? Resources of all types—from websites to trade shows to white papers—are waiting to help green your operation. Most areas are home to regional business alliances devoted to helping local manufacturing outlets contribute in an environmentally sound manner. Here are a few go-to resources for going green.

12 Carnage and Mayhem 101 (June 2011)

What did you learn in school today? This typical parental inquiry is met with several responses but rarely followed with, “The complete and total annihilation of robotic machines in a no-holds-barred death match.”

13 What Lubrication Method Should I Use (April 2016)

in the performance and life of a rolling element bearing. Less than 10 percent of bearings reach their theoretical L10 life, and poor lubrication can be attributed to 80 percent of those that fall short. Ideally, a lubricant forms a film layer between moving components in a bearing, separating moving parts, minimizing friction and preventing wear between balls or rollers, raceways and retainers. Lubricants also protect metal surfaces from corrosion and moisture, dissipate heat and can even prevent the ingress of contaminants.

14 The Modified Life Rating of Rolling Bearings: A Criterion for Gearbox Design and Reliability Optimization (March 2015)

Engineers typically learn that the bearing L10 life can be estimated using the so called “C/P method” — or the “basic rating life” of the bearing, a method rooted in the 1940s. Major developments have since led to the “modified rating life,” released in ISO 281:2007, which includes the aiso life modification factor. In this paper a succession of equations used for bearing life ratings are reviewed, and current bearing life rating practices are discussed in detail. It is shown that — despite the introduction more than 30 years ago of the adjustment factor of the basic rating life, and the standardization in 2007 of the aiso modification factor — use of these improved calculation methods are not practiced by all engineers. Indeed — many continue referring to the old model as a way of seeking compliance with existing, established practices.

15 The Model T Ford: One Mean Machine (December 2014)

Some of us are old enough to have had say, great-grandparents, for example, who when the occasion arose would casually refer to cars as “machines.” It sounded funny and arcane, and we would snicker under our breath. But of course the laugh was on us; back in the day — 1910s through the 1930s — automobiles were commonly referred to as machines.

16 Solar Power Turns a Corner (April 2014)

According to GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), photovoltaic (PV) installations increased 41 percent from 2012 to 2013. Additionally, 410 MW of concentrated solar power came online in 2013. Solar was the second-largest source of new electricity generating capacity in the United States.

17 Industry News (December 2010)

The complete Industry News section from the December 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

18 High-Frequency, GaN Diode-Free Motor Drive Inverter with Pure Sine Wave Output (October 2012)

This article presents the first kW-Class, 3-phase GaN-based inverter. Hard-switched at 100-kHz PWM, its heart is a 6-in-1 power module with 600-V GaN power HEMTs, achieving a new efficiency of 98.5%, a more than 2% improvement.

19 Global Industrial Outlook: Houston, We Have a Problem (December 2014)

With two armed conflicts underway impacting economic performance in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, we continue our investment stance of “Buy on the Sound of Cannons — Selectively” — but readers of Power Transmission Engineering should not be sanguine. Geopolitics is beginning to exert significant pressure on several end markets: I specifically refer to oil price. West Texas Intermediate or WTI has dropped from its $95-105 trading range in late spring to about $75 — about a (25%) drop despite wo ongoing conflicts because of excess supply.

20 Case Study: JBJ Techniques and the BLOODHOUND SSC Project (April 2016)

Specialist power transmission supplier JBJ Techniques Limited, of Redhill, Surrey, England were recently contacted by the staff of Bloodhound SSC R&D engineering team to solve a problem on the fuel pump test rig. JBJ Techniques had worked with various team members in the past and this previous experience made JBJ an easy choice to assist with this project. The scope of supply was to produce a suitable drive coupling with a maximum diameter of 160 mm, capable of transmitting 550 Nm @ 10,000 rpm, with as short an assembly as possible, and at the same time be able to accept misalignment within the drivetrain.

21 Pack Expo 2016 (October 2016)

Pack Expo takes place November 6-9 at McCormick Place in Chicago. With 2,100 exhibitors, it’s the world’s largest most comprehensive processing and packaging trade show in 2016.

22 Understanding the Dynamic Influences of Gear Oils and Radial Shaft Seals (February 2018)

Sustainability is becoming one of the most important aspects within the power transmission business. Users demand low-maintenance drive systems with as little disruption as possible, and expect lifetimes of more than 10,000 hours. Approximately 40 percent of long-term gearbox leakages can be traced back to poor interaction between the radial shaft seal (RSS) and the lubricant. Thus, it becomes essential to analyze the tribological system as a whole, which includes the gear oil, seal grease (if required), elastomer material and design, and the shaft.

23 High Gear Ratio Epicyclic Drives (June 2016)

Referencing a June 2014 Article, “High Gear Ratio Epicyclic Drives Analysis,” by Dr. Alex Kapelevich: I have designed a small compound epicyclic gearbox with common planets. Sun = 10 teeth Planet = 14 teeth Ring Gear stationary = 38 teeth Ring gear output = 41 teeth profile shifted onto a 38 tooth pitch diameter. Carriers are simply cages for the planet alignment and location. According to your article, and according to my calculations and the prototype I have built, my inputto- output ratio is a reduction of 65.6:1. I am using a ~ VG1 viscosity grease and Nylatron materials for the gears and carriers.

24 Calendar (December 2010)

The complete technical calendar from the December 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

25 Powder Metal Gear Technology: A Review of the State of the Art (March 2016)

During the past 10 years, the PM industry has put a lot of focus on how to make powder metal gears for automotive transmissions a reality. To reach this goal, several hurdles had to be overcome, such as fatigue data generation on gears, verification of calculation methods, production technology, materials development, heat treatment recipes, design development, and cost studies. All of these advancements will be discussed, and a number of vehicles with powder metal gears in their transmissions will be presented. How the transmissions have been redesigned in order to achieve the required stress levels while minimizing weight and inertia, thus increasing efficiency, will also be discussed.

26 Global Industrial Outlook: Reality Sinks In (March 2016)

Our “Batten Down The Hatches” call proved timely as the market sold off by about (10 percent) before staging a partial recovery

27 With Buying Consortium, it's Advantage Suppliers and Buyers (Fall 2007)

A little over 10 years ago, Louise O’Sullivan was serving as president of one of Dover Corp.’s myriad divisions. One of her duties in that role was to attend the bi-annual cattle calls, i.e.— corporate executive business meetings attended by approximately 22 Dover decision makers. Invariably, at some point in those meetings, someone would ask, “Since we all buy the same things, why don’t we pool our signifi cant purchasing power to achieve better pricing and service?”

28 Industry News (August 2010)

The complete Industry News section from the August 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

29 Product News (April 2010)

The complete product news section from the April 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

30 Bogus Bearings Beat Price and Lead Time, But at What Cost (April 2010)

When your $100 “Rolex” falls apart on your wrist, well, what did you expect? But when bogus bearings find their way into safety-sensitive applications, lives are at stake.

31 Calendar (April 2010)

The complete technical calendar from the April 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

32 Industry News (February 2010)

The complete Industry News section from the February 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

33 Calendar (February 2010)

Calendar of upcoming events from the February 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

34 Eat Your Heart Out, Spielberg (February 2008)

"Restless Planet" transports guests to a Jurassic landscape with more than 100 animatronic dinosaurs.

35 Product News (February 2010)

The complete Product News section from the February 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

36 Reducing Electricity Cost through Use of Premium Efficiency Motors (February 2010)

motors with premium efficiency counterparts presents businesses with a significant opportunity to reduce operating costs. A comparison between premium and standard efficiency motors from 0.25 to 10 horsepower is conducted; comparisons of full-load efficiencies are shown, and estimated payback periods are calculated. Methods for calculating the yearly kilowatt-hour consumption and yearly cost savings of premium efficiency motors for this horsepower range are also given. The cost advantages of premium efficiency motors are summarized, and relevant examples of real world cost savings are shown.

37 Industry News (April 2010)

The complete Industry News section from the April 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering

38 AGMA--American Name, International Association (June 2010)

This letter to the editor from Joe T. Franklin, Jr., president of AGMA, first appeared in the May 2010 issue of Gear Technology.

39 Product News (October 2010)

The complete Product News section from the October 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

40 Calendar (October 2010)

The complete Technical Calendar from the October 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

41 Industry News (October 2010)

The complete Industry News section from the October 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

42 Calendar (August 2010)

Calendar of upcoming events from the August 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

43 Product News (August 2010)

The complete Product News section from the August 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

44 Product News (June 2010)

The complete Product News section from the June 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

45 Industry News (June 2010)

The complete Industry News section from the June 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

46 Product News (December 2010)

The complete Product News section from the December 2010 issue of Power Transmission Engineering

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1 CD-Adapco Speed v10.06 Release Enables Automated and Intelligent Design Exploration of Electric Machines (January 5, 2016)
CD-Adapco announced the release of Speed v10.06, the latest update to its leading electric machine design solution. Speed v10.06 takes a ...

2 Micronor Celebrates 10 Years (August 8, 2013)
Micronor is pleased to announce its 10th year in business together with 10 years of fiber optic sensor innovation.  Since 2003, Micr...

3 OES Introduces Compact 100 MM Rotary Stage (October 18, 2018)
Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) now offers a high precision, low profile, compact motorized rotary stage, the AY110-100-SC. This ...

4 Belden Universal Achieves AS9100C Aerospace Quality Certification (June 10, 2015)
Belden Universal recently announced that it achieved AS9100C aerospace quality certification.  The AS9100C certification, issue...

5 Robotic Sales Climb in 2010 (August 2, 2010)
North American based robotics companies saw orders jump 40 percent in units in the first half of 2010, according to new figures released ...

6 XP100 Designed for Hazardous Operating Environments (May 31, 2011)
Siemens Industry, Inc. recently introduced the XP100 (1-300 hp), designed specifically for hazardous operating environments such as the p...

7 Small Wind Sees Increase in Sales Revenue in 2010 (October 24, 2011)
America's small wind turbine industry saw substantial growth in 2010, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) reported recently, ...

8 Timken Targets Wind with Several Product Introductions at Windpower 2010 (May 27, 2010)
Introducing several new product developments at the Windpower 2010 show in Dallas, The Timken Company is leveraging investments made duri...

9 Motoman FS100 Controller Provides Open Software Connectivity (October 4, 2011)
Introduced at Pack Expo, the high-performance FS100 controller is designed for open software connectivity and supports PCI Express. The F...

10 100mm AC Electric Motors Offer Power of Larger Motors in Less Volume (April 1, 2010)
In response to customer demand for more power in smaller spaces, Bison Gear and Engineering introduces the 100mm AC motor line offeri...

11 Hansen Transmissions Invests More than 10 Million Euros in New Test Infrastructure (April 27, 2006)
Hansen Transmissions announced an investment of more than 10 million euros for a 13 megawatt test bench for the dynamic testing of wind t...

12 Bison Gear Awarded $100,000 Grant (April 19, 2005)
The National Science Foundation has awarded a $100,000 grant to Bison Gear and Engineering to determine the feasibility of a breakthrough...

13 Voith Delivers 10,000 Transmissions in 2004 (April 16, 2005)
For the first time in the history of Voith's commercial vehicle transmission product group, they have delivered 10,000 DIWA transmis...

14 New Conidrive Belt Drive Catalog DN10 (May 29, 2007)
The N10 belt and pulley system which features an offset conical projection profile on the bearing surface to ensure positive fit without ...

15 Bryant Celebrates 100 Years of Grinding (November 24, 2008)
Bryant Grinder, a division of Vermont Machine Tool Corporation, is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2009, making it one of the olde...

16 Broadwind Wins $106 Million in Tower Orders (October 10, 2013)
Broadwind Energy, Inc. recently announced $106 million in tower orders from a U.S. wind turbine manufacturer. Broadwind will produce thes...

17 2010 Metal Powder Testing and Bearings Standards Released (January 5, 2010)
The 2010 editions of Standard Test Methods for Metal Powders and Powder Metallurgy (PM) Products, and Standard 35, Materials Standards fo...

18 Industrial Control Shipments Surge First Quarter 2010 (May 17, 2010)
NEMA's Primary Industrial Controls Index climbed 11.7 percent on a quarter-to-quarter basis during the first three months of 2010.The...

19 PTDA Adds 10 New Members (May 22, 2013)
The Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) has welcomed 10 new members year-to-date including Applied Power Solutions (Addiso...

20 Alliance Sensors S1A and SC-100 Signal Conditioners Reduce Setup and Calibration Time (July 20, 2016)
Alliance Sensors Group has developed the S1A and SC-100 DIN-rail-mounted, push-button-calibrated LVDT signal conditioners by listening to...

21 Kollmorgen Celebrates 100 Years of Innovation (October 3, 2016)
Kollmorgen, a provider of motion systems and components, celebrates 100 years of innovation in 2016 while continuing to introduce pioneer...

22 In-Tech Hires 100th Associate in the United States (January 10, 2017)
In-Tech recently announced that its center in Greer, South Carolina, just appointed its 100th associate. In 2013, the U.S. In-Tech affili...

23 Siemens Introduces Sinamics G110M (February 19, 2016)
Siemens introduces the Sinamics G110M, a motor-integrated drive for Simogear gear motors, offering flexible control, integrated safety, s...

24 Shuster Corp. Celebrates 100th Anniversary (June 23, 2016)
Shuster Corporation, provider of bearings and power transmission products, and a division of Motion Industries, is celebrating its 100th ...

25 Yaskawa Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary in 2015 (March 25, 2015)
Yaskawa Electric Corporation will commemorate their 100th anniversary during 2015 across all global locations in 28 countries. In additio...

26 Bishop-Wisecarver Celebrates 10 Years of FIRST Robotics Sponsorship (April 12, 2017)
Bishop-Wisecarver Group, a WBENC-certified family of companies that offer guidance solutions, contract specialty manufacturing and mechat...

27 Large Size Roller Chain Over 10m can be Delivered Connected (March 19, 2009)
Tsubakimoto's Super Long Length Formation for Large Size Roller Chain can increase users productivity while helping to maintain a sa...

28 IQwind is Awarded Red Herring Top 100 Global Company (March 19, 2009)
IQwind, a developer of variable gear technology that improves the energy generation efficiency of wind turbines, announced that it has b...

29 New Vibration Mount Catalog V100 from AAC Features Over 1,270 Off-the-Shelf Shock and Vibration Damping Components (July 9, 2007)
Finding the right vibration mounts for your application has become easier with the publication of a new 240-page catalog "Shock and ...

30 Striatech Switched Reluctance Motor Achieves Speeds of Almost 100,000 rpm (June 23, 2017)
Striatech has developed a 1.75 hp (1.3 Kw) switched reluctance (SR) motor and dedicated control combination for a wide range of industria...

31 Fersa Bearings Acquires 100 Percent of NKE Austria (November 27, 2018)
Fersa Bearings S.A. made the purchase of the Austrian company NKE Austria GmbH official on October 19 2018, at a ceremony held in the cit...

32 Mike Decola Chairs 100th Anniversary PGA Championship (July 18, 2018)
Schafer Industries, headquartered in South Bend, Ind., proudly announces that the chief executive officer (CEO) of HBM Holdings Mike DeCo...

33 Ricardo Delivers 100th Transmission for BMW M6 GT3 (June 12, 2018)
The BMW M6 GT3 made its first race outing at the 2016 24 Hours of Daytona and has since appeared at all of the top worldwide GT series,...

34 Association Report Reflects 10 Percent Sales Increase for Domestic Distributors (March 8, 2007)
The Power Transmission Distributors Association released data for 2006 year-end relating to trends for distributors and manufacturers of ...

35 Steiner Electric Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary (January 4, 2017)
Electrical, industrial, and generator distributor Steiner Electric is proud to announce it has reached a major milestone that few compani...

36 Bosch Rexroth Expects Sales Recovery in 2010 (May 13, 2010)
After the number of incoming orders surpassed the previous year's figures in the first months of the current fiscal year, Bosch Rexro...

37 Manufacturing Technology Orders Up from June 2010 (August 11, 2011)
June U.S. manufacturing technology orders totaled $459.39 million according to The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT) an...

38 Brevini Receives AS9100C Certification (February 11, 2016)
Brevini Gear Systems continues to grow its specialized large, high-precision gear design and manufacturing operations with its Jan. 18 AS...

39 Maxon EC-4pole 30 Brushless DC Motor Provides Nominal Torque of 106 mNm (August 17, 2015)
Maxon motor has developed a brushless DC motor for hand-held surgical tools: the EC-4pole 30. Featuring two pole pairs, this DC motor pro...

40 Vision Quality Components Set to Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary (August 24, 2012)
Vision Quality Components Inc, Clearfield PA, a producer of cost effective powder metal gears of many types, including precision pump gea...

41 Igus Energy Chain Keeps Rolling After 10 Years of Operation (December 4, 2018)
The world’s longest energy chain, which was manufactured by Igus, recently completed a decade of uninterrupted service at a coal po...

42 Manufacturing Technology Consumption up 85 percent in 2010 (February 14, 2011)
December U.S. manufacturing technology consumption totaled $446.76 million, according to The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AM...

43 Oven Industries Announces AS 9100 Certification (October 7, 2013)
Oven Industries, a full turnkey contract manufacturing technology and sourcing company, is proud to announce that it has been awarded con...

44 Dayton DayLube Grease Designed to Maintain Viscosity After 100,000 Strokes (July 9, 2015)
Dayton Lamina recently introduced their DayLube high-performance nano-ceramic grease. The grease is designed to maintain its original vis...

45 PTDA Welcomes 10 New Members (January 15, 2014)
The Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA), the association for the industrial power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) dist...

46 Gates Corp. Celebrates 100 Years (February 7, 2011)
When Charles Gates, Sr. bought The Colorado Tire and Leather Company in 1911, little did he know his small shop in Denver, Colorado would...

47 TPR International Celebrates 10 Years (March 21, 2013)
German PR agency TPR International is celebrating its tenth anniversary at this year’s Hannover Fair in April 2013. Established in ...