Power Transmission Engineering Product News 2005

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SEW-Eurodrive Introduces New Food Industry Drive System
The Food Industry Option Package from SEW-Eurodrive is a drive system with specialized components to meet the damp conditions and chemica... (posted 2005-04-29)

New Frequency Inverter from SEW Eurodrive
The Movitrac Lte frequency inverter is a system design to meet the size and startup constraints that industrial applications often place ... (posted 2005-04-21)

New Support Bearings from Timken
Timken has expanded its offering for machine tool applications to provide a complete line to Fafnir ball screw support bearings. The addi... (posted 2005-04-20)

Bodine Introduces New Family of Gearmotors
The family of gearmotors includes a Quinsulation five-stage insulation system designed to meet NEMA MG 1-1993, Section IV, Part 31. The i... (posted 2005-04-19)

KTR Introduces New Couplings
The Rotex ZS-DKM-H from KTR Corp. has been developed for the pump industry. The main innovation feature of the H type coupling is the she... (posted 2005-04-16)

Frenco Adds Gage for Measuring Splines to Produce A Circumferential Backlash Measuring Instrument
Frenco has expanded its product line by starting to produce a circumferential backlash measuring instrument. According to its press r... (posted 2005-04-16)

Heidenhain’s Newest Linear Encoder Integrates Roller Guide
The LS 1679 from Heidenhain is a sealed linear scale with an integrated roller guide. According to the company's press release, th... (posted 2005-04-16)

New Brochure from Voith Turbo
Voith Turbo has created literature to help calculate torsional vibrations of drives with hydrodynamic couplings. The publication can b... (posted 2005-04-15)

New Power Transmission Package from Brevini
The new High Power Series from Brevini combines the gear design of the S Series planetary gearboxes with modular features of the PIV POSI... (posted 2005-04-14)

Aerotech Introduces New Gantry System
The ASGS1000 Series Cartesian gantry system from Aerotech is designed for a range of automation platforms like high-speed pick-and-place,... (posted 2005-04-13)

Falk Creates New Right Angle Gearmotor
A new line of stainless steel helical bevel gear drives from Falk is recommended for food industry sanitation requirements. These drives ... (posted 2005-04-13)

NSK Introduces New Bearings
[photo] NSK's new BGR Series of super precision angular contact bearings combines the benefits of SHX heat and seizure resistant stee... (posted 2005-04-13)

HSI Introduces New Linear Actuator
[photo] The Size 8 captive linear actuator from Hayden Switch & Instrument includes actuator options that open avenues for equipment desi... (posted 2005-04-13)

Voith Introduces New Fluid Coupling
The new TurboSyn friction coupling from Voith Turbo increases the economy of single drives and utilizes its potential for energy savings.... (posted 2005-04-13)

HSI Introduces New Linear Actuator
The Size 8 captive linear actuator from Hayden Switch & Instrument includes actuator options that open avenues for equipment designers wh... (posted 2005-04-13)

Bock Workholding Introduces New Triangular Workholding System for Machining Centers
The Bock TriSystem workholding system, a triangular, six-station workholding system allows a greater range of tool access angles on horiz... (posted 2005-04-13)

Flowserve Introduces New Models to PT Series Worm Gears
Flowserve Corp., a provider of fluid motion and control products and services, added two new sizes to the Flowserve Limitorque PT series ... (posted 2005-04-13)

Lin Engineering Introduces New Motors
Lin Engineering Inc. has introduced a new line of IP65-rated motors. These motors are available in size 17 and 23 and offer protection a... (posted 2005-04-13)

New Gear Drive System from ASI Technologies
The MK400 Series transaxle from ASI Technologies combines the precision of a single piece casting, which can improve the accuracy of gear... (posted 2005-04-12)

New Brochure from Weiler Corp.
The latest brochure from Weiler Corp. details the importance of deburring in gear manufacturing. All cutting and shaping operations p... (posted 2005-04-04)

New Gearmotors from Bison Gear
The new parallel shaft AC gearmotors from Bison Gear & Engineering are available in five gear ratios ranging from 5.8:1 to 42.8:1. Th... (posted 2005-03-18)

New Encoder from BEI
The HMT25 multi-turn absolute encoder from BEI has an electronic reset capability. According to the company’s press release, the ... (posted 2005-03-16)

World’s Smallest Linear Actuator Introduced by Haydon Switch & Instrument
The Size 8 hybrid external linear actuator was introduced by Haydon Switch & Instrument. The 0.8" size makes this the world’s smalle... (posted 2005-03-16)

New Lubrication System from Oil Rite
The new Purge X infrared lubrication system from Oil Rite is designed for use in automotive, conveyor, packaging and textile industries. ... (posted 2005-03-16)

New Furnace from Grieve
The No. 943 pit furnace from Grieve is an electrically heated, top loading pit furnace capable of 2,000 degrees F and is suitable for hea... (posted 2005-03-09)

New Linear Motors from Aerotech
The BLMFS5 Series flat linear motors from Aerotech provide 25% more power in an equivalent envelope than traditional models.This is achie... (posted 2005-03-02)

New Line of Timing Belts and Pulleys from BRECOflex
The ARC Power Plus line of timing belts and pulleys from BRECOflex are available as open-ended, spliced and welded endess and truly endle... (posted 2005-02-26)

Micronor’s Motorized Potentiometers Include 4-20 mA Control Option
The MR267 current loop controller (CLC) option remotely controls a motorized potentiometer and/or rotary cam switch via 4-20mA current ... (posted 2005-02-21)

Pacamor Kubar Bearings Enhanced for Dental Handpieces
Pacamor Kubar Bearings has introduced new product enhancements that extend bearing life in high and low speed dental and surgical handpie... (posted 2005-02-20)

New Digital Servo Amplifiers from Aeroech
The Ndrive MP digital servo amplifier from Aerotech is the ultra-compact, high performance discrete drive option for the Automation 3200 ... (posted 2005-02-20)

New Scanner from Induction Tooling
The Model No. Scan I.T-LRS36 scanner from Induction Tooling was introducted at Gear Expo 2005. According to the company’s literat... (posted 2005-02-20)

New Basketless Heat Treatment System from Can-Eng
The patent-pending basketless heat treatment systems from Can-Eng are designed for manufacturers of aluminum products requiring process h... (posted 2005-02-17)

Renishaw Designs Encoders for Ultra-Low Thermal Expansion
The new RELM high accuracyt linear encoder from Renishaw joins the company’s SiGNUM range of intelligent,high performance encoders c... (posted 2005-02-16)

New Mandrels from LeCount
The new Type G mandrel from LeCount is designed to accomodate most between-center grind operations. A PartLocator is an optional enhan... (posted 2005-02-14)

Vision Systems from Mitutoyo Measure Multi-Levels Simultaneously
The new Quick Image QI-2017RL and QL-30117Rl Serues 2-D vision measuring systems from Mitutoyo America Corp. employ a bi-lateral telecent... (posted 2005-02-14)

New Vertical Processing Machine from Inductoheat
The modular Inductoscan vertical processing machine from Inductoheat is designed to ofer customers greater flexibility and higher uptime.... (posted 2005-02-11)

New Rack and Pinion Drives from Atlanta Drive Systems
Zero backlash standard rack & pinion drives that utilizing a split- and dual-pinion arrangement are now available from Atlanta Drive Syst... (posted 2005-02-10)

New Fluid for Grinding Applications
The Grindex line of water-miscible synthetic grinding fluids from Blaser Swisslube provide the ideal rinsing and settling behavior for mo... (posted 2005-02-10)

New Motor Driver from Allegro MicroSystems
The new A1441 low voltage, full bridge brushless DC motor driver from Allegro Microsystems includes hall commutation, active breaking and... (posted 2005-02-10)

New Superabrasive Turning Machine from Holroyd
The Edgetek SATurn Superabrasive turning system from Holroyd employs CBN wheels to achieve productivity rates far in advance of those obt... (posted 2005-02-09)

New Gearmotor from Midwest Motion
The new MMP-TM55-36V-007 DC gear motor from Midwest Motion Products can accept any 36-volt DC source, including batteries. According t... (posted 2005-02-03)

New Oil from Heatbath Corp.
Lab Oil 100 from Heatbath Corp. is dry-to-the-touch over phosphate coating, low in toxicity, has improved emulsification and high corrosi... (posted 2005-02-02)

New Lead Angle Gear Roller from Marposs
The M62 DF from Marposs is designed for the dynamic inspection of ring gears with automatic part rotation. The system can also evalua... (posted 2005-01-28)

Klingelnberg Introduces First Vertical Spiral Bevel Gear Machine
The Oerlikon C29 from Klingelnberg is a vertical spiral bevel gear cutting machine specially designed for dry cutting. The developmen... (posted 2005-01-19)

New Linear Transmission Unit from Bishop Wisecarver
The HepcoMotion DLS5 is a belt driven linear transmission unit from Bishop Wisecarver. Produced with a 50 mm wide belt that increases ... (posted 2005-01-10)

New Screw Actuator from Duff Norton
The new 3-ton capacity screw actuator from Duff Norton was designed for applications requiring positive mechanical positioning. Accor... (posted 2005-01-10)

New Actuator from Danaher Motion
The Thomson sweeper head lift actuators from Danaher Motion are designed for sweeper brush and squeegee applications. Available with o... (posted 2005-01-10)

New Encoders from Renishaw
The RELM line of high accuracy encoders from Renishaw combine accuracy to +/1 micron/m and resolution to 23 nm with speeds above 10 m/s ... (posted 2005-01-07)

New DC Gearmotor from Midwest Motion
A new DC gearmotor, Model No. MMP.TM55-24V.GP52-100.1 can accept any 24 volt source, including battery power. According to the compan... (posted 2005-01-06)

New Ball Screws from PIC Design
A new family of ball screws from PIC Design can handle higher load capacites at faster speeds with improved capacities. According to t... (posted 2005-01-06)

Harmonic Drive Introduces New Gearheads
Harmonic Drive Technologies introduced its RGH Series of compact gearheads that offer the accuracy and repeatability typically associated... (posted 2005-01-03)