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Power Transmission Engineering E-mail Newsletter September 2016 Edition

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Klüber Lubrication Offers Specialty Lubricants for Open Drives and Gears Keeping Mineral Processing Plants Up and Running


Daniel A. Narnhammer, Head of Global Competence Center Mining at Klüber Lubrication NA LP
Justin Koozer, Cement and Mining Market Manager at Klüber Lubrication NA LP

To maintain the functionality of machinery in a mineral processing plant, several tons of lubricants are used for the numerous gearboxes, open drives, bearings, chains, compressors and other components each year. The rough operating conditions in the mining industry pose special challenges to lubricants. Among these challenges are, for example, high pressure, shock loads and vibrating stress as well as extreme temperatures and temperature changes, frequent, unforeseen stops and also low-speed operation, which the lubricants used have to withstand. Additionally, all structural components are subject to high dust and dirt particle concentrations in ambient air.

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Factoring In the Power Factor

George Holling

First, let us quickly define what is the “power factor,” or PF, as it is often referred to. The power factor originates in the world of AC motors and power transmission, and it is a measure of the relationship between the AC voltage and the AC current. In any power distribution system, we have transmission lines (inductor) that have coupling to the earth plane (capacitor) and AC motors that have parasitic inductances. All of these stray components offset the AC current from the AC voltage and hence the PF, which is always equal to or less than 1.

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New Servo Gear Heads

Diequa introduces their new Sesame line of planetary servo gear heads which offers an extensive range of inline and right angle designs for motion control applications. With 4 different precision levels to satisfy different dynamic requirements and price points, we have the optimal solution to meet your needs.

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Custom Timing Pulleys and Value Added Assembly by CMT

You can count on Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc. (CMT) for the manufacturing of your custom designed product. To compliment your custom component and making it easier for you, CMT assembles bushings, bearings and auxiliary parts in a wide variety of configurations.

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You will notice when it’s too late

DAMAGE. FRUSTRATION. DOWNTIME. HEADACHES. If you’re relying on a partial solution provider for drivetrain service, your next problem could cost you. Protect your entire drivetrain instead with a complete service solution from Philadelphia Gear and Timken Power Systems. Your company receives 24/7 nationwide coverage for any part — click for details.

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Learn about how R+W ball-detent torque limiters protect equipment from overload in ways that electronic controls cannot. This new video includes how they’re made, how they work, how to use them, and why they matter.

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Get the Motion You Need in Your Connections

QA1 offers two styles of ball joint assemblies for OEM and aftermarket applications. Now available in stainless and carbon steel, staked ball joint assemblies include a rubber grommet to keep out contaminants, while quick connect/disconnect ball joint linkages are ideal where quick assembly and disassembly are required.

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NSKHPS Cylindrical Roller Bearings provide outstanding performance in a range of applications. Featuring a high-strength and wear-resistant cage, they offer superior roller guidance with low running noise and temperature. NSKHPS Cylindrical Roller Bearings easily accommodate high loads and high speeds, resulting in longer operating life, decreased costs and total confidence.

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Latest News

Here's the latest from the mechanical power transmission industry.

Baldor Introduces Passport Selection Tool
Baldor Electric Company introduces Passport, a new selection program for Baldor-Dodge mechanical power transmission products. Passport is a web-based tool utilizing an intuitive process to guide both novice and expert users through quick and accurate selections. Read more.

Parsons Peebles Appoints Robertson Chief Operating Officer
Parsons Peebles is pleased to announce the appointment of Graeme Robertson who joined the company as COO, on October 3, 2016. This appointment strengthens the operational effectiveness of the business as it continues its journey to becoming the UK’s no.1 electromechanical products and services provider.Read more.

Beckhoff Opens Sales and Support Office in Texas
Hot on the heels of continued rapid growth in automation sales in the southern U.S., Beckhoff Automation has opened a regional sales and support office in Plano, Texas. A significant move in expanding local customer service capabilities, this new 2,600 square-foot office will provide high-level sales and engineering expertise, particularly for customers in the south-central United States. Read more.

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