SPS 2019 Preview: Bonfiglioli

The new TQFEK series from Bonfiglioli.

The new TQFEK series from Bonfiglioli.

November 15, 2019—
At this year’s SPS in Nuremberg (November 26-28), Bonfiglioli will present four new precision planetary gearbox series, in Hall 3A, Booth 151. The four new TQFE, TQFEK, MPE and MPEK series further extend the great modularity of the Bonfiglioli Effective Line, thanks to their design and performance variety. 

The new TQFE series, characterized by a 18-155 Nm torque range, combines exceptional compactness with a standardized flange interface, ensuring a quick and easy mounting suitable for a wide variety of applications. Its right-angle version, TQFEK, allows more compactness for space-saving layouts.

The new MPE series, characterized by a 5-155 Nm torque range, combines performance and precision with a great price-performance ratio, offering a suitable answer to a wide variety of application requirements. The output design ensures great compatibility for easy retrofitting and a high level of freedom in project development. Its right-angle version, MPEK, adds greater compactness for space-saving requirements to all the benefits of the inline version. 

The Effective Line offers Bonfiglioli performance and reliability at a great value-performance ratio, matching a very wide variety of applications requiring medium precision, dynamics and power density. Thanks to its great flexibility in output configurations and design versions, this Line ensures easy installation and retrofitting. 

Bonfiglioli precision planetary gearboxes portfolio, comprising the Performance and Effective Lines to target different demands, offers the right solution for a wide spectrum of applications. Whether in material handling, automated storage, packaging, textile, automation technology and many other sectors, their precision planetary gearboxes are optimized for numerous applications.

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