NORD Expands Mobile Service Solutions

These mobile solutions provide wireless monitoring of variable frequency drives.

These mobile solutions provide wireless monitoring of variable frequency drives.

November 8, 2019—
NORD Gear Corporation recently announced the release of two products that enable convenient dashboard-based visualization to aid in the diagnosis, parameterization, and monitoring of NORD drive systems from a smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device.

The new NORDCON APP and NORDAC ACCESS BT—a mobile app and Bluetooth stick—work together to provide a wireless solution for commissioning, drive optimization, and service requests for all NORD electronic drive systems, including extension units. This speeds up commissioning, simplifies maintenance, and enables problems to be resolved quicker, thus reducing downtime and costs. 

"After extensive field testing and feedback from our customers, we are pleased to announce the release of the NORDCON APP and NORDAC ACCESS BT," said Dan Breitbarth, engineering manager of control products at NORD Gear. "Together these tools will empower our customers with improved visibility and control of their NORD drive units with convenient, wireless monitoring and diagnosis." 

The NORDCON APP is available for free download through the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android users. The app includes a video tutorial on key features, including:
-Dashboard-based monitoring of NORD drives with application-specific, customizable display options.
-Drive parameter settings with support of context-sensitive help function, containing full parameter description from technical documentation.
-Drive diagnostics and analysis via configurable four-channel oscilloscope.
-The ability to send service requests to the local NORD support team directly from the app

The NORDAC ACCESS BT can be used directly with VFDs or motor starters. It allows users to transfer parameters from one VFD to another or from a drive unit and PC. It also has a backup and recovery function for peace of mind and easy handling of drive parameters. The Bluetooth stick can be purchased directly from any authorized NORD distributor. 

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