DieQua Launches PGW-Series Planetary Reducer

The flexible bushing system permits a wide range of diameters.

The flexible bushing system permits a wide range of diameters.

October 8, 2019—

DieQua launches the PGW-Series hollow bore output planetary reducer for belt and lead screw linear actuator systems. It features a fully-sealed design, one-piece caged planet carrier, high efficiency and very low backlash. DieQua Corporation is a solution-based supplier of gear drives. The company works with customers to find the optimal product for their needs from their wide range of available gearbox technologies.

Highlights include:

Backlash as low as ≤6 arcmin
High efficiency ≥95%
Low operating noise ≤63 dB(A)
Inline housing configuration
Available in three sizes, 60, 90 and 115
Hollow bore connection for belt and screw drive linear actuators
Ratios available from 3:1 through 1000:1
Torque Capacity 200 Nm
Caged Planet Gear Carrier
Environmental protection IP65 

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