LM76 Releases Ceramic Radial Ball Bearings

Zirconia Ceramic Radial Ball Bearings.

Zirconia Ceramic Radial Ball Bearings.

September 6, 2019—
LM76 has announced the release of their new line of Radial Ball Bearings featuring ZrO2 (Zirconia) Ceramic balls.  To Complement LM76's broad range of Linear Bearings that are FDA/UDSA/3A Dairy compliant, as well as  linear bearings for extreme environments; they have added Deep Groove bearings which accommodate radial and axial loads, Angular Contact bearings for simultaneously handling radial and axial loads, Spherical Bearings which are self aligning, and Thrust Bearings for high axial loads. Each of the four types of metric bearings are available in a wide range sizes.

The advantages of ZrO2 ceramic balls are: FDA/USDA/3A Dairy/Caustic washdown compliant, lighter than steel balls and can be used at extreme rpms, they withstand higher loads without spalling, have a lower coefficient of friction, are inert to chemicals, have no magnetic signature, and are non conductive.    

With the addition of these radial bearings with ZrO2 Ceramic balls LM76 has increased "The Engineering Edge" it has in providing bearings and components for FDA/USDA, Medical, Bio/Pharma, Aerospace, Marine, and other out-of-the-box applications. These bearings have a working temperature range of -80OC to 400OC, they will not deform under load, and require no lubrication.

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