Helios Set to Demonstrate Gear Capabilities at Motion + Power Technology Expo

Hera 350 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine.

Hera 350 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine.

August 13, 2019—
Helios Gear Products will demonstrate multiple gear manufacturing solutions at the Motion + Power Technology Expo (MPT Expo) in Detroit at Cobo Center, October 15–17, 2019. Gear manufacturers of both small and large gears will want to visit Helios Booth #3213 to see the company’s latest machines and tools for hobbing, deburring, grinding, inspection, and more.

Helios equips manufacturers for profitable gear production with solutions such as the Helios Hera series of CNC gear hobbing machines from YG Tech. Hera machines offer several attractive features: Fanuc or Siemens CNC; high-speed hob heads with automatic retraction during power failure; direct-drive torque motors; friendly dialog programming for easy operating and quick training; re-hobbing (skiving); world-class construction and components; compact footprints. Moreover, Helios Hera hobbers make no compromise on quality while offering manufacturers huge savings. These machines are a must-see at the MPT Expo.

Helios will show the Hera 90 CNC gear hobbing machine. This machine features a unified, versatile gantry automation system for easy and productive hobbing of spur gears, helical gears, and splines. It also features a high-swivel head for worm and thread milling. Manufacturers of parts up to 90 mm (3.543 in) diameter and 3 module (8.5 DP) should visit the Helios booth to see the machine in action.

Gear manufacturers will also want to visit the Helios booth to see the Hera 350 CNC gear hobbing machine. With the series’ same high-quality feature set, the Hera 350 enables profitable vertical hobbing of spur gears, helical gears, and other hobbed profiles. The machine is rated at 6 module (4.3 DP) and 350 mm (13.780 in) diameter for automatic loading (additional capacity is available for manually loaded parts).

On display at the MPT Expo will also be the Helios TM 200-R3 gear deburring machine from Tecnomacchine. This machine deburrs parts up to 200 mm (7.874 in) diameter with high-speed tool spindles. With 5 workstations and a unified, flexible automation system, the TM 200-R3 offers manufacturers a productive brushing, deburring, and/or chamfering solution that enables consistent quality and reclaimed labor. Manufacturers can visit the Helios booth to see this machine produce deburred parts in as little as every 20 seconds.

Lastly, as part of Helios’s partnership with Kapp Technologies, the PGM 165 gear inspection machine will also be demonstrated. This CNC analytical measuring machine can inspect parts up to 180 mm (7.087 in) diameter using Renishaw 3D probe technology and Penta Gear Metrology software.

In addition to machine tools, Helios offers manufacturers cutting and abrasive tools, including hobs, milling cutters, shaper cutters, generating grinding wheels, form grinding wheels, bevel gear grinding cups, diamond dressing gears, and more. Gear manufacturers can also benefit from Helios’s services, such as gear cutting tool resharpening and recoating, contract inspection, and application engineering.

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