Festo Launches DGST Line of Pneumatic Mini Slides

Festo DGST mini slide.

Festo DGST mini slide.

August 7, 2019—
Festo introduces the DGST pneumatic mini slide, one of the most compact pneumatic slides available. DGST slides are designed for precision handling, press fitting, pick and place, and electronic and light assembly applications. 

The DGST slide and yoke plate are machined from a single piece of aluminum, which ensures low torsion and accurate alignment. Backlash free piston rod/yoke connection contributes to the slide’s precision and extended service life. Maintenance free twin piston drives and high force capacity recirculating ball bearing guides provide the DGST with twice the power of other slides – from 7.6 to 132.6 lbf (34 to 590 N) at 6 bar. 

Cushioning and proximity sensors do not extend beyond the slide’s footprint, which contributes to the new line’s compactness. Three cushioning options are available. Two slides can be piggybacked in minutes simply by bolting the units together – adaptor plates are not needed. Locating port connections, end-position sensing, and precision end-position adjustment together on one side also contributes to ease of installation. Payloads for the seven different sizes of DGST range from 1.5 to 37.5 pounds (0.7 to 17 kilograms), and stroke length ranges from .4 to 8 inches (10 to 200 millimeters).

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