RMI Offers Traction Drive Speed Reducers

These speed reducers feature traction drive technology.

These speed reducers feature traction drive technology.

May 21, 2019—
Rolling Motion Industries (RMI) is offering new speed reducers with traction drive technology. The Two Way MAR-17-2-3:1 and the MAR-23-2-3:1 Speed Reducers offer a simple design that features exceptional reliability and up 98% efficiency. The MAR17-2-3:1 Speed Reducer is designed for input speeds up to 3,600 rpm with 10 to 20 in/lbs of torque, and the MAR-23-2-3:1 Speed Reducer is also rated for speeds to 3,600 rpm but with an input of 20 to 30 in/lbs of torque.

The propriety engineered traction fluid with a coefficient of friction of just 0.1 to 0.12 transmits torque between the four driving and driven elements.  The traction fluid continuously changes from liquid-to-solid-to-liquid in the microscopic spaces between the driving and driven elements.  Even though there is no metal-to-metal contact there is no slippage!  These compact speed reducers are quiet, generating up to 72 percent less heat even after weeks of continuous operation, and offer thousands of hours of trouble free operation, as the traction fluid cools and lubricates the traction drive speed reducers.

Having low vibration, and no torque losses from 10 to 3,000 rpm, these 3:1 2 way speed reducers let motors operate at peak efficiency while having a damping effect on a motor's torque ripple. The speed reducers are available with an optional overriding clutch to protect the components as they can not be back driven. Incorporating standard NEMA mounting dimensions, they can be easily integrated into new and existing applications.

Creating 38 percent lower dB at 3,000 rpm than conventional gearboxes these people friendly speed reducers are ideal for use in medical equipment such as mobile hospital equipment and dialysis machines as well as pumps, blowers, fans, turbo and super chargers, conveyers, HVAC systems, and other power transmission and motion applications.

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