JW Winco Offers Steel and Stainless Steel Leveling Sets

Steel and stainless steel leveling sets.

Steel and stainless steel leveling sets.

April 16, 2019—
JW Winco, Inc., A Ganter Company, now has available GN 360 Steel & Stainless Steel Leveling Sets.

The GN 360 Leveling Sets, appropriate for the workholding and machine building industries, are used for leveling, supporting, and holding, as well as to compensate for any slope when setting up machines and systems. “A sloped or uneven floor can be a challenge when it is necessary to precisely align a machine,” said John Winkler, CEO, office of the president at JW Winco. “The new GN 360 leveling sets offer a solution even for the heaviest of equipment.”

The leveling sets incorporate height flexibility via a threaded spindle and they have a compensating base that is permanently attached. The base is articulated and can swivel up to three degrees in any direction from the upright horizontal position. The load capacity of the leveling sets range from seven to 22.5 tons, depending on the size.

“The thread inside the head of the threaded spindle can be used to mount the leveling set from the top and can also be used as a threaded through-hole for attachment to its mating surface from below,” Winkler said. “The fine pitch thread of the spindle allows for precise adjustment and readjustment using a DIN 1810 hook wrench, while a circlip limits the maximum path of adjustment.”

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