Rio Tinto Energy’s Maintenance Employees Undergo Timken Training at Wyoming Mine

March 9, 2007—Rio Tinto Energy America employees have particpated in Timken's Bearing Maintenance Training Pogram since 1999.

Rio Tinto maintains an ongoing training schedule for its maintenance associates, most of whom have attended Timken's four hour basic semimar and some Rio Tinot mechanics who've attended Timken's Advanced Maintenance Seminars.

Condero Rojo Mine in Gillette, WY, aims for every employee to undergo the Timken training.

Marty Brown, maintenance training supervisor at COndero Rojo. says, "If you understand how a product or piece of equipment operates, you can keep it working instead of being on the clean-up crew."

To ensure that the Timken-endorsed, Rio Tinto Energy America pursues a "Timken Bearing Certified" recognition.

According to the company's press release, Condero Rojo invites Timken back each year to conduct a performance audit, Timken says that facilities successfully meeting its criteria earn the "Timken Bearing Certified" designation.

Half-, full- or two-day semsinars are conducted on handling, lubrication and damage analysis at a customer location or nearby conference facility.

The Timken Co.