Automate 2019 Preview: Kollmorgen

Kollmorgen AKD2G Servo Drive.

Kollmorgen AKD2G Servo Drive.

March 20, 2019—
Kollmorgen will exhibit at Automate 2019, April 8 – 11 in Chicago, bringing their motion-centric automation solutions to the show for the first time. Visitors to Booth 6973 will be treated to a variety of product exhibits and live demos, including Kollmorgen’s servo boxing robots. Kollmorgen’s booth will be staffed with industry experts ready to provide solutions to the toughest of applications. Attendees are also invited to attend daily speaker sessions and bring specific application questions to Kollmorgen experts throughout the show. 

Demos and other exhibits have been designed to show how Kollmorgen’s next-generation technology helps OEMs increase efficiency, uptime, throughput and machine life. Demos will include: 

AKD2G/AKM2G System Demo: Kollmorgen’s AKD2G and AKM2G product lines offer OEMs the best power density on the market, and enough flexibility to achieve “just right” fit and performance to match the machine and application for maximum efficiency. 

The dual-axis AKD2G Servo Drive substantially reduces mains wiring, fuses, and filtering to save significant panel space and cost. Industry 4.0/IoT ready, the AKD2G shares data with the Cloud and upstream controls, as well as communicating status, diagnostics, and predictive maintenance in real time. Safety is seamlessly built into the drive with Kollmorgen Safe Motion. 

The AKM2G Servo Motor offers OEMs a way to increase performance and speed while cutting power consumption and costs. Highly configurable, with six frame sizes with up to five stack lengths, and a variety of selectable options (such as feedback, mounting, and performance capabilities), the AKM2G can easily be dropped into existing designs.

Robotic Gearmotor Demo: Discover how Kollmorgen’s frameless motor solutions integrate seamlessly with strain wave gears, feedback devices, and servo drives to form a lightweight and compact robotic joint solution. Kollmorgen’s standard and custom frameless motor solutions enable smaller, lighter, and faster robots. 

Frameless Motor Demo: Learn how easy it is to integrate Kollmorgen’s TBMTM frameless motors into any application requiring a compact, lightweight, and torque-dense solution.               

Servo Boxing Robots: Enjoy a fun game of “servo boxing” that highlights a complete Kollmorgen machine automation solution. Industry 4.0/IoT/Cloud capabilities are demonstrated using remote monitoring and predictive maintenance examples. 

AGVs and Mobile Robots: Show attendees can learn about Kollmorgen’s flexible, scalable vehicle control solutions for material handling for smart factories and warehouses with AGVs and mobile robots.

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