CES 2019 Preview: THK

The THK Argus Board will be featured at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

The THK Argus Board will be featured at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

January 8, 2019—
During CES 2019 (January 8-11 in Las Vegas), THK will present its own uniquely developed microcomputer for IoT and industrial applications: the Argus Board series. In addition, the company will present the Argus Balance, a sensing chair detecting breathing and other body information; ATMOS II, a human shaped sensing object detecting the surrounding environment; and Sensing Scape Studio, where THK transforms environmental information into media art.

The Argus Board is a newly developed, unique microcomputer board specializing in sensing. It offers high processing capability and a mounted FPGA that will support the development efforts of everyone from researchers to students working on sensing prototypes. General sales are scheduled to begin summer 2019.

The Argus Balance is a "smart" sensing chair that measures heart rate, respiratory rate, and stress level by using highly sensitive piezoelectric sensors built into the seat to detect minute movements in the body. It uses chaos theory to analyze levels of stress, relaxation, fatigue, and responsiveness. This model is the third version in the series since it was developed in 2017, and its two sensors make the data it collects even more accurate. Its breathing algorithm also makes it possible to provide a visualization of respiratory rate and strength.

The Sensoroid ATMOS II is a humanoid sensing object capable of measuring various environmental conditions. By embedding sensors all over this object, you can visualize the environmental conditions an actual person would experience. The second version is an improvement upon the first model released in 2018 and is equipped with THK's original microcomputer Argus Board.

The Sensing Scape Studio is a data visualization technology that uses an original microcomputer board and algorithm to convert data collected from the surrounding environment— such as sound, light, and temperature—into a form of expression that users can experience with their senses. It opens a new world of sensing technology-based new media art and generates market value.

The Regen Board is a uniquely developed board system that enables energy to be gathered from micro power sources in the natural environment and boosted to a practical voltage. THK aims to create a system that can provide enough power for sensing and data transfer processes in a variety of environments for the rapidly evolving IoT industries of the near future.

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