JW Winco Chrome Plated Hinges Offer Stability and Compact Design

Chrome Plated Hinges are now available from JW Winco.

Chrome Plated Hinges are now available from JW Winco.

December 21, 2018—
JW Winco, Inc., A Ganter Company, now has available Chrome Plated GN 237 Hinges, Countersunk Thru Holes or Threaded Stud Type in Zinc Die-cast.

Chrome Plated GN 237 Hinges offer corrosion resistance due to its chrome plating, the Zinc Die-cast Hinges are also aesthetically pleasing due to their chrome finish. Typically sold with U-handles, door latches, and similar types of products, the hinges are appropriate for those in the machine and equipment building industry, especially as it relates to medical, packaging, and pharmaceutical, as well as for off-road vehicles and construction equipment.   

“These hinges are characterized by their compact and stable design,” said John Winkler, CEO, office of the president at JW Winco. “The various material and surface choices in combination with two mounting types enable very specific applications, including use on guard doors, hatches, flaps, and covers.”

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