Iranian Bus Manufacturer Buys 6,000 Voith Transmissions

March 5, 2007—Iranian citybus manufacturer Shabob Khodro ordered 6,000 DIWA 863.3E transmissions.

The entire order will be shipped by the end of 2010, and the first 500 have already shipped.

According to the company’s press release the 6,000 new DIWA.3E transmissions will be installed into the current citybus type SK 2612. Gas versions of the bus will also utilize the same transmissions.

Two-thirds of the buses produced by Shahob use diesel engines. The company anticipates the share of gas-driven vehicles is likely to rise as new city registrations will be issued only to CNG buses.

"This contract enables us to back up our dominant position as automatic transmission manufacturers in Iran. Voith will be represented in every Shabab Khodro citybus built in Tehran,"says Chris Herrlinger, key account manager.