Leroy Somer’s Powerdrive Requires Only Eight Parameters for Application Commissioning

March 2, 2007—The Powerdrive from Leroy Somer covers the range from 45 to 675KW, and is modular with air or liquid cooling and offer open- or closed-loop vector or simple V/F control.

The individual inverter, rectifier, cooling and electronic modules simplify accessibility and the front-panel-mounted HMI interface and optional remote keyboard enable reading and writing the main parameters .

According to the company’s press release, Powerdrive can be ordered already set up for most major applications, allowing commissioning to be achieved with only eight parameters. There is automatic auto tuning at the first start up and all the parameters can be saved to the patented Xpresskey with one click of a button.

Multi-lingual, PC-based commissioning software provides a motor database, user help and a setup wizard. The drive also tests itself at low voltage on initial switch on to avoid irreparable damage in the event of shorts or earths on motor phases. The drives are also much less susceptible to power disturbances due to new technology developed in collaboration with EDF.

Powerdrive’s enclosures are to IP21 or IP54 and there are a host of options such as filters, encoders, units for most Fieldbus technologies, dynamic breaking and emergency-stop features.

Leroy Somer Ltd.