Leroy Somer’s Newest Motor Takes Extends Varmeca’s Range to 11kW

March 2, 2007—Leroy-Somer’s Varmeca 30 motor with integral variable-speed drive has extended the Varmeca range up to 11kW.

Now available from 0.25 to 11kW and with shaft heights from 71 to 160mm, the Varmeca enables OEMs and machine builders to experience true variable speed control in a wide range of common applications such as pumps, fans and mixers.

According to the company’s press release, all Varmeca’s electronics are potted into a specially formulated compound, designed to resist the effects of vibration and to even-out temperature hot-spots within the drive circuitry. Combined with its IP65 rated, rugged aluminium enclosure, this design has contributed to Varmeca’s low failure rate.

Varmeca contains a simple external speed-control potentiometer with optional start/stop switch. An externally controlled unit for start and forward/reverse is also available, with control being provided by a potentiometer or 0-10v analogue input.

A wide number of parameters are accessible via PC or microcontroller, and the Varmeca is also capable of communicating with other devices via a number of popular industrial networking protocols, such as Profibus, DeviceNet and Interbus S.

The ability to control motor speed without the use of inefficient electro-mechanical controls or throttling/damping makes applications like fans and pumps far more economical.

Leroy Somer