Tsubacki’s Linipower Jacks Lift and Actuate

Tsubaki UK launched a new range of high precision power jacks for lifting and actuation tasks. The comprehensive Linipower range, with th...
March 2, 2007—Tsubaki UK launched a new range of high precision power jacks for lifting and actuation tasks. The comprehensive Linipower range, with three model types, and supported by a wide range of options and accessories, is used in industries such as medical, industrial, transport, liquid crystal/PDP manufacture, telecommunications and entertainment.

The Linipower jacks offer lift capabilities in the range 1.96$B!&(B80kN; strokes to two meters; and can be installed horizontally, vertically or inclined. They can be supplied as individual items, or as motorised systems employing matched standard or specialised gearmotors, space-saving hypoid motors or servomotors. The jacks also offer the user options such as an LD function for low dust performance.

The standard base model in the Linipower range is the JWM series, a simple and compact machine screw jack that integrates a trapezoidal screw and high precision worm gear, making it suitable for low speed, low frequency operations. The unique sliding motion of the trapezoidal screw provides smooth and consistent low speed performance, while an integrated Self-Lock feature maintains load, obviating the cost and time of installing a brake unit in the majority of applications.

Offering the highest capacity (908kN) in the Linipower range, the JWB ball screw type jack works best for high-speed, high-frequency operations. The compact drive produces high power, while its ball screw technology delivers long and predictable life, and also high efficiency, which, when compared to the JWM, allows a higher speed drive.

For applications where speed rather than lift capacity is the major requirement, the Linipower range offers the JWH high lead ball screw type jack. Depending upon the lead used, the screw shaft speed of the JWH jack can exceed that of a JWB by up to four times, at the same input shaft rpm; reaching maximum screw shaft speeds of up of 7.5m/min. According to the company’s press release, despite its higher speed performance, the JWH is actually quieter than the JWB jack, as it requires less input rpm at its drive and reducer units to run at the same speed.

Completing the Linipower range is the LD (low dust) type jack, which is recommended for use in clean rooms such as those serving FDP (Liquid Crystal/PDP) manufacture, and bearing assembly. This model regulates dust generation resulting from wear, as well as dust produced from the screw.

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