JW Winco Extends Shaft Collar Range

JW Winco shaft collars.

JW Winco shaft collars.

November 23, 2018—
JW Winco, Inc., A Ganter Company, now offers an extended range of shaft collars that include a variety of different configurations. The products include semi-split shaft collars GN 7062.1 with extension tapped holes, GN 7062.2 with flange holes, and GN 7062.3 with damping washer, along with two-piece shaft collars GN 7072.1 with extension tapped holes, GN 7072.2 with flange holes, and GN 7072.3 with damping washer.

Available in full, slotted, and split versions, JW Winco’s range of shaft collars can be used in multiple ways in machine and fixture fabrication. They secure shafts and axles, acting as a positive stop or as an attachment option for additional functional elements.

The affixed damping washer of both versions absorbs mild shocks and has a sound-dampening effect when the shaft collars come into contact with other components.

“The shaft collars can be assembled safely and easily with a high clamping force by reducing the slot width, without damaging the surface of shafts and axles,” said John M. Winkler, CEO, office of the president at JW Winco.

The shaft collars are made of sintered steel, while the socket cap screw is stainless steel and the damping washer on both GN 7062.3 and 7072.3 is elastomer, transparent and temperature resistant up to 176 °F (80 °C).

There are also standard part accessories, such as GN 7062.30 elastomer damping washers, for semi-split shaft collars and GN 7062.10 stainless steel sensor brackets for shaft collars.

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