Revolvo’s Dimensionally-Interchangeable Split Plummer Blocks Deliver Downtime Reductions for Bearing Users

Revolvo’s new SN and SD series SRB Split Roller Bearing units provides an easy retrofit solution, which offers full dimensional inte...
March 2, 2007—Revolvo’s new SN and SD series SRB Split Roller Bearing units provides an easy retrofit solution, which offers full dimensional interchangeability with conventional SN & SD series plummer blocks, and requires no dimensional or major structural changes to customer’s machinery.

Revolvo’s development of an interchangeable split roller bearing plummer block unit can take as little as 1-2 hours. In developing the units, Revolvo addressed the issue of no ISO standard governing the boundary dimensions for split bearings. Until recently, this has meant that if a bearing user wanted to replace a solid bearing with a split bearing, problems developed because the shaft centres are higher on split roller bearing units. As a result, users would need to raise his shaft centres if the replacement proceswas to take place. However, this is a major undertaking, possibly requiring Structural changes to machinery were then required, which has always been the biggest drawback in changing from solid to split bearings.

The new SRB SN and SD series split roller bearings are dimensionally interchangeable with conventional industry standard SN and SD ranges of plummer blocks. These new SRB bearings are up to 85% quicker than solid bearings to fit and remove from shafts. In addition, they have a new design of cage clip, which is retained via spiral pins to one-half of the cage during assembly and disassembly. With this retained design, the maintenance engineer benefits from a "free hand", which speeds up the bearing replacement process.

SRB bearing units are designed to be statically self-aligning. This means that there is no need to accurately realign the bearing housing to the shaft or any other in-line equipment, which might be involved during the installation. Secondly, SRB split roller bearings can accommodate thermal expansion of the shaft within the bearing envelope itself. Third, SRB split roller bearings perform reliably in environments, up to 140 degrees C. They are also suitable for use in aggressive environments, due to the performance of the sealing systems available.

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