Oerlikon Exhibits at EIMA Exhibition

Oerlikon torque hub planetary drive.

Oerlikon torque hub planetary drive.

November 14, 2018—
At the EIMA International Agricultural and Garden Machinery Exhibition, in Bologna, Italy, Oerlikon Graziano and Oerlikon Fairfield showed their latest advances in driveline technology for the benefit of agricultural vehicles. The focus is on assisting global OEM customers in pursuit of their ever greater requirements for reliability, efficiency, noise reduction and above all driver vehicle differentiation.

“One of the most frequent requests coming from our customers is how can we innovate, be more productive and efficient but remaining reliable for our customers?” says Alessandro Mortali, head of sales gear and drive solutions EMEAR. This is one of the main drivers for our new technologies, constantly evolving to satisfy market needs, but with a strong attention to the historical quality of our products.

Oerlikon Graziano has invested in key technologies for cylindrical gears and grinding superfinishing, to reduce noise emission and improve power transmission of the gears in the driveline. Superfinishing uses one single grinding worm for the whole tooth grinding, but the wheel is divided in two zones with different specifications, dressable with the same dressing roll. The additional superfinishing stroke reduces the peaks of the roughness without changing the flank topography allowing to achieve a surface roughness of Ra < 0,20 μm.

The process is absolutely repeatable and adaptive to every gear and OEM need. Main benefit, in addition to noise reduction, is an increased gear load capacity, more power input and less fuel consumption without changing the original transmission design. Highlights from the exhibition included a selection of Shifting Solutions for the Agricultural market, including the new Compact Slotless Synchronizer, clutch packs, a power take off (PTO) with hydraulic shifting, bevel sets, cylindrical gearing solutions, high-tech torque-hub planetary drive, the Champion series of drives and more.

Oerlikon Graziano