New Brevini High Power Series Combines Epicyclic Gear Design with Modularity

Brevini's new ?High Power? Series combines the highly efficient epicyclic gear design of Brevini's recently introduced ?S? Series...
March 2, 2007—Brevini's new ?High Power? Series combines the highly efficient epicyclic gear design of Brevini's recently introduced ?S? Series of planetary gearboxes with the modular advantages provided by PIV's complementary POSIRED 2 family of helical and bevel- helical gearboxes. The result is a flexible power transmission package provides a solution for use in pulp and paper processing, conveyor drives, industrial and marine lifting equipment, grinders and mills, machines for working sheet steel and rod, large iron-making plants, sugar and food production plants, and quarries. Brevini's High Power Series is designed to provide the medium and high power transmission markets with a family of products that are easier to configure and offer high levels of torque. By combining features of both technologies, the new gearboxes overcome the problems commonly experienced when using traditional bevel-helical gearboxes with high reduction ratios, i.e. impractical size, increased power losses and high cost. Jon Snaith, Technical Manager at Brevini Power Transmissions UK Ltd. Says, "By positioning the planetary gears at the output end, where speed is slow and torque is high, and using the bevel-helical gears for the input stages we are using both elements to their best advantage. The design eliminates the necessity for additional cooling in almost all cases, reducing cost and increasing reliability, the combination also results in a unit that is considerably more compact and cost effective than a bevel-helical solution used on it's own." The new series was launched with five standard sizes including a range of transmission ratios from 100?670, nominal torque ratings are from 37?370 Nm and nominal power from 160?950 kW. According to Brevini's press release, the ?S? Series planetary gearboxes employ four planetary gear wheels in its epicyclic gear train, instead of the normal three, providing enhanced load sharing and the ability to produce 40?60% more torque output than other gearbox designs of equivalent size and weight. In addition, the S Series design increases the contact area of the planet gears on the central gear, increasing both the rigidity and accuracy of the gearboxes. The POSIRED 2 design offers higher levels of versatility and modularity in its construction. Designed for constant speed reduction, the gearboxes are suitable for OEM and maintenance applications, providing a nucleus of compatible components, which can be assembled into a myriad of gearing combinations. The efficiency of cooling available from the large sump and bigger case of the POSIRED 2 unit is also significant as it ensures that additional forced cooling of the lubricating oil in the transmission system is not required.

Brevini Power Transmission UK Ltd.