Thomson Offers RediMount Upgrade Option for Motors or Gears

The upgraded RediMount adapter kit enables quick and effortless motor/gear installation.

The upgraded RediMount adapter kit enables quick and effortless motor/gear installation.

October 25, 2018—
Thomson Industries, Inc. has launched an upgraded RediMount option, a pre-engineered, modular adapter kit for seamlessly installing motors or gears in less than five minutes. The improved option is now the default for Thomson linear motion systems and precision linear actuators, and its capabilities are factored into optimal sizing recommendations generated through the company’s Linear MOTIONEERING product sizing and selection tool, accessible at the website below. 

According to Niklas Sjostrom, product line manager EMEA & Asia at Thomson, “Lead time is minimized significantly as the motor or gear and systems can now be shipped with RediMount pre-installed. Whereas design engineers previously spent valuable time searching for the optimal motor flange kit and installing the individual components upon receipt, now they can order our upgraded solution, significantly reducing lead time and having only the simple task of bolting on their motor upon receipt.”

RediMount accommodates a wide range of motor types and sizes or gears, which can be mounted to linear motion systems and actuators faster and with less effort than ever before. “RediMount also includes updated smart part numbers with a specific motor ID, which reflect the motor or gear manufacturer and type,” added Sjostrom. “For engineers with old product numbers, we developed a translator, which converts the old product number to a new one including motor ID.”

Finally, apart from reduced lead and engineering time on the overall system, RediMount is also designed with a flexible coupling that matches or exceeds the high input torque of the linear unit.

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