Onvio Headquarters Moves to New Hampshire

March 1, 2007—Onvio LLC moved its headquarters and U.S. manufacturing into a newly constructed facility in Salem, NH.

The new address is:

Onvio LLC

20 Northwestern Drive

Salem , NH 03079

Phone: (603) 685-0404,(866) 685-0404

Fax: (603) 685-0405

The 45,000 square foot facility will be the center for manufacturing Onvio's line of high precision servo speed reducers. Onvio manufactures zero backlash cycloidal reducers as well as very low backlash planetary gearboxes.

Other products produced include timing belt pulleys, NEMA gearheads, electromagnetic clutches and complete servo drive packages.

According to the company's press release, the new space also provides some room for expansion, an enlarged quality facility and a Research and Development Lab.

In 2004, Onvio changed its name from Mectrol Corp. after divesting its urethane timing belt business. Onvio is now focused only on the precision motion control business and will key its growth on new product development as well as seeking acquisitions.

Onvio LLC