KISSsoft Redefines Plain Bearings in Turbo Drives

Plain bearings in turbo drives.

Plain bearings in turbo drives.

September 7, 2018—
For shafts with plain bearings, the bearing type “Plain Bearing” can now be redefined. This is especially important for turbo drives, as it allows the shaft center dislocation during operation to be precisely taken into account (module WB3). 

In KISSsoft’s plain bearing calculation, the required values – especially the displacement path, attitude angle, and stiffness – are determined and can then be entered in the elements editor of the shaft.

In KISSsys, plain bearings can now be taken into account using a new template element provided for this purpose. This template element can be defined as both an individual element and as a connecting plain bearing. Thus, a communication of the relevant values between the shaft calculation and the plain hydrodynamic bearing calculation can be generated via KISSsys.

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