Slater Tools Introduces Rotary Broaching Tool Holder

February 14, 2007—Slater Tools Inc. released a new, adjustment-free rotary broaching tool holder designed for Swiss- type machines.

Slater's new adjustment-free design allows the operator to use the tool holder without the need for centering. According to Slater's press release, the new rotary broaching tool holder's design is the smallest in the industry, eliminating interference and clearance problems, and providing easy access to the grease fitting.

Slater's new tool holder uses the standard 1.25" length rotary broaches, available from stock. This length allows for deeper broaching than current non-adjustable rotary broaches and tool holders. The adjustment-free rotary broaching tool holder is used for any type CNC, Swiss, or manual turning, milling, drilling or screw machine.

Rotary broaching?also called hex broaching or wobble broaching?uses a precision tool to produce an internal form inside a pre-drilled hole. The result is a polygon form, which matches the shape of the broach. For instance, a square broach measuring 1/4" produces a square hole of the same size. Broaches are available from Slater Tools Inc. as squares, hexagons, splines, serrations and other polygon forms.

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