Pump Systems Anecdotes Sought for Guidebook

February 21, 2007—The Pump Systems Matter educational initiative announced plans to collect accounts from the pump industry on how pumps are applied, run and/or maintained incorrectly on its website, www.PumpSystemsMatter.org.

By logging on to the Pump Systems Matter website, visitors can share accounts about the daily difficulties of maintaining and running various pumping systems from all different markets. These accounts will be chronicled in a document entitled "People Do the Darnedest Things to Pumps!" and may help in the development of a pump systems optimization guidebook.

To share a story, site visitors are encouraged to visit www.PumpSystemsMatter.org and follow the links on the homepage to a form where they can provide contact information as well as their own stories and lessons learned. "People Do the Darnedest Things to Pumps!" is intended to be a collection of anonymously contributed stories from reputable pump industry professionals that show common mistakes pump users make when running or maintaining systems. Often times, these mistakes lead to wasted energy, production losses, excessively high maintenance costs, and safety and environmental concerns.

In a co-branded venture with the Hydraulic Institute (HI), Pump Systems Matter is developing "Optimizing Pumping Systems: A Guide to Improved Energy Efficiency, Reliability, and Profitability." The guidebook is intended to be an authoritative reference of best practices that will focus on improving the design, operation, and reliability of both un-built and existing pumping systems.

"Optimizing Pumping Systems," authored by the HI PSM Pump Systems Guide Committee, is expected to be published during the first quarter of 2008.

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